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Jul 15, 2024
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The Process


Now we know what Tawheed is. Allah wants, expects this Tawheed from His vicegerent. The main, if not the only weapon, instrument, by which He can win in the challenge thrown to Him by the Eblis is establishment of the Tawheed and the Deen, the system of life based on the Tawheed. Without mankind accepting and living by His Tawheed i.e. obeying Him only, He cannot win against the Eblis. No amount of Ebadat (worshipping) in the sense understood today, no amount of piety by mankind will make Him victorious against the Eblis. So th this Guidance must be established in the life of mankind for two reasons:-
1)Establishment of Tawheed and Deen based on the foundation of the Tawheed will cause eradication of every kind of Fasad and Safaquddima from the life of mankind and it will live in peace (Islam).
2)Allah will win in the challenge thrown to Him by the Eblis only if this Tawheed and the Deen is established in the life of mankind. If the Tawheed and the Tawheed based Deen i.e. the system of life, way of life is not accepted and established, mankind will live in every kind of injustice, unrest, turmoil, tyranny (Fasad) and bloodshed (Safaquddima) as it is living now. The Eblis will win in his challenge and Allah will be defeated. Allah wins only if His vicegerent i.e. mankind lives on earth in security and peace (Islam).

A very important question that now comes up is what should be the process of establishing the Divine Guidance (obeying none but Allah) and the true Deen, system in the life of mankind? Allah has sent His Messengers with the Guidance in every age and every inhabited place on earth82 so that none can say that he or she was not informed and warned about the Guidance. We do not know what process those Messengers adopted to make people accept the Guidance, because we do not know enough about them. Of the one hundred twenty-five thousand (or two hundred twenty-five thousand by another source) we have been informed only about twenty-eight in the Qur'an, a very small number indeed. Even of these twenty-eight we do not know enough details of their lives and activities to determine the process they employed to establish the Tawheed in people's lives. But we are fortunate that we are aware of the tiniest detail about the life of the last Messenger and since we are his followers, his Ummah, that is enough for us. We do not need knowing the processes of his predecessors.

It doesn't take a thorough and deep study of the Qur'an, the Hadis, the history and the biographies to reach the conclusion that the process employed by the last Messenger of Allah to have the Divine Guidance and the system of life based on it accepted by mankind was Jehad (utmost struggle) and Qetal (armed fight). This fact, I am sure, will be shocking and unacceptable to most of the people of this populace that to-day believe themselves to be Mo'men and Muslim but unfortunately which they are not. In the last thirteen hundred years their Aqidah (concept) about their 'Deen' has not only changed completely but has reversed from what was taught by the last Messenger. From a full and complete system of life the meaning of the word Deen has changed into a vague idea of man's spiritual relation with Allah which has nothing to do with his collective lives, laws, penal codes, economic system etc. Today the Deen is called 'religion' taught to us by the Christians who do not have those subjects in their religion and whose belief concerns only matters spiritual, connection with the Creator and piety. This has happened not only to this populace which calls itself Mo'men and Muslim but to all other Faiths. Deen means a system of life, a way of life, which contains every aspect, every facet of human life, including the spiritual.

However, shocking or not, this, as I shall show presently, is hard fact. The process of establishment of the Guidance and the system based on it could be inviting, preaching, argument, proving to other people the superiority of it, pleading, imploring etc. or to fight and establish it. It is astonishing news to most of the people who think that they are Muslims that Jehad and Qetal have been made mandatory (Fard) by Allah in the Qur'an.83 Jehad means utmost struggle, endeavor; and Qetal means armed fight. That means that out of all processes Allah has chosen that His Guidance and the Deen, the system, way of life based on the Guidance be established on earth by Jehad (utmost struggle) and Qetal (armed fight). In various places in the Qur'an He has urged Mo'men and Muslims to do Jehad (struggle, endeavor) and has made armed fight mandatory by saying Qetal (armed fight) is hereby ordained for you. His last Messenger understood this fact fully and hence declared- I have been ordered to continue Qetal (armed fight) against mankind till it accepts that there is no Elah (He who is to be obeyed) except Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger".84 The above Ayats (verses) besides several hundred more in the Qur'an relating to Qetal (armed fight) together with the pronouncement of the Messenger leaves no shadow of doubt that the process of establishment of the Guidance and the Deen (system) based on it is Jehad (utmost struggle) and Qetal (armed fight) and that has been decided not by the Messenger but by Allah Himself.
It is He and He only knows why He has chosen Jehad and Qetal as the policy and process of establishing His Guidance and Deen on earth and not any other. We can only surmise that He being the Creator of mankind and its psychology, He knows that, with the Eblis residing inside Man with the powers given to him no amount of preaching, argument or any other process will succeed. History  is  also  a  kind  of  a  proof  of  this.


Ummat-e-Mahammadi (followers of Mohammad) fought armed combat ceaselessly for about 60-70 years resulting in the Divine Guidance and the Deen being established on nearly half of the then known earth. But after the Jehad and Qetal was forsaken by the Ummah there has been hardly any further progress in the last thirteen hundred years in spite of the fact that during this time the population of the people claiming to be Ummat-e-Mohammadi has increased manifold and there has appeared hundreds of thousands of Imam (leaders with great knowledge), Ulama-e-din (highly learned in religion), Fuqaha (Specialists in Laws, Jurisprudence), Mufassirs (who explain and analysis the verses of the Qur'an), Muhaddis (experts, specialist of the Hadis), etc. besides great Pirs and Mashaikhs (Spiritual  guides),  while  within  the  small Ummat-e-Mohammadi there was not one instance of these. History tells us that it was mostly illiterate. It is also history that the greatest and the last Messenger of Allah could not bring to the Guidance more than about two hundred people in thirteen years of ceaseless effort through advice, arguments and preaching, in Makkah, but after Hijrah (Migration) to Madinah, and after resorting to Qetal (armed fight), almost whole of Arabia accepted the Hedayah (Guidance i.e. Tawheed) and the Deen (way, system of life) in less than ten years.

