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The Messenger of Allah’s prophecy turns into reality
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The question that now arises is, have those to receive the honor and prestige of two shahadats made their appearance on earth or not? Firstly, during the course of this book, I have approved beyond any doubt that the present day Judeo-Christian materialistic `civilization’ is indeed the Dajjal described in allegorical references and details by the Messenger of Allah. And there are people who have realized this truth and are working very hard to bring this fact before the world. To resist the Dajjal is to bring its true face to light before the people of this world. For once people realize the actual character of this deceiving civilization, they are bound to reject and repel it. These people are engaged in a tireless effort to achieve this very aim. Today the entire mankind, along with its huge population of Muslims has succumbed to the Dajjal’s claim to be the lord and blindly adhere to it, because they fail to recognize it for what it actually is. Were people to know that this very Dajjal is the usurper of Allah’s sovereignty; they would surely not accept it as their lord and master and most definitely not accept its dominion. Therefore, the most effective means of rejecting the Dajjal is to make people aware of its true nature, its true character. It is this very job that this particular people, have made their life’s mission. This people are called the Hezbut Tawheed. From the time the Dajjal has been identified, it is only this group of people that is engaged in resisting it and thus these are the people whom the Messenger of Allah himself has referred to as beneficiaries of the prestige and honor of the two shaheeds. Let us try to make the topic clearer with the help of an example. Let us suppose that the Messenger of Allah foretold the coming during the Akheri Zamana of a group among his ummah to have three horns on their head and that it would be a sign of a ‘Jannati group’ or people of the paradise. If a number of people with three horns were indeed to surface, would any doubt remain that they are the people referred to as the ‘Jannati’ or heavenly group? Similarly, all over the world today people have forsaken the directives of the Almighty Allah in their national lives and instead lay in ‘sajda’ at the Dajjal’s feet, govern themselves by the criteria set by the Dajjal, whole heartedly espouse the social, political, economic theories promulgated by it. In this scenario, it is only Hezbut Tawheed that has risen up to the task, identified the Dajjal for what it truly is and attempts to resist its influence with their utmost strength: is not then the Hezbut Tawheed, similar to that group of three horned people, worthy of the rights privileges of the martyrs of Badr and Uhud?
Logically speaking, it makes complete sense, for further clarification, although for any sensible person, logic alone is enough to enforce belief or disbelief in any matter; let us take the definition of a martyr or ‘shaheed’ provided by Allah- it too relates absolutely to the members of Hezbut Tawheed. In Sura Baqara: 154 Allah affirms, “And say not of those who are slain in the way of Allah: ‘They are dead’. No, they are living, although you perceive (it) not.” And to stress further on this issue and make it clearer, Allah says, “Think not of those who are slain in Allah’s way as dead. No, they live finding their sustenance from their Lord.”[1]
Many are of the opinion that the prohibition to refer to shaheeds or martyrs as dead is mark of respect; they are indeed dead. The reward for martyrs is the entry into paradise without any questioning and the order of not calling them dead is for respect; however this idea is not correct, because Allah has directly claimed shaheeds to be living if they were indeed dead and the declaration of calling them “living” were only as a mark of respect, then Allah’s word would be false and that is not possible. Therefore, to call them living is not for honorary reasons alone, shaheeds are in fact living beings and as such have been forbidden by Allah to be referred to as dead.
According to the Messenger of Allah, those who resist the Dajjal are the recipients of two shahadats and by Allah’s definition – shaheeds, martyrs are living beings. So the pertinent question that now looms large is, is there any direct proof of the Hezbut Tawheed members who resist the Dajjal as belonging to that category?
The answer is yes, even this proof is provided by Allah. For it has been noticed that the bodies of Hezbut Tawheed members do not turn rigid after their demise, rather in keeping with the signs of ‘shahadat’ – martyrdom, their bodies remain soft and supple, e.g. life like. According to medical science, rigor mortise begins to set in a dead body within two and a half hours after expiring and over the next twelve hours it turns as hard as a piece of log. The body turns ice cold and remains in that rigid state for the next 12 hours before it starts to get softer again for decomposition to commence. In medical science, rigor mortise is the most definite proof of death: if it is observed in a body, it is believed to be dead and if it not present, the body is considered living. Furthermore, it is not confined to humans only; rigor mortise is the rule in all of the animal kingdom.
However, we have noticed for quite some time now that, this infallible natural law is inoperative in the case of Hezbut Tawheed members. Their bodies neither turn rigid nor attain the ice like coldness, frigidity that is synonymous with death. In some cases, 27 hours have passed since demise but the apparent signs of death have still not shown.

[1] Quran Sura Al Imran: 169.