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Jul 15, 2024
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The Uhud


As I said the battles of Uhud and Ahzab were defensive. After the humiliation and loss of almost total leadership, the Qurayesh became mad with fury and wanted revenge. Politically so far they had been holding the position of utmost respect and reverence by the Arabs as the custodians of the Kaaba, which they believed to be the House of Allah, and where people from entire Arabia used to come to perform Pilgrimage. The crushing defeat with loss of almost all the leaders by a much smaller force of the Messenger lowered their position in the Arabs. Qurayesh had to restore that. So they all contributed and formed a powerful army with the intention of attacking the Messenger of Allah in Madina and exterminate, eliminate Islam from the earth and thereby restore their prestige and position at any cost. The Messenger of Allah met this force at Uhud outside Madina, again with a much smaller force, about one third of the Qurayesh and would have crushed the Qurayesh like Badr had not a portion of his followers unfortunately disobeyed his orders and left a vital defensive position vacant. The clear victory turned into near defeat due to that disobedience, yet with Allah's help the brilliant military leadership of the Messenger saved the day and the battle became a stalemate, a draw, no side having a clear victory. The Qurayesh went back, their purpose unachieved.