We may have an idea why Allah has chosen armed fight as the policy and process for establishing His sovereignty and authority on earth, if we ponder on the present situation in the world. The United States of America is the leader of the world now. It is doing whatever it wants to do anywhere on earth. There is nobody who can oppose or confront it. All other nations are in awe or afraid to do anything, which can cause its displeasure. It ignored world opinion, the United Nation and even invaded other sovereign countries and occupied them and the world is not only silent spectator but many countries actually help it, to earn the pleasure and charity of the super-power. These countries, though they are members of the United Nations are actively helping and collaborating with the United States that invaded other countries ignoring and defying the United Nations. It is not because of its technology nor its financial might, because Europe, Russia or Japan is not inferior to the United States in those fields, yet are unable to order about everybody like the U.S.A. does. It is its military might that all are afraid of and that is the deciding factor. Allah being the Creator He knows that without military might His sovereignty and authority cannot be established on earth, it cannot be done by preaching, by pleading, by arguing or any other method for that matter. Even Christianity, which teaches offering the other cheek if slapped on one has spread all over the world only after the European nation-states occupied other nations by military might and colonised them, not by love. I am not saying that some people were not converted due to preaching of the Christian missionaries, but it is history that Christian clergy, priests and missionaries came to Asia, Africa in the wake of their invading and conquering armies and they preached to the colonised people not as equals but as their masters. It is doubtful that Christianity would have been what it is to-day, numerically the highest among the world religions, had the Christian European Nation-States not militarily overrun Asia and Africa and ruled them for centuries.

As Ummat-e-Mohammdi endeavored to establish sovereignty of Allah (Tawheed) all over the earth through military process, so is the West trying to establish sovereignty of man (Democracy) all over the earth in the same manner. In the past the West conquered the East by military might and as master taught it Democracy which is still the prevailing system there. Now they are trying to establish the sovereignty of people (Democracy) on rest of the world, where it is not already accepted, by the same process, the military might, and thereby eliminating all other sovereignty. The sovereignty of Allah is already non-existent in the world to-day, thanks to the populace which claims to be believer in the sovereignty of Allah.

What remains is a hotchpotch of belief in the Creator, worshipping Him together with accepting and adopting different cracies, isms in various degrees. The present leader of the unipolar world, the master of the only super-power has declared that he would spread Secular Democracy (the word used is freedom) to every inch of the earth.85 Finally all our arguments should cease because of the words of Allah Himself where, after making the Qetal (armed fight) Fard-e-Ain (incumbent, mandatory), He says - "Though you dislike this order, it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows and you do not know."86 That's that. After this no Mo'men can utter a word against Qetal (armed fight) being defensive because Allah has not added, "When or if you are attacked."


However, whatever the reason, the fact is that Allah has chosen Jehad (utmost struggle) and Qetal (Armed fight) as the policy and process for establishing the Guidance and the true Deen (Hedayah wa Dinul Haq)87 on earth for peace and security and happiness of mankind and His own victory over Eblis. This is also proved by the fact that in the very definition of a Mo'men He has put Jehad (utmost struggle) which contains Qetal armed fight88 besides ordaining Qetal (armed fight) making it a must, mandatory for a Mo'men. Though the word Jehad means utmost struggle, endeavor to achieve something in proper way and includes Qetal (armed fight), later these two word become synonymous, Jehad meant Qetal. Even in the time of the Messenger, going to Jehad meant going to Qetal. For example- once Ummul Mo'menun (Mother of Mo'mens) Ayesha (Ra) asked the Messenger of Allah- "shall we women not go to Jehad?"90 It is evident in the question itself that she meant Qetal by the word Jehad as struggle in all other way cannot be prohibited for women, rather it is obligatory. This concept (Aqidah) was prevailing among all other Mo'mens and Muslims then.

The definition of Mo'men by Allah in Ayat No.15 in Sura Hujarat makes it clear that none can be a true Mo'men without fighting in the way of Allah (i.e. to establish the Tawheed based Din) with life and property, wealth; and not to be a Mo'men necessarily means that he is Moshrek or Kafer. There is no space in between Mo'men and Kafer- Moshrek, belief and disbelief.

Also, it is indisputable that in Islam the highest reward and the highest honour is reserved for the Shahids (Martyrs), those who fight and lay down their lives in the fields of battles to establish the Tawheed based Deen, System, Way of life to ensure peace (Islam) and security of mankind and victory of Allah over the challenge thrown to Him by the Eblis. The reward is entry into the highest paradise without any question asked about their activities in this worldly life and the honour is that Mo'mens and Muslim are barred from saying that they the Shaheed are dead.91 This is promise of Allah and He has not promised these to any other class or people in Islam, not even to the highest class in mankind, the Messengers of Allah. Says the greatest of them, the last one: - Besides being admitted in the Jannah (Paradise) immediately on their martyrdom with no question asked about their activities in the world, Allah has bestowed five special status, special distinctions to the Shahids (Shuhada, Martyrs) which He has not bestowed to even the Messengers. Searching for Hadis along this line, we come across some more benefits reserved for shaheeds that are denied to any other class of people. For e.g. the Messenger of Allah has said, 'The souls of all Nabis, Messenger and myself will be received by the Malek-ul-Maut, e.g. Azrail, but Allah himself receives the soul of Martyrs'. "All the deceased including the Messengers and Myself will be given funeral bath, but there is no need to perform this bath for Martyrs." The deceased are wrapped in the funeral shroud, but not the Martyrs. All Nabis, Messengers are mentioned as being dead with the exception of those give up their lives fighting for the Cause of Allah. All Nabis & messenger will have the right to intercede on behalf of their Ummah, their people, but the shaheeds, martyrs can intercede on behalf of any people, regardless of whose Ummah they belonged to.92

