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Jul 15, 2024
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The Programme


From the first Rasul Adam (AS) to the last one, Muhammad (sm) every Messenger that Allah has sent to bring mankind to guidance have brought with them the one unchanged basic principle, that is Tawheed, His sovereignty and Oneness. Depending on the time, place and people, the laws and regulations, penalty, punishment and the mode of Ebadah of the Deen, the way of life have been different, but the basic ideology of Tawheed, of His sovereignty has not been deferred even by one inch. The other names for this sovereignty are Serat–ul–Mustaqeem, Deen–ul–Kaiyema, the Everlasting, Eternal way of life. Every Nabi and Rasul from Allah have been entrusted with the responsibility of bringing their people within the folds of this sovereignty, Allah`s Tawheed. In this long sequence of Messengers, came the Last One, our Leader Muhammad (SM) Bin Abdullah. The difference between him and all the others were that they were sent to a particular people for a specific time, but the Last Messenger Allah sent with the responsibility of bringing the whole of mankind under the banner of Tawheed. Allah declared – “He it is who hath His Messenger with the guidance (Hedayah) and the true Way, System of life (Deen–ul–Huq), that he may cause it to prevail over all systems of life (Deen) – (Sura Tawba 33; Fatah – 28; Sauf – 9); meaning the responsibility of the Messenger of Allah was to implement and establish the Deen Islam all over the world. These three verses of the Quran are proof enough that Allah is not satisfied with only revealing Hedayah and Deen–ul–Huq. He makes it binding on His Messenger to establish it over all mankind, making all other ways of life null and void. Therefore, the aim of sending the Messenger of Allah to this earth is not one, but two. One is to reveal guidance from Him through the Messenger and the second to implement that guidance, Hedayah, over mankind. It is logical (though this logic and common sense are absent among Muslims of this day) that if Deen, Way of life revealed through His Messengers, is not implemented and put to use in the life of mankind, then it is of no value. If a constitution, no matter how beautiful or flawless, it is not implemented, not put to action in the life of mankind, it is not of any worth, similarly if the constitution of Deen–ul–Islam, Deen–ul–Haq, which is the Quran – not implemented and made effective in every sphere of mankind’s life then revealing it would be an utter waste. If it for this that Allah laid the responsibility of accomplishing both these feats on the His Messenger.


The next question that comes to mind is, what would the process to undertake the gigantic task of establishing this Deen, way of life over all mankind be? When Allah laid the enormous task of establishing this Deen on earth, on the Messenger of Allah, would He then not also furnish a detailed plan as to how best to accomplish it? If He were not to provide a guideline, a method or process of establishing these Deen; the Messenger of Allah would have to devise a method or process based on his own thinking and Allah’s attribute as Subhan–Faultless would be in question. But Allah is the Subhan – One who is completely without fault or flaw, so along with the order to neutralize all other ways and establish Deen–ul–Haq on mankind, He provided a complete guideline and principles of achieving this great feat. Allah is also aware of the fact that a task so great, would meet with great opposition as well. So what would be the method to overcome this opposition to reach the desired goal? Would it be convincing people? Through meetings, processions or speeches? Through writing books or engaging in long discussions? In describing the greatness, good qualities of this faith? Or through election? The Messenger of Allah himself has answered this question, “I have been ordered to continue warfare against mankind till all accept Allah as the One Elah and me as His Messenger” – Hadis, AbdAllah bin Umar (RA) – Bukhari, Meshkat. Therefore, it is not any other method, but rather armed combat that is the process through which Islam is to be established on this earth. Also is this decision the Messenger of Allah’s personal opinion? No, that is also not the case since he has said, “I have been ordered”. Who else has the authority to order him anything save Allah Himself? Therefore the decision of choosing armed combat as the method to establish this Deen on earth is not anyone else, but Allah’s Himself. The mention of armed battle hundreds of times in the Quran, the direct commandment to engage in it, the promise of forgiveness of sins both big and small, the promise of granting paradise to Shaheeds straight away, the honor of not referring to Shaheeds as ‘dead’ and the fact of the Messenger of Allah himself undertook 107 battles in the span of just 9yrs proves beyond any doubt that this armed combat is the principle the All–knowing Allah Himself has chosen as the means method of establishing Islam on earth.


