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Jul 15, 2024
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Jehad, Ketal, and Terrorism


From the time my books have been published, one thing that has been noticed is that a section of the so–called Muslim society has either become worried or afraid. It is the particular segment that does not want the Deen sent by Allah and His Rasul to be implemented, established at any cost. Their gain is to portray our efforts of establishing the Deen sent by Allah as terrorism and belittle us in front of the masses. To this end, they want to label everything said in those booklets about Jehad and Ketal as terrorism. However, Jehad and terrorism are two different things altogether. The meaning of Jehad is to try one’s utmost to accomplish any particular thing; whereas terrorism is to make people fearful through bombing, destruction and other malicious or spiteful activities. But these so called Muslims, who in reality are Moshreks and Kafers, desperately want to pass off Jehad as terrorism and turn public opinion against it. Yet Deen–ul–Islam is incomplete without the struggle, striving to implement it. This utmost effort in trying to establish Islam is incorporated into the definition of a Mo’men itself.183

The people who do not want to see Islam established in our lives, will obviously also not like the struggle to achieve it, e.g. Jehad. For this reason, they try their best to portray it negatively as some abhorrent deed, make it sound synonymous with terrorism so that the general people dislike and detest both terrorism as well as Jehad. As the country’s media, press is controlled by these very people, they have been largely successful also. As a result, even those who claim to be Muslim and Mo’mens have become wary and even afraid to associate themselves with Jehad, e.g. the struggle to implement Islam.

Therefore, it has become necessary to place in exact order the positions of Jehad and Ketal in this Deen. Jehad means to try, to strive, to struggle to one’s capability. It is to impress its importance to people through talks, speeches, writing, discussion, persuasion etc, whereas Ketal is a completely different word which means armed combat. Jehad is at the personal and group level whereas Ketal most definitely has to be at the national level. If any person, group or team, take up arms as means of establishing Islam, it would be a major blunder. Their job is to use logic, write books give lectures and speeches quote from the Quran and Hadis to convince people to understand that the only possible way to dwell in absolutely security, peace and prosperity on this earth is to accept the guidance, the system provided by He who has created us. It is common sense that the One who has created all, has the best possible knowledge about its smooth running and operation. In the Quran, Allah asks man, “Should He not know who has created?” Sura Mulk–14. What irrefutable argument! Yet, we, those who call ourselves Mo’men and Muslim, have given in to the Dajjal’s directives and banished the Lord, Maker’s edicts to the narrow sphere of our personal lives only. In the collective, national lives we have come up with different man–made laws, rules and regulations to govern ourselves by. And what has been the result of this? We stand today at the height of civilization, at the peak of science education, technology – yet the whole world is rife with injustice, cruelty and blood–shed. This proves that whatever system man devises to conduct his national, collective life by, is incapable of providing peace and security of life. Therefore people have to be made to realize and understand that to live in peace and security we have to move away from the sovereignty of man, and espouse the sovereignty of Allah and His Messenger have stressed upon, the sovereignty of the Creator. Is this something to be forced upon people? Most definitely not, because common sense tells us that it is impossible to force anyone to believe in anything it has to come from within, as a matter of realization.

This is the conviction Hezbut Tawheed is working with, working among people to help them understand, realize and return to the sovereignty of the Maker, to His Uluhiyat. The method, process that Hezbut Tawheed has accepted is the process, Tarika of the Messenger of Allah. We follow his ideals, his methods. For the 13yrs he preached in Makkah, his appeal, his ‘Balagh’, calling (conveying the Message from Allah) was at the personal and group level. During this time, he and his group suffered all kinds of cruelty, injustice, false allegations and torture yet without retaliating. For more than 20 years now, the Mojahed and Mojahedas of Hezbut Tawheed have been relentlessly calling people back to Tawheed to Allah’s sovereignty during which time they have been rebuked, insulted and beaten–up by their opponents. The followers of Dajjal, those opposed to the  implementation  of  the  Deen  have  time and again attacked the Mojaheds and Mojahedas, severely injured them at times and caused the Shahadats of a Mojahed and a Mojaheda. Being influenced by the Dajjali followers, Police and the authorities have arrested the members of this group, often severely torturing them, throwing them into prison without cause and filing outright false cases against them. Yet, during the last 20 years, not one Mojahed has been found guilty of any charge brought against them or sentenced.