A Shahid has six other benefits; Al-Miqdam Ibn Ma'di Karib (R) narrated that the Messenger of Allah said: "A martyr has six bounties: He will be forgiven with the first drop of his blood that is spilt; He will see his place in Paradise (at the time of death); He will be saved from the 'Great Horror' (on the Day of Judgment): A Crown of Dignity will be placed on his head, which contains many corundums, each one being more precious than this life and all that it contains; He will have seventy two Women of Paradise; And, he will be allowed to intercede for seventy of his family members (who would have otherwise gone to hell)." (Tirmidhi & Ibn Maajah).
Now if the policy and process of establishing the Deen, the way of life based on the Tawheed, the sovereignty of Allah was not struggle and armed fight, then how could the highest reward and honour and the special status mentioned in the Hadis be reserved for them? Says the Messenger- "On the Day of Judgment the Shahid will walk among men with sword in hand and people, even the Messengers of Allah will make way for him, and then he will proceed and sit on high place on the sideline with honour and watch the trial and Judgment of mankind by Allah (like sitting in the gallery of a stadium and watch games being played below)". Besides making armed fight mandatory (Fard) for Mo'men,93 Allah has urged Mo'men to fight as a means for establishing the Deen on earth. Says He- "Fight in way of Allah until all Fetnah (turmoil, injustices, insecurity etc.) is no more and the whole Deen (system of living) will be for Allah alone."94 Not only that, He urges His Messenger to rouse, inspire Mo'mens to fight in the way of Allah95 and fight in the way of Allah means fight to establish the Deen, the way of life, the system of conducting the whole life of mankind based on the Tawheed, the sovereignty of Allah denying all and every other sovereignty and system (Deen). In the Qur'an there are over six hundred Ayats (verses) directly or indirectly relating and concerning Jehad (struggle) and Qetal (armed fight). Except His Tawheed, His sovereignty, there is no other subject which has been mentioned so many times in the Qur'an with so much importance and emphasis, not even the Salah (mandatory prayer), not Zaqah (Income tax), not Hajj (Pilgrimage) nor Saom (fasting), the four of five pillars of the Deen-e-Islam, the other one - being the Iman (Belief) itself.

It is remarkable that the Jehad (struggle) which includes Qetal (armed fight) features in the definition of a true Mo'men by Allah, besides ordaining i.e. making Qetal (armed fight) Fard (obligatory, mandatory) for all.96 This necessarily means that to be a Mo'men one has to be a fighter, a warrior, otherwise how can he fulfil the obligation of Qetal (armed fight)? In other words he who is not a fighter, a warrior cannot become a Mo'men and not being a Mo'men means he is either a Moshrek (Polytheist) or a Kafer (a Disbeliever, rejecter). That makes the present day populace of one thousand and five hundred million which believes itself to be Mo'men (believer) and Muslim (those who submit) de-facto Moshrek and Kafer except a small number. Let me put the subject in an example for better understanding. If a society or an organisation is formed with a certain objective or purpose, which declares in its constitution that whichever member of that society is able to win the gold medal for swimming in the next world Olympic, will be awarded the highest reward and the highest honor of that society, we know that the society is a society for swimming and not for Cricket or football or Tennis or any other purpose. Can any person who cannot swim or does not know how to swim or neglect swimming be a member of the society? If such a man applies to be a member of it will he be granted membership? It is common sense that he will be refused and at best will be advised to learn swimming first and then apply.

Now take the society (Islam) which declares in its constitution (the Qur'an) that the member of this society who lays down his life in the battle field will be awarded the highest reward and the highest honor (top Paradise and honor of not being called dead). In this case can a person who is not a fighter, does not know how to fight can become a member or will he be allowed membership of this society called Islam? Obviously not. Imagine the ridiculous state of the people who not only believe themselves to be members of this society (Islam) but many of them even claims to be champions of it without being a fighter, a warrior, without having the primary requisite of its membership.

Why must a person become a warrior, a fighter to be a Mo'men, a Muslim or a Ummat-e-Mohammadi? To understand that we have to think over the Ayat No.28 of Surah Fatah, Ayat No.33 of Surah At-Taubah and Ayat No.9 of Surah As-saff where Allah gives the reasons for sending His Messenger. He states - "He has sent forth His Messenger with Hedayah (Guidance) and the Deen-ul-Huq (true system of life) so that he may prevail it above all other Deen (systems of life)." Here He mentions two subjects that He has sent His Messenger with. The first one is the Hedayah. This is the Hedayah (Guidance) He promised to sent to mankind through His Messengers from time to time against the challenge thrown to Him by the Eblis97 (the Tawheed, to obey and serve none other than Allah) and the other one is the true Deen (the building, the edifice, super-structure on the foundation of that Guidance, i.e. do's and do not's, right and wrong etc. and this involves everything that concerns mankind's individual and collective lives, the Shariah). These two together comprise the total Islam. Now the second part of the reason of sending the Messenger; and that is to establish the total Islam (the Guidance and the building, Shariah) on mankind subduing all other sovereignty guidance and system of life. How to accomplish the second part of it? As I have stated before, the policy and the process was dictated to him by Allah Himself and that is Jehad (utmost struggle) and Qetal (armed fight). If we look at the life of the Messenger we see the confirmation of this. Through Jehad and Qetal he established the Guidance and the Deen in almost whole of Arabia, obliterating the existing way of life of the people which was based on Sherk (Polytheism). In his life we also find the meaning of the Ayat No. 15 of Sura Hujurat where Allah says that true Mo'men are only those who believe in Allah and His Messenger (which means obey and serve none other then Allah and His Messenger) and struggle (which includes Qetal, armed fight) in way of Allah (to establish the Guidance and the Deen founded on it). That is the sum-total of the life of the Messenger and his Sunnah, about which he said that anyone who forsook his sunnah was not of him, i.e. he is thrown out of the orbit of this Ummah, the Ummat-e-Mohammadi.

I am fully aware how difficult it is for the present populace, which claim and believes that it is the same Ummah that the Messenger of Allah built, to accept what I am writing. Since abandoning Jehad and Qetal to establish Tawheed based Deen all over the earth, the responsibility that Allah had bestowed on His Messenger98 and the responsibility the Messenger had entrusted on his Ummah on his passing away, the so called Khalifahs, after the first four righteous Khalifas began to rule and enjoy the vast region gained at the cost of Jehad (utmost struggle), sweat, blood, and lives of thousands of martyrs of Islam like any other Kings and monarchs. These so-called Khalifahs, because of their perverted Aqidah, could not or did not realise that they had lost the very reason of their existence. The Ummah was created to fight on behalf of Allah to make Him victorious against Eblis in his challenge by establishing Tawheed (sovereignty of Allah) and the Deen (the super-structure of the Shariah) on the foundation of that Tawheed. Now if that Ummah abandons the very purpose for which it was created then obviously there remains no reason for its existence. That is exactly why Allah has warned it in Ayat 38-39 of Surah Taubah of the Qur'an that "if you abandon going out for Jehad.99 Note that Allah informs us what He would do to this Ummah if it forsook Jehad (utmost endeavor, struggle) which includes Qetal (armed fight, which has been mandatory in Ayat No.216 in Surah Bakarah and 38, 39 in Surah Taubah). He has mentioned two things He would do. First is Azabun Alim (great punishments) and the second one is remove this Ummah from the position of authority, power and role and replace it with other nation or nations.

