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Jan 26, 2024
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Zillur Rahman Manik, Noakhali:

Annual sports competition and cultural programs have been completed in Noakhali with the theme of 'healthy body, healthy mind, prosperous nation'.

This annual sports competition and cultural program was held at Noakhali Shaheed Bhulu Stadium on Monday (January 22) as part of the multi-faceted activities of the founder of Pinnacle Sports Association, Hossain Mohammad Selim, to promote indigenous culture and sports to protect the youth from the clutches of anti-politics, misculture, drug and device addiction. Organized by Pinnacle Sports Association.
About 30 competitions of native culture were organized in the program under the slogan 'Nesh Chire Khel Dhari, Sang-Sabal Jeevan Gari'. Shaheed Bhulu Stadium became full of people of all ages including men and women, children and teenagers.

The men's competitions included boys' kabaddi, football, 800m run, blindfolded pot breaking, tug-of-war, competition and poetry recitation. For girls, there were pillow games, arithmetic races, poetry recitations, etc. 100 meters race, biscuit race, dance, cock fight, sack race etc. for children.
Pinnacle Sports Association and Noakhali District President Golam Kabir presided over the event and Noakhali District Sports Association General Secretary and District Council Chairman Abdul Wadud Pintu was present as the chief guest. Nizam Uddin, chief advisor of Pinnacle Sports Association's annual sports competition and cultural event organizing committee, Sultana Razia, chairman of Apan Shishu Bikash Foundation, Rial Talukder, general secretary of Pinnacle Sports Association, Enamul Haque Bappa, advisor of the event organizing committee, general secretary of Maijdi Paur Mohila League were present as special guests. Hasina Chowdhury and many others.

Earlier, Nizam Uddin, the chief advisor of the organizing committee of annual sports competition and cultural program of Pinnacle Sports Association and the central coordinator of Hezbut Tawheed, inaugurated the program by blowing balloons.
Speakers in the program said that due to the decline in sports and healthy culture practices from the society, our youth is getting involved in various vices including drugs, militancy, terrorism, anti-politics, digital device addiction. Therefore, such sports and healthy cultural programs should be organized to build a healthy youth society. Also, there is no substitute for sports to unite the youth to face the current world situation.

A cultural program was organized after the competition. Finally, the guests present at the event gave the prizes to the winners.