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Jul 15, 2024
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It is indisputable that the Deen-ul-Huq is founded on Tawheed. As there is no Islam without Tawheed, it is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately this Tawheed is now misunderstood by the populace known as Muslims, Tawheed is now understood as belief and faith in Oneness of Allah and worshipping Him. Though the words Tawheed and Wahdaniyah (Oneness, unity of Allah) both originate from the same root, they don't mean the same thing. Wahdaniyah means Oneness of Allah and Tawheed means sovereignty and unconditional obedience to that one Allah and Allah only. The Mushriq, polytheist Arabs among whom the last Messenger of Allah was sent had believed in only one Allah but did not obey Him, they conducted their personal, social and collective lives by laws, rules and regulations made by themselves and overseen by the Qurayesh, the priests of the House of Allah, the Qaba. Although they worshipped idols, their Faith in One Allah, one Creator was no less strong than that of the present populace that claim and believe themselves as Mo'men and Muslim. But since obedience to that Creator was absent among the then Arabs the faith and belief was useless, and consequently their lives were full of injustices, unrest, turmoil, insecurity and blood shed, the Fasad and Safaquddima44 of long and hence the Messenger was sent to make them obedient to the Creator Allah which he did, and as inevitable result the society transformed into a society full of security, justice happiness and peace (Islam). Even to-day Christians, Jews and Hindus believe in One Creator, in spite of worshipping Trinity, son of God and idols. They believe in One Creator but do not obey Him, do not conduct their collective lives according to His orders and laws, so they are de-facto Moshreks (Polytheists) and Kafers (disbelievers).

Present day Muslims do not understand and realize that the pre-Islamic stone and wooden idols have transformed into Democracy, Socialism, Fascism, Monarchy etc. and they are obeying these instead of Allah. Each of these 'cracies' and 'isms' is a way, a system of life, a Deen, as against Islam, Deen ul Huq. The only difference between these and Islam is these manmade Deens cover only parts of human life, some with emphasis on political, some on economic, some on social aspects, but not the whole life while the Deen-ul-Huque covers every aspect of human life from very personal to collective life even to the extent of whole mankind. Present day Muslims are obeying the dictates of these 'cracies' and 'isms' in their collective lives along with the Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists, as the pre-Islamic Arabs obeyed their Qurayesh leaders representing the idols. Present day Muslims do not realise that Democracy has taken the place of the idol Hubal, Socialism place of Laat, Communism place of Manah, Nationalism place of Uzza, Monarchy in place of Dul kaffayan etc. and by doing so they have become as Moshreks and Kafers as the Arabs among whom the last Messenger of Allah was sent to re-establish the Tawheed (sovereignty) and not Wahdanyat (unity, oneness), only which those Arabs already believed in. No, this so-called Muslim populace is worse Moshrek and Kafer than those Arabs because those Arabs did not believe any of their idols as their Allah, the Creator and Sustainer but they worshipped those believing that by worshipping those they would attain nearness (Qurbiyah) of Allah45 and those idols would solicit to Allah for them.46 That means that the ultimate purpose of their idols worshipping was pleasure of Allah Himself. But the present day idols are worse since there is no place of Allah in any cracies or isms, in fact these are completely oblivious to the existence of Allah. So the present day Sherk (Polytheism) and Kufr (Disbelief) practiced by the populace claiming to be Mo'men and Muslim is much worse than the Sherk (polytheism) and Kufr (Disbelief) of the Arabs among whom the last Messenger of Allah was sent.

It is very important to fully understand how and why this present populace, which claims to be Mo'men, Muslim and Ummat-e-Mohammadi is not any of these and is de-facto Moshrek (Polytheist) and Kafer (disbeliever). I am fully aware of the gravity of calling the present one and a half billion people de-facto Moshrek and Kafer. But I would request my readers to react only after reading and thinking about the reasons I am putting forward for such opinion. Here I would only submit that if this populace is really Mo'men etc. then many Ayats (verses) of the Qur'an including the no. 55 of Sura Noor47 are rendered wrong, which, of course, is impossible and absurd.