Consider the first one, the great punishment. By saying that He implies that in His eyes this Ummah is no more Mo'men or Muslim, because Mo'men will never be punished. Nowhere in the Qur'an there is a single Ayat where it is said that Mo'men, a believer will ever be punished. On the contrary all through the Qur'an Mo'mens have been promised forgiveness and Jannah (Paradise), Jahannam (Hell) has been made Haram (prohibited, unlawful) for them (Qur'an and Hadis). By promising punishment for it He is clearly meaning that in His eyes this populace is no more Mo'men since abandoning Jehad and not being Mo'men in His eyes necessarily means being either Moshrek (Polytheist) or Kafer (Disbeliever), notwithstanding professing Kalema, saying prayer, paying Zakah, performing Hajj or fasting. The second one is replacing this Ummah by other people. This is outright rejection, throwing out, as a person throws out a pen when it does not write or a watch when it does not show time and replace it with a new one.

There is more grave and serious significance of this Ayat of the Qur'an. The severe punishment followed by ousting from the power and authority100 and replacing them by other powers clearly means that this Ummah was ousted from Islam itself by Allah, and has never been accepted back into the fold of Islam as this ousted populace has not repented and resumed the Jehad, it had abandoned thirteen hundred years back. There is very good reason why Allah has thrown this Ummah out of Islam. Consider the Ayat No.15 of Surah Hujurat of the Qur'an. In it Allah gives the clear definition, criterion of a Mo'men or Mo'mens and it is divided into two parts. First part is belief in Allah and His Messenger (This belief is not confined in only Oneness, Unity of Allah, but in obeying none other than Him, (see chapter on Tawheed) and the second part is Jehad (utmost struggle, which includes the Qetal, armed fight) on earth, sacrificing life and property. By this definition the Ummah  was  true  Mo'men,  Muslim  and Ummat-e-Mohammadi till only 60-70 years after the Messenger. Now, when the sham Muslims, the hypocrite Khalifahs forsook Jehad, the second part of the definition of a true Mo'men, to enjoy the power and authority acquired by the true followers of the Messenger of Allah, they were no more true Mo'men by the definition given in the Qur'an by Allah. It is the second part of the definition that Allah is warning about - the Jehad, and He has promised that if you ever abandon this part He shall punish you severely and throw you out of power and authority on earth and replace you with some other people, because you have abandoned the very purpose, the very obligation for which you, as a Ummah were created, even if you remain firm in the first part of the definition i.e. obey none other than Allah and His Messenger (Later the Ummah was out from this first part of the definition too, and thus fully out of the definition of Mo'men (see chapter on Tawheed).

The other very important reason of the inclusion of Jehad in the very definition of being Mo'men is that the Tawheed and the Deen (the super-structure, building, Shariah) founded on that Tawheed is useless if it is not established and made effective in mankind's life, exactly as an excellent constitution of a country is useless if that country is not administered, ruled by that constitution, if the laws, the penal code, the economy, its social system etc. are not based on the constitution, however perfect that constitution may be. The process of establishing, making effective the Shariah (the Qur'an, the Constitution) on mankind's life has been decided by Allah, not by the Messenger, to engage in Jehad (utmost struggle) and Qetal (armed fight) at the cost of lives and worldly wealth and properties of the Mo'mens. Though Jehad includes armed fight, yet to make it clear to us and to emphasize it He has made armed fight Fard (mandatory, must) in Ayat No.216 in Surah Bakarah where He states- "Qetal, armed fight is hereby made mandatory, for you", so that we must not limit it within utmost struggle in other ways only. If we only believe in the constitution (Qur'an) but do not execute the Jehad (utmost struggle) and Qetal (armed fight) to establish it on mankind, then, as Allah has warned in the Qur'an He would expel us from Islam with Azabun Alim (sever punishment) and make us slaves of other people. The sum-total of the Ayat No.38, 39 of Surah Taubah is plain and that is Allah warning us that if we abandon Jehad than He abandons us with severe punishment and replaces us with other people.

The reason is simple and that is: - the challenge of the Eblis to Allah is that he will cause Fasad (Unrest, injustice, disorder, confusion etc.) and Safaquddima (Shedding of blood, battles, wars) among mankind by enticing mankind into disobeying Allah and make, formulate Deen (System, way of life to conduct their lives) for themselves. Allah knows, since He is the Creator of Man, his body, mind and psyche, given that He has allowed the powerful Eblis to enter and remain in Man influencing his thought, mind and action that no amount of good advice, reasoning, argument will make Man obey and serve Allah and conduct their lives, both collectively and individually by the Deen (system) given by Allah through His Messengers. He knows if He has to win in the Eblis's challenge it has to be done by force. Ummat-e-Mohammadi (other Ummahs before him were formed for the same purpose for that matter) was created by the last Messenger for that purpose, his whole life is proof of this fact, fighting and managing over 107 small and big battles in 9.5 years and establishing the Tawheed based Deen in the peninsula of Arabia and in the process teaching his Ummah firsthand how to do it. On his departure his Ummah knew the objective of their lives was to complete the unfinished work of their leader, i.e. to institute the Tawhed based Deen on earth by Jehad and Qetal and thereby accomplish two objects. One- make Allah victorious in the challenge of the Eblis, two-eliminate all Fasad (injustices, disorder, unrest confusion etc.) and all safaquddima (conflict, wars, blood-shed) from mankind's life's resulting in peace (Islam) there. That is exactly the thing the real Ummah of the Messenger did. It is history that they abandoned their houses, properties, gardens, shops, businesses, their families and went out in the wide unknown world to do that. Now, if for any reason that Ummah abandons this Jehad (utmost struggle) then there remains no meaning of its existence. And that is what it did under the Khalifat of the sham Mo'men Umaiyahs within 70 years of the departure of its leader from this world.

