Hossain Mohammad Salim: A Leading Social Reformer

Hossain Mohammad Salim


Hossain Mohammad Salim is a prominent figure in Bangladesh, best known as the imam of the non-political movement Hezbut Tawheed.


His strong pronouncements against the injustices of the established social system have garnered him significant recognition. Born on November 28, 1972, into a noble Muslim family in Porkara village, Sonaimuri police station, Noakhali district, Mr. Salim was raised by his father, Nurul Haque, a popular UP member for two terms, and his mother, Hosne-Ara Begum.



Early Life and Education

He secured first place in the first class in the Bachelor of Social Science (BSS) examination from Nawab Faizunnessa Government College, Comilla, under National University in 1993. He later completed his Master's in Political Science from Jagannath University. After finishing his studies, he began his career in business.


Social Activities and Hezbut Tawheed

Driven by a profound concern for justice and peace, Mr. Salim became involved in social activities with a strong desire to alleviate the suffering of the Muslim nation worldwide. In 1999, he came in contact with Mohammad Bayazeed Khan Panni, the founder of Hezbut Tawheed, a descendant of the zamindar and traditional Sultani family of Tangail. Since then, Mr. Salim has tirelessly traveled across the length and breadth of this country delivering speeches in elite auditoriums and village courtyards alike. His thunderous voice reverberates throughout Bengal today. He is tirelessly struggling against the major crises of our time by promoting the true ideals of Islam. For example: 


Combating Extremism and Abuse of Religion: Mr. Salim argues that the global crisis of militancy stems from extremist interpretations of Islam. He contends that force alone cannot eradicate ideological terrorism, and a counter-norm is needed. He identifies the fallacies of militancy and offers correct explanations.

Hossain Mohammad SalimExposing Religious Mongering: Religion was meant to establish peace and balance in human society. It cannot be the property of any particular group. Yet, over the ages, some have turned religion into a profession and commercial product, using it for personal and partisan gain. This exploitation is known as religious mongering. Such practices are completely forbidden in Islam because they distort the true essence of religion, deceive people in its name, strip away human rights, and perpetuate injustice. Mr. Salim has been raising public awareness against religious mongering by presenting evidence from the Holy Quran, Hadith, and history.

Fighting Corrupt Politics: Many Islamic political parties misuse the majority Muslim population as a vote bank, misinterpreting Islam and exploiting religious sentiments. This fundamentalist and fanatical group creates havoc under the guise of various issue-based movements. Mr. Salim highlights the true teachings of Islam against this misuse.

Fighting Communal Hatred: Mr. Salim fights to end hate speech against different religions and persecuting minorities. He works to eliminate communal divisions, foster harmony, and unite all of humanity as one nation.

Fighting Misconceptions About Women's Freedom: Contrary to confining women, Mr. Salim notes that women in the era of true Islam worked alongside men and made significant contributions. He opposes misogynistic fatwas and raises public awareness about women's rights and dignity. 

Guiding Misguided Youth: Mr. Salim conducts regular seminars and counsels the youth to prevent corruption, drug addiction, and digital addiction. He has established over fifty sports and cultural organizations for their well-being.

Hossain Mohammad SalimFighting against poverty: Mr. Salim has initiated over fifty development projects, including cattle and fish farms, plantations, garment factories, food processing factories, hospitals, mosques, and small to medium businesses. He organizes annual trade fairs to showcase these products, transforming a remote rural town into a developed city. 

Promoting Education: Mr. Salim established a school with co-educational system combining science, technology, and religious education to enlighten backward communities. The school employs young faculty from top universities. Through sports, cultural events, recreation, computer training, educational tours, and technical education, it aims to prepare students for the competitive world.


He has been organizing dialogues and round-table conferences on these topics among intellectuals, university teachers, cultural workers, religious leaders, social workers, media personnel, influential figures, and political leaders operating at various levels of society.


Ideological Literature and Books

Mr. Salim believes that changing people's psyche is essential for a renaissance. He demonstrates equal skill with the pen and speech, having published ten books to date. His books are published every year at the book fair. His book "In the Trap of Religion Business" has significantly impacted the consciousness of many. Additionally, he runs several online portals, an online TV channel (JTV), and two daily newspapers named Dainik Desherpatra and Dainik Bajrashakti. He is very popular on social media.


Victims of Terrorist Attacks

Mr. Salim became the target of attacks by extremist groups after his progressive interpretation of Islam gained their attention. These groups have attacked, looted, and set fire to his village house four times. Additionally, two members of his movement were brutally killed. Despite these death threats and attacks, Mr. Salim remains resolute and steadfast in his mission. 



Hossain Mohammad Salim is a real-life hero. He simultaneously promotes the true ideals of Islam and engages in multifaceted social reform and development activities. Documentaries on these development initiatives have been aired on Bangladesh National Television.


Through his efforts, he strives to build a just, tolerant, and peaceful society where women and children enjoy maximum rights and security. He envisions a society where people of all religions coexist peacefully, free from extremism, anti-scientific practices, and exploitation in the name of politics. Through his Smart Village project, he has already established a model of such a society in his area. He invites everyone to hear his speech, and to observe his activities.


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