Next came the part of detailing this process to the Messenger of Allah. Allah imparted what his method of operation was to be and one look at the holy life of the Messenger leaves no doubt that he followed it to the letter. Before his departure from this earth, he entrusted this principle on his ‘Ummah’, his people to ensure that they complete his unfurnished task of bringing the entire world under the one umbrella of Islam, based on only this and not any process of their own. He gave the responsibility of this to them saying, “Allah revealed this method to me (I struggled all my life according to this principle), now I bequeath this to you.”


Furthermore, he added, “Whoever strays ever a hand’s span from this he takes off the rope of Islam from his neck (that is he goes outside the boundary of the Faith). If he repents and does Tawba – he might be forgiven.” History bears witness that after the Messenger of Allah left this earth, his Ummah, his people materialized this 5 point agenda, this process with their wealth and their lives, owing to which almost half the earth was brought under the rule of Allah’s Deen with a very short time.


Unfortunately within 60/70 years of the Messenger of Allah’s demise, Eblis was successful in bringing distortion to the Aqida of this Ummah, as a result of which, this nation forsook Jehad in the way of Allah as well as the 5 point method, process and effectively no longer remained in Islam or within Ummat–e–Mohammadi. If straying a hand’s span from this programme entails being ousted from Deen–ul–Islam in spite all of one’s Namaz, Roza, Hajj and Zakat, it is common sense that if His programme is completely abandoned the question of remaining within Ummat–e–Mohammadi is out of the question. The Messenger of Allah had prophesied the Hayat (life) of his Ummah was 60/70 years (Hadis – Abu Huraira (RA), Terimizi, Ebne Majah, Meshkat) that is to say, the span of his Ummah would be 60/70 after which this people would remain Ummat–e–Mohammadi in name only not in deed.


As punishment for abandoning the programme, method prescribed by Allah, this people were turned into slaves of Christian European powers as promised by Him long before. In Sura Tawba: 37, He warns the people – “Unless you go forth (in the Cause of Allah), He will punish you with a grievous penalty, and put others in your place”. The grievous penalty mentioned by Allah continues to this day, this nation is still under the slavery of European and American Christians. No one dares to disobey them in any manner. The programme, 5 point agenda that was discarded within 60/70 years of the Messenger of Allah’s departure, remained forsaken all this while all about 1300 years present only in the books containing his Hadis and nothing else. During this long period, hundreds of thousands of Alems, Fakihs, Mufassirs, Muhaddis, Shayekh and derrishes have read this Hadis, but not one have realized its true worth, that it was the very Tarika, process decreed by the Creator himself. Despite all their ‘Elm’, knowledge Allah did not let them understand its value because they were themselves not in the practice of Jehad – utmost struggle which is the Amal of the highest priority in this Deen after Iman itself [Hadis – Abu Huraira (RA)]. This had happened due to the distortion in their perception of Aqida. The Amal of the highest standard after Iman is Jehad, fi sabilil Allah. It would be fair to say that since this nation had forsaken Jehad, the 5 point programme which is based on Jehad was not permitted for them to understand. This agenda was from the Creator to His Messenger and his people, therefore those who do not conform to these values, will not be allowed to realize it. During the last 1300 years there have been many many movements, organizations around the world working to resurrect Islam; among them are many small groups as well as big gatherings like Ekhwan–ul–Muslemeen of Egypt, Islamic Salvation Front and Jameia in Algeria, An–Nahda of Tunissia, Al–Arkam of Malaysia, Darul–Islam of Indonesia and the Jamet–e–Islami of this subcontinent. Owing to the distorted view they hold of the Aqida none of these groups have been blessed with understanding the 5 point programme as the chosen method of Allah either. The founders of these different organizations have prepared various different agendas for their organizations comprising of a variety of points and work according. Yet in not one of these places have they been successful, they have not been able to establish Islam in any part of the world. Despite having tried for over 50 years, large scale organizations like Ekhwan–ul–Muslemeen and the Jamaet–e–Islam of this subcontinent too have been unsuccessful. This has happened for the simple reason that the programme, agenda of every single one of these organizations has been the product of human mind, their brain, not revealed by the Almighty. All these organizations have abandoned the Tarika method of Allah and His Rasul and worked according to that of European Christians, holding meetings, processions, shouting slogans and conducting elections. In their distorted view of Aqida, they failed to realize that these are not the correct means to establish Deen on earth; these are not the Tarika of the Messenger of Allah: all these are Ghairullah, chosen process of the European Christians. They would fail to achieve their desired goal of seeing Islam established on earth even if they worked for a thousand years along this route. That they would not achieve the aim is lesser in consequence to the more dire result of their actions. In accepting Ghairullah methods of meetings, processions and elections, they are in fact joining the ranks of Moshreks and Kafers and no help from Allah is awarded them. Finding no victory in their espoused methods some of these groups, organizations are opting for terrorism attacking police and army garrisons here and there, carrying out sporadic acts of bombing in tourist areas and such. Yet these will not bear any fruit either.