Here a question arises from the fact that Allah replaced this Ummah by European Christian powers. Were they supposed  to  do  the  same  work  the Ummat-e-Mohammadi was entrusted to do? No, Allah did not replace them to establish Tawheed and Deen by them obviously, He did that only to punish this people which abandoned going out in the world to fight to establish the Tawheed and the Tawheed based Deen (system, way of life) and thereby establish peace (Islam) in mankind's life and make Him victorious against the Eblis.

O people, who claim and believe that you are Mo'men, Muslim and Ummat-e-Mohammadi, I tell you, you are none of these, you have been ousted from Islam by Allah Himself thirteen hundred years back when, during the rule of the sham Mo'men hypocrite Khalifahs you forsook the very duty you were created for and hence ceased to be of use to Him and Allah commenced His promised Azabun Alima (severe punishment) in way of your degradation, fall from the position of power and authority, the respect and awe the people of the world had for you. Allah continued this punishment for several centuries, waiting to see if you repented and restarted the struggle on behalf of Him to make Him victorious. When you did not and reached the bottom of disgrace He had you conquered, subjugated and enslaved by Christian European powers, and thereby fulfilled His promise of severe, stern punishment and enslavement by other peoples, which He would never do to Mo'men, Muslim or Ummat-e-Mohammadi.101

After the promised punishment of Allah, the expulsion from Islam and authority and power and the enslavement, started the third phase of the history of this populace, no more the Ummah the Messenger of Allah left. This phase is continuing till now.

With the abandonment of Jehad thirteen hundred centuries back the flame of Islam was extinguished; only some embers kept glowing here and there during the enslavement.

After the occupation and enslavement, the Christian European powers extinguished even those embers. I shall, Ensha-Allah, explain that further later on along this book. After that what is left now is the huge body of Islam called the 'Muslim' people, lying across the earth from east coast of the Atlantic to the west shore of the Pacific, dead and decaying.

There are only two ways, two doors of going out of Islam. The first one is to reject Allah as the only One to be obeyed and served and reject Mahmmad (s.m) to be His Messenger (La Elaha illa Allah wa Mohammad Rasul-Allah). The second way is to abandon or to forsake Jehad. To go out either of these is to walk out of true Islam. That is why in Ayat No.15 of Surah Hujarat Allah has given two conditions of being a true i.e. complete Mo'men and the two conditions are exactly what I have just said. Without either of these two conditions, no amount of piety, praying all night, every  night,  fasting  whole  year  or  pilgrimage  to Makkah every year or polishing of souls will not make a person Mo'men or Muslim or Ummat-e-Mohammadi.

Now if you look at the populace called Muslim you will find neither of these two conditions exist in it. The first condition, there is none to be obeyed and served other than Allah (La Ellaha illa Allah) has been replaced by "there is none to be worshipped other than Allah (La Maabud illa Allah) (See Chapter on Tawheed) resulting in filling up heaven and earth with extensive worship [nafal (extra, additional) prayers, besides the mandatory, paying Zakat taxes, performing Hajj, pilgrimage) and month long fasting] but disobeying Him in everything else and obeying others. And the second condition the Jehad and the Qetal have been, as I have already showed has been forsaken, abandoned thirteen centuries back... So this populace has walked through both of these two doors out of Islam. There is no other sin, no other action by which one can go out of the orbit of Islam. All other actions are pardonable, forgivable whenever one is in Islam i.e. on those two conditions of Ayat 15 of Surah Hujurat. Says the Messenger of Allah- "He who remains steadfast on La Elaha illa Allah (the Tawheed) till his death, he will enter Jannah". One of his close companions Abu Zarr Giffari (Ra.) asked him that if that man commits adultery and theft? Replied the Messenger- "Yes, even if he commits adultery and theft". Astonished, Abu Zarr repeated his question four times and every time the Messenger of Allah replied yes and finally, in replying the fourth time he added that such a man will enter Paradise even if Abu Zarr's nose is rubbed in dust.102 The Messenger's reply to Abu Zarr's (Ra) question once should have been enough, as a Messenger of Allah knows what is he talking about, but we understand Abu Zarr's (Ra.) astonishment from the fact that the Messenger mentioned the two sins for which the Shariah has codified very strong punishment- one hundred strikes/lashes and death for one and cutting off of hand for the other. For no other sins has the Shariah ordered such severe punishment. Abu Zarr (Ra) was sort of taken aback when the Messenger said even those most serious sins would not be able to stop a man from entering Jannah (Paradise) not to mention smaller ones, if he is steadfast, unshaken on the Tawheed, hence his questioning the Messenger four times, who confirmed it in the strongest words.

Then by sheer logic of what the Messenger of Allah has stated exactly the opposite Islam prevails today. Therefore, this populace with all their namaz, roza, hajj and zakat and piety walked out of true Islam from both the doors, firstly by interchanging the Elah of the Kalema with Ma'bud, thereby disobeying Allah and secondly through abandoning jehad, the struggle to establish it on earth. The Qur'an is replete with two things, the Tawheed (to obey and serve none other than Allah) and Jehad (to struggle, strive to establish that). Allah has mentioned no other subject so many times as these two. Salah (prayers) 67 times, Zakah (prescribed tax) 29 times, Hajj 10 times and Saom (fasting) only twice, but the Qur'an is replete with the Tawheed, Jehad and Qetal, exactly the two subjects that constitute a true Mo'men, the Tawheed 223 times and the Jehad and Qetal 164 times.

