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Apr 25, 2024
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Recently, a worker rally for Hezbut Tawheed in Barisal metropolis became heated. Charmonai's followers took to the streets to disrupt the rally, threatening the administration and trying to create violence. This created a heated situation. Meanwhile, the members of Hezbut Tawheed held peaceful marches, human chain programs, and press conferences in protest against this incident. They strongly demanded that those responsible for this violent situation be brought to justice.

It is known that on January 14, Hezbut Tawheed organized a staff meeting in the auditorium of the District Art Academy to form a committee for the Barisal division. In preparation for this, written permission was obtained from all the government offices, including Barisal's DC, Police Commissioner, and Superintendent of Police. But on the day of the event, the leader of the Charmonai Islamic movement, Maulana Obaidur Rahman Mahbub, the spokesman of the Islamic movement, Barisal Abdullah Al Mamun Titu, Barisal metropolitan secretary Mufti Syed Nasir Ahmed Kawsar, and joint secretary Maulana Md. 20–25 people, led by Abul Khair, went and surrounded the police station. They went to the police station and created pressure to stop the event. And threatened to hold the administration responsible for any untoward incident. Meanwhile, on the morning of the conference, they stood around the venue with sticks and gave provocative speeches. As a result, traffic congestion is seen in the city. Fearing conflict, many lowered the shop shutters. The entire city came to a standstill.

Hezbut Tawheed leaders were requested not to hold a conference on that day by police. Respecting the law, they adjourned the conference. However, the local leaders and activists of Hezbut Tawheed took to the streets to protest against this unjust and coercive activity. They held a human chain program in front of Barisal Central Shaheed Minar. Hezbut Tawheed Central Committee Joint General Secretary Dr. Mahbub Alam Mahfuz. He said in the manabandhan, "The way the followers of Charmonai Pir behaved arrogantly and riotously to stop our program at Shilpkala Academy and the way they went to the police station and threatened the administration is unprecedented. From the looks of things, the administration seems to have bowed down to their unjust demands. We have prepared to hold the meeting with all kinds of permission from the administration. They have failed to ensure our safety. We strongly condemn this and request that the administration deal with the situation with a firmer hand. Otherwise, they will create more deadlocks in the future, which will be difficult to deal with.” A protest march was held after the human chain. The procession started from Barisal Central Shaheed Minar Square, circled Barisal Sadar Road, and ended at Jail Khana Junction.

Meanwhile, seeing this protest program by Hezbut Tawheed, Charmonai's followers became more angry. They gathered people in front of Hezbut Tawheed's upazila offices after the evening. It was also announced to attack the offices of Hezbut Tawheed through the microphone in the mosque. An eyewitness said that in front of Hezbut Tawheed's office in Kashipur Bazar, immediately after Maghrib prayers, Charmonai Pir's followers from different mosques took position in front of the office with native weapons. But they did not seem to be from this area. At that time, the members of Hezbut Tawheed were staying inside the office. Once the situation became chaotic, the members of Hezbut Tawheed were besieged. Later, the police came and brought the situation under control. The situation is said to be normal and under the control of law and order forces, according to the latest news.

Meanwhile, District Hezbut Tawheed held a press conference the next day, February 15, to protest this incident. In the press conference, Hezbut Tawheed presented six-point demands, including bringing the extremists, those involved in terrorist activities, and their supporters under the law, ensuring the safety of the members of Hezbut Tawheed, and providing compensation for the disruption of the workers' conference.

If you want to know about this, Hezbut Tawheed Barisal Divisional Amir. Alamin Sabuj told the country newspaper, "This illegal, coercive activity of Charmonai's followers cannot be accepted in any civilized society. In the morning, they taught us the program; we respected the law and did not go into any conflict with them. All our leaders and workers returned to the party office. But before daylight, they dare to attack our office. Is there no law in the country? It is not our weakness because we obey the law. Ignoring the administration's ban, we could also go to the venue. But there was a battlefield. We don't want that. Barisal is our home, too. We also have the right to protest and organize here. Barisal is not only for Charmonai; it is for Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, government parties, opposition parties, BNP, Jamaat, and the Awami League. Everyone has rights here. We also have rights. It cannot be that our Islamic and legitimate activities will be obstructed by religious extremist groups; our conference will be attacked. On the one hand, it is an illegal activity, and on the other hand, it is also anti-Islamic. We demand the administration ensure full security in our activities.”


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