After having kept this nation, this people ‘Mahroom’ deprived of this programme for over 1300 years Allah Rahman ur Raheem in His infinite Mercy revealed its true nature in my soul through Elham. Why He chose an illiterate, unqualified, sinner take me or a movement of such small proportions like Hezbut Tawheed for a blessing or grant like this is beyond my comprehension. Maiya Shaa Allah (He does what He wills) is only what I can think of.


The Lord, Creator and Sustainer of this universe not only bestowed this Marcy on us, to prove that it was a special bounty, it was executed in a most miraculous manner amongst all. Every one member of Hezbut Tawheed as well as a good number of outsiders were witness to it, it happened in front of their eyes and I could not show enough gratitude for this enormous bounty, this blessing if I were to spend my entire life laying Sajda at His Feet.


Elaboration of the Hadis about Program


Like many other Hadis the one about the programme has few different versions. Different Sahaba (RA) heard the same thing from the Messenger of Allah and related it to others; so naturally some variations have occurred in their relating or description, because not everyone has the same level of memory. One person might have remembered part of it while another person related the other half; another still who remembered the whole thing. If the ‘Sanad’ or relating of the Hadis are accurate then the partial and full both versions of the same Hadis are taken as ‘Sahih’ or truthful. The same holds true regarding the Hadis about the programme also, however the most important part e.g. the five points remain the same in all versions. In one Hadis the Rasul Allah said “I entrust you with five responsibilities” [Al Haris Al Ayeshayi (RA) Ahmed, Tirmizi]. In another he is found to say “Allah has laid the responsibility of 5 on me, I enjoin them on you” [Ahmed, Tirmizi, Baab–ul–Imarat, Meshkat]. In this Hadis, “Allah has laid the responsibility of 5 tasks on me” is added. The other part that varies is some other descriptions is, “One who calls towards anything from the Age of Ignorance, he will be the fuel of Jahannam even if he considers himself to be a Muslim, fasts and says his prayers, Salah” – [from Ahmed, Tirmizi, Baab–ul–Imarat, Meshkat]. In one Hadis only fasting is mentioned, Salah is not [Al–Haris, al–Ayeshayi, Ahmed Tirmizi].


From these two variations, we have to accept the ones that are more detailed e.g. the ones that contain “Allah has entrusted me with 5 tasks” and the one that includes “he who says his Salah or fasts” in the second part. The reason being a Sahaba, companion of Messenger of Allah might have forgotten a particular portion of his talk, but it is not possible that he would add anything to the Messenger of Allah’s saying, as that would be tantamount to lying about him. If we follow this pattern, then the Hadis about programme comes across as the following:

The Messenger of Allah has said – “Allah has entrusted me with 5 tasks, I enjoin them on you they are:–

(1) Be united

(2) Listen (to the leader, Emam)

(3) Obey (execute the order);

(4) Hejrat; migrate and

(5) Jehad fi–sabilil Allah (to establish Deen–ul–Huq) on earth.