The foundation of Islam is Tawheed - the sovereignty of Allah. It's Kalema (Word) is La Elaha 'ella' Allah. This is the Kalema (Word) which remained as the foundation of the Deen-ul-Huq since Adam (a.s) till Mohammad (SM) and has never been changed to any word other than the word Elah. Allah has many names, said to be over one hundred, all meaning His attributes, but no one of the one hundred twenty four or two hundred twenty four thousand Messengers of Allah were sent with any of His names other than the Elah as the Kalema (Word). This Kalema has never been La Ma'bud illa Allah (there is none to be worshipped other than Allah) or La Khaliq illa Allah (there is no Creator other than Allah) or La Rab illa Allah (there is no Sustainer other than Allah) etc. That is, though Allah is all of these, He is the only One to be worshipped, the Sustainer, the Creator etc. the Kalema, the foundation of Islam has always been none of these but La Elaha illa Allah. Without believing and professing, proclaiming which no one can become a Mo'men, a believer.

The real meaning of the word used in the Kalema i.e. Elah is "He who is to be obeyed". Through the centuries, somehow, this meaning of the word Elah has been changed from obedience to worship. As the meaning of the word Hedayah (Guidance, direction) of the original Islam has been changed into Taqwa (carefulness), Aqidah into Iman, so has the meaning of the word Elah changed from obedience to worship. At present all over the world, it is taught in the Madrasahs (religious schools) established by the Christians, that the meaning of the Kalema (Word) is that there is none to be worshipped other than Allah. Even in the English translations of the Qur'an all over the world the Kalema is translated this way- La Elaha illa Allah (there is none to be worshipped other than Allah). The fault and misnomer of this is very clear. The Arabic word which means "He who is to be worshipped" is Ma'bud. So if the present translation of the Kalema is retranslated into Arabic it becomes "La Ma'bud illa Allah" which never has been the Kalema (Word) of Islam from Adam (as) to Mohammad (s.a.s); no non Muslim can be converted to Islam by proclaiming La Ma'bud illa Allah, he must pronounce La Elaha illa Allah to become a Muslim. The result of this unfortunate change of the meaning of the word Elah in the Kalema of Islam itself, the populace called "Muslim" has been dislodged from the very foundation of Islam and hence is no more Mo'men (believer).

Besides being thrown out from the orbit of Islam i.e. becoming de-facto dis-believer, (Moshrek and Kafer) there has been other grave consequences. The result of the change, misnomer of the word Elah has changed the very Aqida of this populace about the Kalema. The Aqida, which if wrong, renders all the amal (acts of piety) and the Iman (Faith) itself futile. In its Aqida now there is no importance of obeying Allah, now it is enough to worship Him. This Aqida is now embedded deep in the psyche of the sub-conscious mind of this populace. Result is that all over the world there is no group of people, no state which obeys Allah's orders in their collective lives which is much more important and vital than the personal obedience, but saturate the heaven and earth with tremendous amount of in vain worshipping that does not invoke His forgiveness or mercy and all the humiliation, defeat, insult, torture by other nations on this populace continues unabated.

That the word Elah denotes obedience and not worshipping is clear in the Qur'an in many places. Take Ayat (verse) No. 17 in Sura (Chapter) Fatah where Allah says - "And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, He will make him enter the gardens (Paradise)". Here Allah sets no pre-condition to the obedience, no worshipping, no Salah (prayers) no Zakah (tax---to the national fund), no Hajj (pilgrimage), no Saom (self-restrain, fasting) not to speak of other minor piety and promising Paradise just for obeying Allah and His Messenger. Or take Ayat (verse) No. 69 of Sura (Chapter) Nesa. In this Ayat Allah says - "Whoever obeys Allah and the Messenger they will be in company of those on whom Allah has bestowed His grace the Messengers, the truthfuls, the Martyrs and the righteous". Here also there is no pre-condition save obedience, and where would this august company be but in Paradise? Nowhere in the Qur'an Allah has promised Paradise, and the company of those on whom He has showered His grace (i.e. His Messengers, the truthfuls, the Martyrs in His way and the righteous) to the worshippers or any other kind of people. So the meaning of the Kalema (The Word) cannot be worshipping, it has to be obedience. At the very first, one must commit himself to obey and then obey the order to worship Him. Obeying must come first, then worshipping. Ponder over the Ayat No.25 of Sura Ambia where Allah says - "There is no Elah except Allah- so worship Him." If worshipping is the main point then the Ayat should have been- "There is none to be worshipped other than Allah, so obey Him" which in Arabic would be La Ma'bud illa Allah, fa attabeu hu.

