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Pinnacle Sports Association annual sports competition and cultural program at Noakhali

Zillur Rahman Manik, Noakhali:

Annual sports competition and cultural programs have been completed in Noakhali with the theme of 'healthy body, healthy mind, prospe... Read more

Hezbut Tawheed will change the ongoing dark age

At present, the life of the entire Muslim nation has come under a terrible crisis. A multi-pronged attack is underway to destroy this nation. One Muslim-majority country after another is... Read more

Chashirhat Development Fair Brings Joy to Sonaimuri

A happy event unfolded in Sonaimuri as the Chashirhat Development Fair kicked off at Nurul Haque High School. The fair, which started yesterday, aims to turn the region into a 'Smart Vill... Read more

Charmonai Hezbut Tawheed, face-to-face Barisal tropical

Recently, a worker rally for Hezbut Tawheed in Barisal metropolis became heated. Charmonai's followers took to the streets to disrupt the rally, threatening the administration and trying... Read more