The Messenger of Allah was asked- "What is the most important matter in Islam". The Messenger replied "Iman (belief) in Allah and His Messenger". What is the next most important matter", he was asked again. "Jehad (struggle and strive) in way of Allah he replied.103 Now put this reply of the Messenger of Allah beside the Ayat No.15 of Surah Hujarat and Ayat No.28 of Surah Fatah, Ayat No.33 of Surah Taubah, Ayat No.9 of Surah Saff of the Qur'an and you will find both are implying the same- belief in Allah as the only Elah (He who is to be obeyed and served) and Jehad (struggle and strive), which includes armed fight) to establish and institute that on earth. You look at Islam from any angle it will culminate finally on these two subjects. Obey and serve none but Allah and to have this truth accepted by mankind by struggle and fight. If you look at the history of the Ummah and its leader, the Messenger of Allah, you will clearly see this truth. The Messenger and his Ummah fought over 107 big and small battles in the short span of 9.5 years and had the Tawheed accepted by people of Arabia and after his passing away from this world, his Ummah continued the struggle, strive and armed fight ceaselessly for 60-70 years more and had the Tawheed accepted by nearly half of the people of the world. Had the sham Mo'men, de-facto Munafiq (Hypocrite) Umaiyahs, Abbasiyahs, later Fatimids and Hashemite not turned khelafat into monarchy and abandoned Jehad, the rest half of the mankind too would have accepted the Deen based on the Tawheed and this planet would not have been what it is to-day, full of unrest, turmoil, injustice, tears, anguish, conflict, blood-shed and completely devoid of peace (Islam).

It is Allah Himself who decided that the Tawheed based Deen will have to be established, instituted on the life of mankind by no other process but Jehad (utmost endeavor, struggle) and Qetal (armed fight). That is why He sent a warrior as His last Messenger, who fought more than 107 battles in the short period of 9.5 years. Declared the Messenger of Allah- I am a warrior Messenger.104 That the statement is one hundred percent true is proved by the history. Of the more than 107 battles, he himself led 27 of them, for the rest of the battles he appointed different generals for different battles clearly to train and create new generals for the future battles after his passing away from this world. He knew, and of course Allah also knew that the tremendous responsibly of establishing and instituting the Tawheed (Guidance) based life system (Deen) on whole of mankind, cannot be accomplished in the life time of the Messenger, the responsibility would have to be shifted on to the shoulders of the Ummah (Nation) he created, and the Ummah must continue the Jehad and Qetal till whole of mankind is brought under it and thereby eliminate every Fasad (injustice, unrest, conflict, distress etc.) and Safaquddima (fight, battle, war, murder, blood-shed) resulting in profound peace and security (Islam) in the life of mankind.105 Anybody who will shrink away from this responsibility "He is not one of us" said the Messenger of Allah. Naturally, because this is the cause he was sent for and the cause he put on the shoulder of his followers, his Ummah when he went away from this world to his Creator. The commanders he trained, later, leading the Ummah stormed out of their home-land Arabia, leaving everything worldly behind and like cyclones, tornadoes swept away the much larger, much more equipped and trained imperial armies of Roman and Persian super-powers in battle after battle, till one super-power was chased out of west Asia and the other capitulated and accepted the Tawheed based Deen and was inducted into the Ummah.

One proof of the fact that Allah has decided that the Tawheed based Deen shall have to be effective in mankind's life by Jehad and Qetal is the life of His warrior Messenger since the Hijrat (migration) to Yathrib (Now Madina-tun-Nabi) till his passing which was full of battle, struggles - one battle in the average of 32 days. Considering the requirements before every battle; the training, the procurement of arms and weapon, the logistics etc. one wonder how the Messenger had time for anything else. It is indeed one of the miracles of his that yet he accomplished so much more, about other facets of human life.

Even lying in death-bed he inquired, directed the expedition to Syria and one of the last things he talked about was the Syria expedition, its arrangements and its commander, Usama bin Zaid (Ra).

If an unknown man dies and going to his house you see that his house is full of musical instruments, then is there any need to tell you that the dead man was a musician? Or you see another dead man's house full of all sort of chemicals, would you have doubt that the man was a chemist? Would you take it if someone tells you that no, the man was a musician if you don't find a musical instrument in his house? Now what was found in the room where the last and greatest Messenger of Allah died? Besides a bed, a pillow, a few leather water-bags, a cup or plate, there were 9 swords, 5 spears, 6 bows, 1 quiver, 2 helmets, 7 mails/amours, 3 fighting robes, 1 belt, 1 shield and 3 flags (used in battles). If after this clinching proof someone still insists that the Messenger of Allah was not a warrior then I think it is futile to try to make him see the truth. Then he is one of those about whom Allah says - "I have made them blind".107 So no use in arguing with them. In this present Islam (which is not the Islam of Allah and His Messenger nor of the Islam of the first 100 years of the Ummah), the Messenger of Allah is depicted as person who was best of everything but a warrior, a fighter. The present huge populace known as Muslim and which contains hundred of thousands of Ulema (highly learned in the religion), Pir, Mashayekhs (Spiritual guides), Mufassir (Commentators and explainer of the Qur'an) and Muhaddis (experts in the matters of the Hadis) besides hundreds of thousands of people highly learned in other fields of learning and knowledge, who do not know the Messenger of Allah in his true identity. And that true identity is that firstly he was the last and greatest Messenger of Allah and secondly he was the greatest warrior, the greatest army commander, who always fought against several times larger, better equipped enemies and never lost a battle. (The battle of Uhud, which is referred to as a defeat by those who always try to belittle the Messenger and his followers, was actually not defeat but a temporary setback, of course with considerable loss, due to disobedience by a section of his army. Know that, defeat in any of the three battles, Badr, Uhud and Ahzab also called Khandak (trench) would have spelled the end of Islam forthwith, and today there would have been no Deen in the world called Islam). Compare this true identity of the Messenger with the Ayat 15 of Surah Hujarat of Qur'an and see the similarity of- Iman (belief in Allah as the only one to be obeyed) and struggle and fight in the way of Allah, the two things that comprise the true Islam and true Mo'men.