But it is not there in the Qur'an in that way. Allah has used two distinctly different words, Elah and Ma'bud, whose meanings are quite different. The Elah comes first then the worship and He uses the word "So, or hence" clearly indicating that one should worship Him because He is Elah (He who is to be obeyed), should worship because He has ordered to do us so. Allah has nowhere said that obey Him because He is to be worshipped. That is why the Kalema (The Word) of this Deen (way of life) is La Elaha illa Allah i.e. there is none to be obeyed other than Allah, and the present day understanding and translation of Elah into He who is to be worshipped is wrong.

That the prevailing translation of the Kalema-La Elaha illa Allah as 'There is none to be worshipped other than Allah' is wrong is proved by a Hadis by the Messenger of Allah in which he has predicted five things to happen in the Later Times (Akheri Zamana).
One - Islam will remain a name only.
Two - The Qur'an will remain in its letters only.
Three - Mosques will overflow with worshippers (Musullis), but there will be no Hedayah (Guidance) there.
Four - The Olema (learned people) of my Ummah (nation) in those days will be the worst living thing under the sky.
Five - The Fitnah (trouble, unrest, conflict) created by them will eventually be upon them.48

Here the Messenger is clearly mentioning two different things- the Musullis of course gather in mosques for worshipping, and the Messenger is saying - there will be no Hedayah (Guidance) there. This Hadis makes clear that worshipping (Ebadat) and Hedayah (Tawheed, Sovereignty) are two different things; the point I have been trying to make clear in the previous pages. This lack of Hedayah (Guidance) in the worshippers is the direct result of translating Elah (He who is to be obeyed) into Ma'bud (He who is to be worshipped).

Not only this, other points in the Hadis as Islam being present in name only, will not retain its true form, the Qur'an being only in letters not being applied and effective in this nation's life, its Olema being the worst living being under the sky and the Fetnah created by them turning back upon them like a boomerang all because of this changing the meaning of word 'obedience' into 'worshipping' in the Kalema itself.

Moreover, if the meaning of the word Elah is "He who is to be worshipped" then what about obeying Him? Among the over one hundred names of Allah there is none, which means "He who is to be obeyed" if we take the meaning of Elah to be "He who is to be worshipped". If Elah means "He who is to be worshipped" then Allah need not to be obeyed, as there is no other name which means that He who is to be obeyed. And that is exactly what has happened in this populace called Muslims. Nowhere in the world this populace which claim of being Mo'men obey Allah in matters of collective lives, the law, the penal code, the economy, the social and political matters. They do not care about what Allah has to say about their collective life in the Qur'an and the Messenger in the Hadis, they obey the Jews and Christians in those matters. They obey His orders only in matters of personal life and yet claim to be very excellent Mo'mens and Muslims. They do not understand that by doing so they have been thrown out of the Kalema (The Word) and hence from Islam itself, as there is no Islam without the Kalema.
The second reason is that this populace of one and a half billion, which believes that it is not only Muslim but also Mo'men and Ummat-e-Mohammadi, is not any of these, but is de-facto Moshrek (Polytheist) and Kafer (disbeliever).

Keeping in mind as background the present miserable, despicable condition of this populace called Muslim, will you ponder over these facts?

