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Jul 15, 2024
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Mojeza from Allah: Declaration of Hezbut Tawheed's Victory


The world we live in today is replete with injustice, inequity, persecution, warfare, bloodshed, rape and killing, unemployment, and poverty- in one word- turmoil. There is no one place on Earth that is free from conflict or confrontation. The downtrodden of this world cry out in unison for peace! Peace! The world is being rendered inhabitable by the oppression of the weak by the powerful, deprivation of the poor by the rich, injustice, tyranny of the rulers on the subjects, betrayal by the sly on the simple and by the defeat of right over wrong. The blood of the innocent and the children wets the earth. One or the other different isms, and decrees are being tried out applied in the distant hope of bringing peace on Earth. Numerous national and international agencies are being assembled, law enforcing institutions by different names, equipped with the latest arms, ammunition and technology wholeheartedly work to ensure safety and security of life. Peoples of all religions regularly pray for the establishment of peace. Yet, not one day of this century has passed without war and bloodshed in one part of the Earth or the other. All efforts, prayers for peace, have gone in vain.
Is there deliverance from this turmoil?


The  founder Emam of  Hezbut Tawheed, Emam-uz-zaman, The Leader of the Time, Muhammad Bayazeed Khan Panni has shown the way for deliverance from this unrest, turmoil. He says, if mankind were to accept the sovereignty of Allah, Tawheed i.e., the Deen-ul- Huq, true way of life, revealed through the Last Messenger (SM) in their collective lives then can they dwell in peace and security in all aspects of their lives. During the golden age of Islam, 1400 years ago, this Deen was able to provide such a unique example for all of mankind that despite the complete absence of any kind of law enforcing agency, the crime rate in societies came down to almost zero. And this was the case in not one or two cities or regions, but in about half of the then world’s and area covered by the law of Allah. A young woman adorned in jewellery could travel hundreds of miles unaccompanied without fearing for her life or honor. People used to sleep at night with doors and windows unsecured, and if any one accidentally dropped any valuable on his way, it would remain there till that person came looking for it. Theft, burglary, murder were all but uprooted from society, years passed before any criminal proceedings were reported in courts of law. The economy hugely benefitted as well, with almost every person in the society becoming solvent. People used to roam the streets of cities looking for someone to accept their zakah and sadqa. This is history.

If we are to revert to that uninterrupted peaceful atmosphere, the only way is to accept Allah as our Elah, the only one to be obeyed. However, we do not speak of the present day opposite directed form of Islam, for this Islam has not been able to provide any peace or security to people. Yet, the literal meaning of the word Islam is peace. Therefore, whenever the true form of Islam is established peace is bound to prevail there.

One of the proofs of the Emam-uz-zaman’s depiction that Islam is the true path to peace is that despite numerous incidents of persecution and harassments by the government and social elements, over the last 20 years, not one member of Hezbut Tawheed has ever committed a crime or broken a law. This is not merely a verbal claim, it is the summary of detailed investigation by hundreds of government enquiries and the decision of the lowest to the high courts of this country. For Hezbut Tawheed, it is a matter of great pride.

Through an elaborate mojeza or miracle, the Almighty Allah has provided proof that the portrayal of Islam that our Emam-uz-zaman has detailed before us is indeed the true form of the Deen-ul-Huq the Messenger of Allah brought with him. This miracle or mojeza took place during a speech by our Emam-uz-zaman. We have given detailed accounts of it in a book, “Allah’r Mojeza: Hezbut Tawheed’er Bijoy Ghoshona”. Mankind has been delivered a news of great rejoice by the almighty. The glad tidings are that the Hezbut Tawheed is truthful, its Emam-uz-zaman in the one chosen by Allah and Allah will cause His true way of life, His Deen-ul-Huq to be established all over the world through Hezbut Tawheed. The Messenger of Allah has said, “There will remain no house or tent where Islam will not enter”. (From Mekdad (RA)- Ahmad, Meshkat). With this mojeza, Allah has assured that now the present is when this Hadith comes true and it is through the Emam-uz-zaman only that this Hadith turns into reality, Ensha’Allah.
Mankind will definitely find relief from this claustrophobic scenario of the present once Islam, this Deen-ul-Huq is established in life. No discrimination will remain among castes and creeds of man, economic inequality, hegemony and cronism in the name of politics, terror and turmoil will all be wiped off the face of the earth. All men will be equal as children of Adam, as one nation, people of all different religions will enjoy the same rights and justice. Injustice, persecution, hunger and poverty, unemployment, hopelessness, and insecurity will be eradicated from this world.

Come, let us all aspire to the sovereignty of Allah, accept Tawheed and unite under Hezbut Tawheed to build a world of peace and prosperity.