He who strays a hand’s span from this bonding (programme) verily he tasks off the rope of Islam from his neck; unless he returns to the fold doing repentance (Tawba). He whoever calls to anything from the Age of Ignorance, he will be the fuel of Jahannam (five) even if he considers himself a Muslim, says his Salah and fasts”. [Al Haris Al Ayeshayi (RA), Ahmed, Tirmizi, Baab–ul–Imarat, Meshkat].


The Messenger of Allah worked all his holy life in strict accordance and adherence to this process and before leaving this earth, entrusted us, his followers to complete his unfinished task. Now let us try to understand the process, Tarika Allah sent to His Messenger in order to establish the Deen on earth.


1st Responsibility:

Be united: One of the simple natural ways under which Allah has brought this entire universe is, unity is greater than disunity. Ten united persons are more powerful than a hundred scattered individuals. Any nation having greater resources in terms of manpower and arms, ammunition is still bound to lose to a smaller enemy if they are not united among themselves. This universal law holds true for any nation, people tribe or even a family. The enormous task of establishing Deen–ul–Huq on this entire earth can in no way be accomplished without unity. Allah has stressed upon unity in this Ummah repeatedly in the Quran. In Sura Al–Emran verse 103, Allah decrees – “And hold fast all together by the rope which Allah stretches for you (Hedayah) and be not divided among yourselves”. Again in Sura As–Sauf verse–4, Allah says– “Truly Allah loves those who fight in His cause in battle array, as if they were a solid cemented structure”. United like a solid structure, which allows not even a needle go through. As for those who cause disunity among the Ummah through words and actions, for them is reserved severe punishment, Allah has warned several times in the Quran. The Messenger of Allah has likened words and actions that have the possibility of bringing disunity among the Ummah to outright Kufr.


2nd responsibility:

Listen (to the leader, Emam): The nation which is entrusted by its Creator and its Founder to neutralize all other ways of life prevalent on earth through armed combat in order to establish His Deen (way of life) and the guidance (Hedayah) brought by the Messenger of Allah as means of eradicating all injustice, tyranny, turmoil, and blood–shed has to be forever on guard, always conscious of its duty and alert. The members of that nation however busy they might be with their professions, have to be ever vigilant so that they are aware of one and every order their leader, Emam has for them.


3rd responsibility:

Obey (execute the order): It is the Messenger of Allah’s instruction to execute, carry out the leader, Emam’s order as soon as it is said, without any hesitation on delay. The unity among any nation or group, however strong it may be can be rendered useless if obedience and discipline are absent. This instruction does not come only from the Messenger of Allah, it comes directly from Allah’s also. In Sura Nessa, Verse: 59 – Allah addresses the Ummat–e–Mohammadi saying, “O you who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger, and those charged with authority among you are those among any group, nation or organization who are chosen as the leader, the Emam and to obey them without hesitation, as soon as an order is uttered in exactly the same manner as one follows the Emam’s Takbir (order) during Salah. In this verse, Allah has retained no difference or condition among obeying Himself, obeying the Messenger and obedience to ones leader, Emam; obedience to all three have been ordered in one sentence as a chain or continuity of command. The Messenger of Allah echoed this saying: “Whoever obeys and adheres to me, obeys and adheres Allah and whoever disobeys me, disobeys Allah. One who obeys and adheres to the Emam, obeys and adheres to me and who ever disobeys the leader, Emam disobeys me” – Hadis – Abu Huraira (RA), Bukhari. In another Hadis, he says – You will hear and obey your leader, Emam, even if he be a Negro with a small head – Hadis – A’nas (RA) Bukhari. One of the major reasons of establishing Salah five times daily in a Jamaat, congregation is unity; the training to obey the Emam as soon as he utters the Takbir. Just as one cannot ignore the Imam’s Takbir during Salah and carry on by oneself, it will not be considered Salah. Similarly one cannot disobey or work at will disregarding and disobeying of the Emam’s order even if its towards establishing the Deen on earth; all efforts are bound to go in vain. The Messenger of Allah’s teaching of obedience and discipline were so finely ingrained among his nation that soon after his departure from this world, one of his favorite Sahabis and a Mo’men of the first rank Abu Zarr (RA) disobeyed even the Messenger of Allah instruction in order to follow his Emam. As the reason for it, Abu Zarr (RA) explained, “My friend (the Messenger of Allah) has said you are to obey your Emam even if he is a Negro, slave having only one ear” [Hadis – Irbad bin Sariya (RA), Ahmed, Abut Daud, Tirmizi, Ibne Majah, Meshkat]. The Messenger of Allah has further declared, “You are to follow, obey your Emam even if the order seems wrong of unfair to you. The leader, Emam will be answerable responsible for it, not the one who obeys it.” It was the training, teaching of this allegiance to the leader (that) and discipline that made the sword of Allah join the ranks of a common soldier from the post of the commander of the Muslim army. It was only one order from the Khalifa Umar (RA) bin Khattab that saw Khaled unhesitatingly give up his position. In another instance, the conqueror of Sindh, warrior general Muhammad bin Kasem made no protest against the unjust order of the Umayya Khalifa Sulaiman and turned himself in as a prisoner to be taken back to Arabia and executed.