1.It is stated in the Qur'an where He addresses us who claim to be Mo'men and Muslim, "If you are Mo'men I shall give you authority over this earth".49 Obviously authority here means power and ability to do things you want. My question to the claimants of this populace is that do you have any authority over the earth? The hard fact is that far from having the authority you are defeated, humiliated, dishonored, you are being kicked about by every other nations in every corner of the earth, all other nations look at you with contempt, disdain and hate, other nations attack and occupy your nation-states (though there is no concept of nation states in real Islam, so it is a Sherk), all these are a far, far cry from what Allah promised you if you are Mo'men. So, if Allah is true to His promise, you are not Mo'men, and not being Mo'men is definitely being Moshrek and Kafer and if your claim of being Mo'men and Muslim is right then, by sheer logic Allah is not true to His promise. That Allah's promise is true is proved by the history of this nation, when it was a nation (Ummah). An Ummah of half a million people including children, old and women; almost fully illiterate, ignorant of the outside world, one of the poorest, probably the poorest people on Earth, when they became Mo'men i.e. denied everybody, every authority, every sovereignty except Allah, and Allah, true to His promise made them the most powerful Ummah (Nation) on earth, before whom knelt the world with awe and respect. Now you decide which one is true; your claim or Allah's promise. By your claim of being Muslim, Mo'men you are implying that Allah is not true to His promise, or is unable to keep His word (Naoozubellah).
2.Allah, in His Qur'an says- "Those who don't judge by what He has revealed are Faseks (disobedient), Zalems (wrong-doers) and Kafers (disbelievers)."50 In these Ayats (verses) the word judge means not only to judge in a court of law, but to conduct one's whole life, both personal and collective, by the revelation, i.e. the Qur'an. Now this claimant of being Mo'men, Muslim and Ummat-e-Mohammadi is no more an Ummah, a nation, but is divided geopolitically into more than fifty Nation-states, and since being occupied and enslaved by European Christians, Jews and Idolators, do not judge their affairs by "what I have revealed" i.e. the Qur'an and hence have become Fasiqs (disobedient), Zalims (wrong-doers) and Kafers (disbelievers). This populace now judge their actions of collective lives by what has been taught by the Jews and Christians and by the law, rules and regulations enacted in their Nation-State parliaments, not by what has been revealed by Allah.51 In their personal and private lives, now they want to adhere more to the west's ideology, than the Quran's.


Nowhere in the world there is a single Muslim nation-state which judges by i.e. obeys what Allah has revealed i.e. the Qur'an, except the Saudi Arabia in West Asia, where only some crimes and offences are punished by the Shariah laws. The criterion of being Mo'men is absent there too as I shall show later in this book Insha'Allah.

3.Allah, in His Qur'an has said that, "Whenever there will be a clash, fight, battle between Mo'men and Kafer, the Kafer would show their backs (run away defeated)."52 As reason He is saying that that is because they (Kafers) do not have any guardian or helper (the Guardian and Helper being on the side of the Mo'mens). That this will happen every time, whenever there will be clash and fight is stated in the next Ayat (verse) where He is saying "His Sunnah (way of doing things, practice) a Sunnah that is omnipresent and a Sunnah never to be changed".53 Now when we look at the first 60-70 years of the history of this Ummah (nation) we see the truth of this Sunnah of Allah. Outnumbered by thousands, starving, poorly armed, illiterate Mo'mens routing far bigger, well-equipped, well-trained armies of the Super-powers of the then world in battle after battle. While what we see now the claimants of being true Mo'men defeated in battle after battle by those very people who were once routed, and finally being enslaved and ruled by them. We find no history of see any victory by the claimants of Muslims in the last thousand years and nor very recently in Afghanistan and Iraq. If Allah's Sunnah is unchangeable, as He claims in the Ayat 23 of Sura Fatah then this populace is not Mo'men in His eyes, He is not with them, and He is not their guardian.

So, as you can see it is not I who is saying that this populace of one and a half billion people who claim to be not only Mo'men and Muslim but also Ummat-e-Mohammadi, is de-facto Moshrek and Kafer, but Allah Himself says that. I am only pointing it out.