From the time of Hezbut Tawheed’s inception, I have followed the Messenger of Allah’s Tarika, his process as my principle. Subsequently, it has remained my strict instruction that no member of this group should ever be involved in any unlawful activity; none should break the law or be in possession of unlawful arms. If it comes to my knowledge that any one has acquired or is in possession of any illegal arms, I would be the first person to inform the police and have them caught. It is a matter of record, there has been no Mojahed to have been involved in any illegal activity or be convicted for carrying illegal arms. This fact however has done nothing to deter the authorities from unnecessarily harassing us, the police continue to be influenced by the relentless propaganda by all tiers of the media, newspaper, radio and television and time and again round up members of our group sometimes from their homes, often from their businesses and book them under section 54 finding no other reason to arrest them. The court finding no justifiable cause to detain, lets them free.

The thirteen years of the Messenger of Allah’s Makki life too was the saga of one sided persecution of himself and his followers. Things changed for him only after the people of Madina brought faith in his Message and he migrated to that city. Once the first state of Islam was established, the shift in his modus operandi, his principle was only too noticeable, because a state, a nation cannot be operable on the principles applicable for a person or group only. A state needs arms, soldiers and training for warfare.
The Messenger of Allah did what was needed. He himself took up arms and the latter half of his holy life has spent entirely on warfare and its preparation. Therefore, there is no scope for any Ketal, armed fight in the personal or group level struggle for the preaching and implementation of Deen–ul–Huq. At this point there is only calling people, giving Balagh, (proclaim and convey the Message) – towards Allah’s sovereignty. Just as similarly, Ketal belongs to the national level. If arms, warfare etc. were not acceptable, legal at the national level, then all the armies of the world would be illegal, terrorists. The Jehad and Ketal mentioned in the Quran and Hadis are also of the national level.
The news of arrests of Hezbut Tawheed members from their own homes receive widespread coverage in television, newspapers and radio. They are pictured in handcuffs and holding up my books, booklets and other leaflets. Judging by the boastful attitude of the police and the media persons present there, one would assume that they have stumbled upon hidden treasures. However, on my instructions in most cases, the booklets and leaflets were already hand delivered before by Mojaheds themselves to police stations in most part of the country. Secondly, it is said that the books are confiscated for their Jehadi content if that is in fact true, then their job remains incomplete for in those very houses, there remain at least two more books that contain the words Jehad and Ketal many, many times more than my two booklets. It is not that Jehad and Ketal are merely mentioned, they contain direct order to engage in them, promise great reward for those who do and dire punishment for those the refrain from these. These two books are the Quran and Hadis of the Messenger of Allah. It makes very little sense to confiscate my small books and show them off on T.V screens and not do anything about the larger ones!

We urge people showing the Quran and the Hadis as reference to make them, help them realize that there is no substitute to accepting the Deen, way of life sent by Allah to bring peace and security on earth. The present is in unrest, the whole world is proof. There is no scope for compulsion here, it is common sense, people have to understand something to whole heartedly accept it. If people accept it, the Deen based on Tawheed will be implemented in man’s life and if they do not respond to our call, cling to the sovereignty of Man, to his Uluhiyat, then we have nothing to do – Allah will decide.

If people understand our call discard the ways taught by the Dajjal, e.g. Sherk and Kufr, mend their ways and accept Allah’s Tawheed, implement the Deen, way of life based on Allah’s sovereignty then will come the time for Ketal, armed combat. Therefore, all this propaganda to color Hezbut Tawheed as Jehadi, terrorist are malicious lies and of devious intent. There are more deep and spiteful causes for the constant portrayal of Hezbut Tawheed in the most negative light, but let us not go into that now. Yet all their efforts shall go in vain, enshallah for there is no greater truth in all the heavens and the earth than the one Hezbut Tawheed is trying to uphold, to preach and that is the sovereignty of Allah, His Tawheed.

In Sura Tawba 32, Allah says – “Fain would they (Kafers, Moshreks) put out the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah wants nothing more than the perfection of His Light, however much the disbelievers are adverse.” Enshallah, they will not be able to put out the light of Hezbut Tawheed either.



183 Sura Hujurat – 15