4th responsibility:

(4) Hejrat – this is probably the hardest part of the 5 point agenda to explain to the followers of the distorted Islam who hold a perverted Aqida. When the Moshreks of Makkah, Kafers and follower of other religions would not accept Allah’s Deen and His Messenger at any cost, it was then that he and his followers migrated to the city of Yathrib at Allah’s instruction. This journey is referred to as the Hejrah and the Hejri calendar dates from this point. One might question how Hejrat comes to be included in the agenda, Tarika of establishing Deen on earth? The Messenger of Allah had to migrate to another place under special circumstances, but does that mean every member of this future Ummah would also have to do the same? However, there are some specific reasons for which Allah included Hejrat among the agenda of the Ummat–e–Muhammadi.


The popular belief among the followers of the distorted Islam is that the Arabs, among whom the Messenger of Allah was sent, did not believe in Allah altogether they had no faith in Him, yet this opinion is absolutely wrong. The Arabs of that time claimed to be followers of Ebrabim (AS); they referred to themselves as ‘Hanif’ meaning sincere followers of Ebrahim and Tawheed. So, it is clear that the Arabs used to believe in Allah just as sincerely as the present day ‘Muslims’ and people of other religions do. They believed in Allah as the Creator, Sustainer of the world, used to say their prayers, fast during Ramadan, believed in Kaaba as the House of God, swore by Allah’s name, performed the yearly Hajj with Kaaba as the centre point, sacrificed regularly, circumcised their sons like the present day Muslims do. Not only this, they invoked the name and blessings of Allah before starting anything new. Their opening line for wedding and business contracts were ‘Besmeka Allah Humma’ meaning “In your Name, O Allah almost similar to our Besmellah. The wedding contract (niqahnama) between Amma Khadija (RA) and the Messenger of Allah (that was drawn up way before the Nabuyat), by people whom we refer top as Mosheks, opened with the same ‘Besmeka Allah Humma’. The notice that the Arabs posted on the door of the Kaaba informing all of the banishment of the Messenger of Allah and his followers to the scorching valley for the offence of calling people to Tawheed too, started in Allah’s name. At the truce of Hudai–biyah, Ali (RA) opened with ‘Besmellahe Rahmaner Raheem’ to which the Quraysh representative Suhayel bin Amr protested saying they did not write like that and insisted he follow the old format of Besmek Allah Humma. The Messenger of Allah agreed and Ali (RA) proceeded to follow the old pattern. These are historical facts. That the Moshrek Arabs believed in Allah just as much as we do today is borne witness to by Himself. Allah says to the Messenger – “If you were to question them, who created the heavens and the earth? They would be sure to reply, they were created by (Him) the Exalted in Power, Full of knowledge; Quran, Sura Zukhruf: 9. In another verse, Allah says again, “If indeed you ask them who has created the heavens and the earth and subjected the sun and the moon to (His Law) they will certainly reply, “Allah” – Quran – Sura Ankaboot: 61. In yet another instance Allah enquires of the Messenger, “If you ask them, who it is that created the heavens and the earth? They will certainly say, “Allah”. Quran, Sura Lokman: 25.