4."And don't become weak and faint or be saddened" says the Lord, Allah to us, "you shall be victorious, if you are Mo'mens".54 We are not victorious in any fight in last several centuries; so if Allah's words are true than we are not Mo'men (Believers) and not being Mo'men necessarily means being either Moshreks or Kafers.

5.Allah assures us that to help believers is incumbent upon Him.55 When European Christian nations militarily attacked and overran, occupied the whole 'Muslim' world and enslaved the people who believed and still believe that they are very excellent Mo'men, Muslim and Ummat-e-Mohammadi, where was the help from Allah which He says is incumbent on Him?

Has He given false assurance? No, it's unthinkable that He would. The answer is simple- His assurance is for Mo'men (Believer) not for Mushriqs and Kafers.

6."Allah is the protecting guardian of the Mo'men".56 The same question arises again. Where was His protection, His guardianship, when the Nation He has described as the greatest, best among mankind57 was defeated militarily, enslaved, their people killed, women raped, their houses burned, there mosques were destroyed or changed into offices and clubs? That is past; But what of now? The present where is His promised protection, His guardianship, His help now which He has described as incumbent, must on Him - when the nation-states of the claimants of being Mo'men, Muslim and Ummat-e-Mohammadi is being bombed into rubble, their women raped, their young men captured, taken away to far distant prisons, where they are tortured inhumanly, stripped and compelled to perform sexual acts among themselves besides various other humiliating, dishonorable, abhorrent acts. Here also if this populace is Mo'men and Muslim, Allah has failed to protect them.

7.In many places in the Qur'an Allah has indicated signs by which Mo'men can be known. One of these is Ayat No. 29 of Sura Fatah. Here He states that Mo'men are "severe, hard on Kafers (disbelievers) and merciful, kind among themselves." If we look at this populace of one and a half billion people who claim to be Mo'mens in the light of the Ayat we see that this whole populace is Kafer (unbeliever) because we see exactly the opposite of what Allah has said about the indications, signs of the Mo'men. We see this populace loves the Kafers with all their hearts, grovels at their feet, attacks fellow Muslims on the enemy's instigation, obey them in most matters and fights among themselves on the slightest of issues, be it political, economic, even religious.58

These are only seven concrete reasons to understand that this populace of one and a half billion is not Mo'men  or  Muslim  and  far  from  being Ummat-e-Mohammadi. Yet out of sheer ignorance the people of this populace sincerely believe themselves to be what they are not and do their utmost to perform prayers, pilgrimage, pay the Zakah and fast for months. In their ignorance they do not understand that all these, besides all other Nafal (extra acts of piety, merit) are futile, waste. The definition of a Munafeq (Hypocrite) is who professes one thing and believes and does another. By this definition, this so-called Muslim populace is also Munafeq, besides being kafer and Moshrek, as it professes the sovereignty of Allah but lead their lives under sovereignty of people, of Kings, Amirs of individuals and certain class of people, accept and adopt laws, economic, political, social system made by them, rejecting those sent by Allah and upheld by His Messenger.

What has happened and happening to the present 'Muslim' populace is because in the eyes of Allah it is no more Mo'men or Muslim, it is de-facto not only Moshrek and Kafer but also Munafeq. So He has no obligation about it, He is no more its Wali (Protecting Guardian), He has no responsibility to help it. His Nafrat (Contempt) and Ghadab (Wrath) is now on this populace in way of the defect, humiliation, injustices meted out to it by the rest of the peoples of the world, in way of abuse, taunt, disdain and ridicule by them who once looked up at them with awe and respect. All because of these basic reasons. This populace has changed the obedience to Allah of the Kalema into worshipping Him and now disobeys Him in every matter except in worshipping and obeys the system of the Jews and Christians by doing so this populace is no more in Islam.