Still, if all these facts do not convince someone that Allah Himself did decide the Jehad and Qetal as the policy and process of establishing and making effective the Deen ul Islam in mankind's life, then please refer to the Ayat No.39 of Surah Anfal of the Qur'an where Allah says- "And fight (armed fight) them (Disbeliever, polytheists) until Fetnah (turmoil, injustices, persecution, insecurity things opposite of peace i.e. Islam) is no more and the whole Deen (system of life) is for Allah". Can anything be clearer than this declaration? In this Ayat it is clear that as the policy and process for establishing Deen and thereby eliminating Fetna (which includes Fasad) Allah is not prescribing, invitation, argument, publishing etc. but specifically fixing Qetal as the only process. And it is also clear that for eliminating all Fasad and Fetnah it has to be the Deen of Allah to be the only Deen (system of life) prevailing in the life of mankind. In Ayat 75 of Surah Nisa Allah says- (to Mo'men) "What has happened to you that you fight not in the way of Allah and for weak men, women and children who cry: O our Lord! Rescue us from this country of Zalims; give us from Your presence a protecting guardian and help from Your presence."108

What it is that Allah says in the above Ayat in the Qur'an? Clearly He is inspiring the Mo'mens to go, fight against the Zalims (wrong doers) and rescue the men, women and the children and let them live in security and happiness which is peace (Islam). Here again the process He determines for the Mo'mens to rescue the men, women and children and thereby eliminate all Zulm is Qetal (armed fight). Here He is not asking the Mo'mens to go and plead with the Zalims for the oppressed men, women and children, nor He is asking the Mo'mens to preach or argue or extend Dawah (invitation) to them but to go straight and fight and defeat them, because He being the Creator of the Zalims and their psyche He knows nothing else will do.

Compare this order with Ayat No. 39 of Surah Anfal where He is ordering Mo'men to fight, till Fetna is eliminated and order, security and peace in restored. Fetna, Zulm, Fasad these are all same-that which is opposite of peace (Islam).109 Recall that this is the main issue, the challenge of Eblis thrown to Allah that he would throw mankind into Fasad (unrest, insecurity, turmoil problems, conflict, injustice etc.) and Safaquddima (blood-shed, battles, wars, murder etc.). The only way Eblis can achieve his purpose is to entice mankind into disobeying Allah, the same way he enticed Adam (as) and Hawa (Eve) into disobeying Him. Eblis has no other way by which he can make mankind involve itself in Fasad or Fetna or Zulm. On the other hand the only way Allah can win in the challenge of Eblis is when mankind denies every other authority and obeys Him and Him only. That is why Allah will forgive and pardon a person's all sins if he is unmoved and steadfast till death on La Elaha illa Allah (None to be obeyed other than Allah) (Hadis). As opposed to this Eblis is declaring his way of winning in the challenge.


'I shall lay in wait (ambush) on the Straightway'.110 That Sirat-ul-Mustaqim (the Straightway) is simply not to obey and worship anyone except Allah. Neither Allah nor Eblis has mentioned a word about the Salah (prayers), Zakah (tax), Hajj (Pilgrimage) or Saom (fasting), nor a word about theft, robbery, adultery, murder, lying or any other sin or crime for that matter.

One of the two most important subjects of the Deen-ul-Islam is Jehad and Qetal (struggle and armed fight) the other being the Iman (Belief) itself. Basically Islam is comprised of these two things. That is why one needs these two things to be a true Mo'men111 and that is why when asked about the two most important matters in Islam, the Messenger of Allah replied first Iman (Belief) and next Jehad (utmost endeavor, struggle which includes armed fight) in way of Allah.112 There is no end of points to prove this fact. Take for example the Ayat No111 of Surah Tawbah in the Qur'an. In it Allah declares that "He has bought the lives and worldly properties of the Mo'mens in exchange of the Paradise". Bought for what? What will He do with the lives and properties of human beings? Is not Allah above all needs? Is He not Samad (He who does not need anything, is not dependent on any other, anything)? In the same Ayat in the following words He explains the reasons of this purchasing the lives and properties of the Mo'mens and that is "they will fight in the way of Allah and kill and be killed (in the process)". To emphasize on the deal and its gravity, He further states that "the deal is a promise in which He remains bound in the Taurah (Torah), in the Injil (Gospel) and in the Qur'an. And who fulfills his promise better than Allah? So rejoice in the bargain you made for, this is the supreme success."

Is there any need of any more reasons? To write more about it will only increase the size of the book. I have nothing to say for those who will still remain skeptical about Jehad and Qetal being absolutely essential to being a Mo'men, except that they are among those about whom Allah says- 'I have sealed their hearts.'113 Yet for them I want to quote some Ayats of the Qur'an in which Allah has warned those who do not give the importance to Jehad that is due to it. In the Ayat No.142 of Surah Al-Emran of the Qur'an Allah askes the Mo'mens- "Do you think that you will enter Jannah (Paradise), before Allah knows those of you who struggle (Jehad) and those who remain steadfast?" In this Ayat though the word used is Jehad (utmost struggle) and not Qetal (armed fight) it is clear that armed fight has been meant as Jehad includes Qetal in its totality and the Ayats immediately before and after this leaves no doubt about it. In this Ayat Allah says in clear terms that those who will not fight and remain steadfast simply would not be allowed to enter Jannah (Paradise).

And again in Ayat No.24 of Surah Taubah Allah warns- "If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your kindred, the wealth you have acquired, the commerce in which you fear loss, the dwellings you delight in, are dearer to you than Allah and His Messenger and the Jehad (which includes armed fight); then wait for His decision and His command; and Allah does not guide Faseqs (who are disobedient) people." In this Ayat Allah threatens those who will not struggle and fight in the way of Allah to establish the Tawheed based Deen on the earth with dire consequences and by adding the word 'Faseq' in He has included them among Faseqs, thereby prohibiting them from entering the Jannah.

One can argue that Allah has advised His Messenger to call people to the Deen with wisdom, fair exhortation and reason with them nicely.114 So why not Islam be preached that way? The answer is that the purpose of the Ayat is limited to personal Dawah, Balag (invitation). This Dawah, Balag is must for the initial stage of the Jehad to convert people to the truth of the Tawheed (sovereignty of Allah) and recruit them one by one to build a group of people. At this stage there is no scope of fight as there cannot be fight with so little number of people. The thirteen years of life of the Messenger of Allah, after he was bestowed the Messengerhood at 40 years of age, was this stage; when he only preached, first secretly, then when they grew in number, openly. During this stage he and his followers endured terrible persecution, torture, insult, humiliation and abuse, and followed the policy laid down in the Ayat 125 of Surah Nahl - by "calling people to the way of your Lord with wisdom and fair preaching and excellent reasoning", because to fight with the Moshreks (Polytheists) and Kafers (Disbelievers) at that stage would have been just suicide. So the policy laid down by Allah in the Ayat was for conversion of people to the truth at the first stage without which obviously nothing could be done. But after Hejrah (Migration) to Yathrib, Madinatun Nabi (City of the Messenger), where the number of the Mo'mens (believers) grew to a reasonable figure, the Messenger, on order from Allah resorted to Qetal (armed fight), that being the policy for collective action for fulfilling mission the Messenger was sent with i.e. to prevail the Tawheed (sovereignty of Allah) and the Deen based on it over all other Deens (systems of life). This does not mean that the particular Ayat of the Surah was rendered invalid or cancelled. It was not, even today yet not is applicable collectively, but remains effective personally.