Bearing further testimony to their faith, Allah asks again, “And if indeed you ask them who it is that sends down rain from the sky, and gives life therewith to the earth after its death, they will certainly reply, “Allah” – Sura Ankaboot:63. Allah Himself and history bear witness that the Arab Moshrek among whom Allah sent the Messenger had profound belief in Allah, e.g. they had Iman, faith in him. Indeed they worshipped La’at, Hubal, Uzza and others but did not consider these to be Allah Himself, nor did they believe these to be the creator. Their belief was La’at, Habal, Uzza etc were gods and goddesses who could intercede on their behalf with Allah Himself – Quran, Sura Yunus: 18, Zumar: 3.


Now the question that arises is if Allah Himself bears witness to their faith and history reinforces it, then what was the point in sending a Messenger from Him to bring them to guidance? They already held belief in Kaaba as His House, said their prayers, observed fasting in Ramadan, performed the Hajj, invoked the Holy Name of Allah before starting anything new and sacrificed in His Name. The answer to this question is, the Moshrek Arabs held absolute belief in Allah just as we do today, but did not lead their collective, national lives according to the way of life, Deen sent by Him. Their social, national, economic system, penalty all of these were governed by the Quraysh clergy who decreed in the names of Habal, La’at, Manat and Uzza. They failed to understand that no matter how much they believed in Allah as individuals, performed hard acts of Ebadah and observed personal piety, if at the national level the way of life, economy, penalty and punishment one not those prescribed by Allah, then it cannot be judged as Tawheed, it is Sherk and Kufr. For this reason alone, despite hearing profound faith in Allah and Ebrahim (AS), belief in the Kaaba to be the House of Allah, saying their prayers, observing fast, performing Hajj, sacrificing in His Name and starting any new thing in Allah’s name – the Arabs of that time were Moshreks and Kafers. It was to bring them into the folds of the all encompassing Tawheed, that Allah sent the Messenger . The present day ‘Muslim’ population in an almost identical scenario, believe wholeheartedly in Allah as the Creator and sustainer of the universe, Lord of life and death yet in their collective, national life they do not abide by the guidelines, the way of life as prescribed by Him. The Arab Moshreks followed the guidelines the clergy of their gods and goddesses provided them with and in case of the present day Muslims, the new forms of gods and goddesses are democracy, socialism, secularism, monarchy, fascism. The clergy that they adhere to are the guidelines provided by Jews and Christians. The only difference is La’at, Uzza, Manat and Habal were idols of wood, stone and clay. Whereas today’s idols are those of ‘isms’ not tangible. However, the worship of the idols of ‘isms’ are far greater Sherk and Kufr because the intention of worshipping the stone idols was that they would bring the worshipper closer to Allah, help them gain proximity to Him – Quran, Sura Yunus – 18. “We only serve them in order that they may bring us nearer to Allah” – Quran, Sura Zumar: 3 – this is what the Arabs said about the worship. Whereas in today’s world the adherence and acceptance of the ‘isms’ have nothing whatsoever to with Him, in fact are opposed to Allah altogether, ‘Tagut’ in His words. It is rather believed that Allah’s/God’s area of dominion is the personal and spiritual sides of human existence; the national and collective arena is best governed by humans themselves. Then wherein his the difference between the Allah believing idol–worshippers among whom the Messenger was sent and the present day Allah fearing defacto Moshrek population? The Quran bears testimony that one can still be a Moshrek, despite belief in Allah – “And most of them believe not in Allah without associating (others as partners) with Him – Quran, Sura Yusuf: 106.