Here we must clearly understand what the concept of Tawheed and Deen are and the differences between these two. Tawheed is the foundation and the Deen is the superstructure, building on it. Tawheed is denying every other sovereignty, and every other authority except Allah and obey Him in everything. In short, to obey Him in every facet of life, every subject every matter where He has something to say. We, both individually and collectively, are free to choose our actions in matters where He or His Messenger are silent about.59

This is the foundation, premise, and the Deen is the super-structure on this foundation and that is the Shariah, do's and don'ts, goods and evils, legal and illegal, prohibited and permitted, rights and wrongs based on the foundation of the Tawheed, sovereignty of Allah. These two things together make up the House of Islam. These two are symbiotic, two things riveted together inseparably. Beginning with Adam (as) Allah has sent Messenger after Messenger in every place where people lived.60 Whenever they went astray, away from Tawheed i.e. the Guidance, He has sent His Messenger, always with the Tawheed and the building of the Shariah on it. The size and the shape of the buildings have been different with every Messenger depending on the place, time and people concerned, but the foundation has always, without exception, been the same, the Tawheed, the sovereignty of Allah, La Elaha illa Allah (There is none to be obeyed other than Allah) and the then Messenger's name has been added after it. In this process, since Adam (as) there has been sent one hundred and twenty-four thousand (in another Hadis we get the number to be two hundred and twenty-four thousand) Messengers to bring back people to Tawheed, the Guidance who had been misled by Eblis (Lucifer) and Shaitan (Satan), as challenged at the creation of Adam (a.s.)


While all of them were Messengers, they were not equal in responsibility and rank. Some were sent for a large area with large population, some smaller with less number of people involved and some still smaller area and smaller population. Many have been sent for certain tribes like Bani Esraels. We get in the Hadis that a Messenger has been sent even for a family only.

Since after fall of this Ummah and after being enslaved by the European Christian powers, there has grown a tendency, out of sheer inferiority complex, to put up the Ayat No 84 of Sura Al Imran of the Qur'an to prove that all Messengers are equal. Say, "We believe in Allah and what is revealed to us; in that which was revealed to Ibrahim (Abraham), Ismail (Ishmael), Ishaq (Isaac), Ya'qub (Jacob) and the tribes and what was given to Musa (Moses), Isa (Jesus) and the Messengers from their Lord. We make no distinction between one another among them and to Him we have submitted." By the words "no difference (La nufarreque)" in the Ayat they mean all the messengers are equal. This meaning is wrong. By the words "No difference" Allah implies that it is not that one is a Messenger and the other or the others are not. He is saying all are My Messengers, no difference in that; there is no question of their ranks here, only being Messenger or not being Messenger. The underlining and direct both imply that all mentioned are Messengers from Him; there is no question about their authenticity. As for the difference in ranks Allah is making it clear in Ayat No. 55 of the Sura Bani Israel in the Qur'an that there is difference in honor and ranks among His Messengers. Allah says, "We have exalted some Messengers above others."


Now, living in the depth of darkness Christians believe that Jesus is the only truth, believing in him is the only way of salvation, the rest, Mohammad (s.a.s.), Buddha (a.s), Krishna (a.s.), Mohavir (a.s.) etc. are all impostors. Most of Hindus believe that Krishna (a.s.) is an incarnation of God, all others are frauds, Buddhist believe that Buddha is the only way to Nirvana, rest great teachers are all wayward. Jews have no doubt that Jesus was nothing but an illegitimate child of Mary, and founder of all other Deens (so called religions) are cheats and frauds, they being the only "Chosen people" by God. In Ayat 18 of the Sura Al Maedah Allah is making it clear that - No, they all are My Messengers.61 In the Day of Judgment, the followers of the present day Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhists will be stunned, speechless, staring blank when they will see all the Messengers of Allah, Mohammad (s.a.s.), Musa (a.s) (Moses), Isa (a.s) (Jesus), Nooh (a.s) (Noah), Buddha (a.s), Solaiman (a.s) (Solomon), Daud (a.s) (David), Yaqub (a.s) (Jacob) (a.s) etc. and thousand others embracing and lovingly calling each other brother (except of course Adam (a.s) and Ibrahim (a.s) who will be called father by other Messengers). Then in the language of Qur'an - "…their eyes will be bulging."62



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