Now, do all these orders to struggle and fight mean that people of the world, the mankind has to be compelled to convert into Islam? As the non-Muslims, even some 'Muslim' for that matter has suggested, even insisted? No, there is a fine but decisive difference between fighting to establish the rule of Allah on earth and compelling people to convert into Islam. Before going into the discussion of this fine but decisive difference, let us see what Allah says. On one hand He has made the Qetal (armed fight) Fard (must, ordained, prescribed, obligatory) for Mo'mens,115 ordered and urged Mo'mens to struggle and fight, ordered His Messenger to inspire, rouse the Mo'mens to fight to establish the Deen on earth;116 on the other hand He has categorically said-There is no compulsion in the Deen117 and "The truth is laid before you, accept it or reject it."118 Sounds contradictory? No, not at all. To understand it correctly, let us see what the Messenger of Allah, our leader and teacher said and did. When he sent out Mo'mens to fight, he always told them to offer three alternatives to the enemies before attacking them. The first one is that to inform them that Allah has sent His Messenger to mankind with the true Guidance (None to be obeyed and worshipped other than Allah) and the true Deen (System of living on the earth based on it), we are inviting you to accept these and become our brothers; second is - if you don't accept that, leave the administration in our hands, we shall apply the laws, regulations, social system, economic system, penal-codes etc. that have been sent through the Messenger of Allah. We shall not only not interfere in your religious lives; we shall protect your Churches, Synagogues, Temples and Pagodas in exchange of a small fee the Jizya, you shall live in full freedom. Thirdly - if you don't accept either of these, then we are sorry, we have to fight you. As long as the Ummat-e-Mohammadi kept on their mission of spreading the truth, they stuck to those three conditions taught to them by the Messenger, before every fight or battle.

History tells us that after refusal of the first two conditions (which happened in most of the cases) Ummat-e-Mohammadi fought and conquered nearly half of the then known world and nowhere did they demolish a single church or a temple or a synagogue nor converted a single person forcibly. The fine but clear distinguishing line between making Allah's administration in collective life effective and giving full freedom to individual lives to non-Muslims is demonstrated in Khalifa Omar's (Ra.) action in Jerusalem, confirmed and followed by all subsequent administrators, all over the region they controlled till Ummat-e-Mohammadi was true Ummat-e-Mohammadi. When the Ummat-e-Mohammadi, in the process of fighting disbelieving people, reached Jerusalem, the Christian rulers realized the futility of resisting the then invincible Ummat-e-Mohammadi and decided to surrender. But they put the condition that Jerusalem not being like any other city, its honor, prestige and sacredness being special it could not surrender to the commander of the Mo'mens, it would surrender only to the Khalifa himself. Though the Ummat-e-Mohammadi could easily storm Jerusalem and conquer it, the Amir (Commander) decided to wait and sent messenger to Khalifa Omar (Ra) informing him about the term of the Christian ruler. Omar (Ra) held consultations with other Mo'mens and decided to travel to Jerusalem and thus avoid unnecessary blood-shed.

As promised, on Omar's (Ra) arrival, the Christian rulers surrendered Jerusalem without blood-shed. There was no destruction, no molestation, no force applied and no insult to the Christian, Jewish and other people.119 Later, when accompanied by the Christian leaders Omar (Ra) was visiting important and worthy places and it was time for Salah (prayer) and they were in the Church of the Resurrection, the biggest church of Jerusalem. Jerusalem had just been conquered; no mosque was built, so the army had to establish Salah (prayer) in open field. As Omar (Ra) sought to go out for the congregation the Christian leaders asked Omar (Ra) to hold the congregation inside the Church. Omar (Ra) thought for a moment and politely declined and went out and led the congregation prayer in an open field. Later, when asked why he did not hold the congregation inside the Church as offered by the Christians, he said- "I did not hold the congregation and say prayers inside the Church because if I did, I am afraid, later Muslims could have turned the Church into a Mosque by the plea and excuse that Khalifa Omar (Ra) once held Salah congregation there, so the church should be turned into a mosque."

Now, what it is all about? You abandon all your worldly possessions, go out in the wide world, fight risking your lives, reach far away Jerusalem, conquer it, and far from forcing Christians and Jews to converting to Islam at the point of the sword, destroying their Churches and Synagogues or turn them into Mosques you pray out in the field to avoid any future interpretation or excuse to turn the church into a mosque. What is the point in sacrificing your lives and properties, what is your goal, what do you want after all? The answer is Ummat-e-Mohammadi did all that to not conquer and establish an Empire, not to loot and plunder, not even to forcibly convert people of the world into Islam. All they wanted was that mankind abandon conducting its collective and individual lives by systems made by themselves and adapt the system, the laws, penal system, administration, economic system, social system given by Allah, the Creator through His Messenger Mohammad (SM), and thereby achieve two goals, one, free themselves from unrest, social, political, economic injustices, conflict, wars, and blood-shed and live in peace (Islam) and security; two, make Allah victorious in the challenge thrown to Him by Eblis. Once mankind did that Ummat-e-Mohammadi not only gave people of other religions freedom to practice their respective faiths in their personal, individual lives, but also took the responsibility to defend their rights, their places of worship, the churches, synagogues, temples, and pagodas. And this they did officially and the history is replete with instances how far the Mo'men administrators have gone to defend the rights and honour of the non-Muslims under their administrations.

Khalifa Omar (Ra) had a young Christian slave, who grew up in his house. Omar (Ra) preached Islam to him many times but he always refused to give up Christianity. Finally Omar (Ra) gave up his effort, and the slave remained Christian as long as is known of him.



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