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Hezbut Tawheed will change the ongoing dark age
Apr 25, 2024
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At present, the life of the entire Muslim nation has come under a terrible crisis. A multi-pronged attack is underway to destroy this nation. One Muslim-majority country after another is being destroyed. Our beloved motherland is not out of this conspiracy. If this conspiracy succeeds, there will be nothing left. We will have the situation that happened in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen. In fact, realizing this crisis, we are running from the capital to remote rural areas with the banner of Hezbut Tawheed unity. Presenting to all people the impending crisis and the way to get rid of this crisis. We are presenting the ideology that holds that we can unite 16 crore Bengalis.

Everyone knows how the era of Jahiliyyah was in Ayyam 1400 years ago. The last Messenger of God appeared in that society. In societies where female children were buried, women were considered a burden to the family. No matter how much talent they had, they were considered a burden. They didn't have to think about anything more than that. Women were considered to be objects of entertainment, objects of entertainment. At that time drinking was open and unrestrained. There was a war between tribes. Hunger-poverty, ignorance were national characteristics. Then the Messenger of God began to think how human liberation is possible? He started looking for a way. Then Allah guided him. That path is Hedayah, Tawheed ie La Ilaha Illallah. Allah's Messenger gradually united the people of Arabia on this saying: Do not obey anyone except Allah. Then the whole image of Arabia changed.

Arab nation united on the basis of Tawheed then became the best nation. Those who had brought themselves to the brink of destruction by strife and bloodshed became exemplary in unity, brotherhood and discipline. The darkness of ignorance was removed and the society was illuminated by the light of knowledge. Those who did not have food in their stomachs, did not have enough clothes to wear, they reached such a level of economic prosperity that people went around with wealth, food items to donate, but did not find people to accept them. Rasulullah changed the life course of all women by giving them ideal education. He gave impetus to struggle against injustice. Women who were the most neglected section of the society, who were considered burdens, became heroines inspired by Satyadin's ideals. They fought against the Roman and Persian armies and won. This age change was made possible by the phrase that is the kalaema of Islam - la ilaha illallah i.e. Tawheed. A simple pledge that in our life we do not follow the orders of anyone but Allah. It was this decision that made the society a pioneer in everything. But regrettably, we have moved away from that decision today. We are reciting Kalema Tawheed verbally but in real life we obey the orders of Dajjal i.e. Judeo-Christian materialistic civilization. If Tawheed existed then we would have seen a different picture of the Muslim nation instead of the horrible picture we see today.

Allah's Messenger had only one form of true Islam. Everyone had the same belief. But today we see a different picture. Today's Muslim nation is divided into thousands of sects-sects-sects. Today they are following the way of life created by the western civilization, excluding the way of life made by God. Due to which there is no peace anywhere in the world today. The people of the whole world are immersed in the bloodshed of injustice and injustice. When this is the case, following the footsteps of the Messenger of Allah, Hezbut Tawheed has embarked on the task of unifying the nation on the basis of Tawheed. All around today is the darkness of despair, and Hezbut Tawheed is a piece of light in the midst of it. The statement of Hezbut Tawheed is that there is no other way to establish peace, justice and justice except to implement the system of life given by Allah in collective life.

When Hezbut Tawheed is moving ahead with this statement, it is regrettable that the section of the society who have been earning their livelihood by doing business with religion, they are standing against Hezbut Tawheed. Because Hezbut Tawheed Quran, Hadith, historical documents are presenting the fact that religious business is haram in front of people. In order to protect their eternal interests, they have come to oppose Hezbut Tawheed. This is the main reason. Also, one of the reasons for their opposition is that the honorable Imam of Hezbut Tawheed said about women that women have talent, ability, strength, knowledge, they can also play a positive role for the nation, society, and mankind. The valiant women of the Ummah Mohammadi were not less than the men in any respect, they played important roles in the society and the state according to their talent and ability with Rasulullah.

In fact half of the society is women, when they are kept captive the nation can never progress. When this thunderous voice of the honorable Imam of Hezbut Tawheed about women is echoing in the sky and air of Bengal, the eyes of the neglected and oppressed women are being opened, then the religious businessmen suffering from the disease of bigotry and misogyny are realizing that the days of the distorted customs they have imposed on the nation in the name of religion are coming to an end. The futility of their misinterpretation is being proved because of Hezbut Tawheed. And seeing that, the religious traders are continuing to spread lies and misinformation against Hezbut Tawheed, even attacking many places and injuring and killing the members of Hezbut Tawheed. This behavior of religious traders reminds us of the sad and bloody days of the Messenger of Allah in Makkah, how he was tortured because of his call to monotheists.