The meaning of Hejrat is not only to migrate from one place to another the literal meaning is also to sever relations, to disown a group, as well as to migrate to another place from one’s homeland – (Concise Islamic Encyclopedia 2nd part page – 560–6; Islamic Foundation.] The people who brought faith on the Tawheed, the message of truth brought by the Messenger of Allah among the Moshrek Arabs, understood its importance and joined him, they first distanced themselves, engaged in Hejrat, from the Sherk and Kufr prevalent all around them. From that time till they migrated physically to Yathirb, they performed two types of Hejrat. Firstly, although they maintained business relations with them within their hearts they distanced themselves, disowned their group and refrained from performing ‘Ebadah’ with the Moshreks. And secondly they formed their own group, their own brotherhood with the Messenger of Allah at the centre. Thirteen years later the band of Mo’mens performed the third, Hejrah, which was the migration to Madina. From then onwards till the gain of Makkah 9 years later, these was no need of the third type of Hejrah, but the necessity of the first two types remained and still does. Whenever there is distortion among the Deen and the majority of the population walks that misguided route, those whom Allah in His Mercy bring to the right guidance, to Serat–ul–Mustaqeem, must follow the Messenger of Allah and his companions (RA) and migrate within their hearts and their minds, perform Hejrah, meaning distancing themselves, from the gone-astray general mass. The need necessity of this type of Hejrah will never cease.


The role and situation of Hezbut Tawheed today is similar to that of the Messenger of Allah and his companion (RA) within the Allah believing, yet Moshrek Arabs fourteen hundred years ago. At that time, the Messenger of Allah and his followers called the Arabs to the all encomia passing Tawheed; as true Ummah of himself, Hezbut Tawheed too in engaged in similar activities. Echoing the Messenger of Allah and his followers in their non–participation with Moshreks in matters related to the Deen, in not performing any Ebadah with them, as people trying to become true Ummat–e–Mohammadi, Hezbut Tawheed too has to refrain from similar activities. Otherwise, the Messenger of Allah’s sunnah will not be adhered to and no help from Allah can be expected to come this way in the cause of establishing the Deen of Allah. The Messenger of Allah has said, “Hejrat will not end till the time of Tawba is over, and Tawba will not end till the sun rises from where it is supposed to set”, [Muauriyal (RA) Ahmed, Abu Daud, Darimee]. One of the signs of ‘Keyamah’ doomsday is the rising of the sun from the west. After that, no Tawba will be accepted. Therefore, the scope of Hejrah will remain till ‘Keyamah’, just as the need for Jehad will not end till Keyamah (Hadis).


5th responsibility:


(5) Jehad – fi–sabilil Allah. This final responsibility of Mo’mens, believers, is the aim and goal of the last four. The previous four hold no value, no importance if the fifth one is not fulfilled. A constitution, however flawless and appropriate it might be, if it is not applied executed in the life of a nation, it is of no value, similarly, if the Tawheed based Deen–ul–Islam with the Quran as its constitution, is not applied on every level, every aspect of human life, it is useless. Allah has chosen Jehad (utmost struggle) and Ketal (armed fight) to make this constitution effective and binding on mankind – Quran, Sura Baqara – 216 numerous other Ayats). To this end, Almighty has not limited the definition of a true believer to one who accepts the all encompassing Tawheed, the Jehad to implement and make it effective have also been added to the definition, Sura Hujrat – 15, Allah decrees “Only those are believers who have believed in Allah and His Messenger and have never since doubted but striven with their belongings and their persons in the cause of Allah; such are the sincere ones”. Therefore, even having full faith in Allah’s all encompassing Tawheed (not the distorted, partial Tawheed prevalent today) does not fulfill the criteria of a Mo’men, believer till the Jehad to establish that Tawheed in the lives of mankind is present.


To stress upon the importance of Jehad (utmost struggle) and Ketal (armed combat, warfare) Allah has mentioned them several hundred times in the Quran. The Messenger of Allah has said “He whoever does not perform Jehad or does not hold the firm conviction to engage in it, he joins the ranks of the Munafeqs at death” - [Abu Huraira (RA), Muslim, Meshkat. And the Munafeqs], “The hypocrites will be in the lowest depths of the Fire” – Quran, Sura Nessa – 145. To this end, the Messenger of Allah himself engaged in 107 battles in the span of just 9 years to see Islam established. This is his true Sunnah, he/they who abandon this are not of him, nor is he of them.


The Messenger of Allah bequeathed this 5 point agenda, this programme on his Ummah saying he/they who ever strays even a hand’s span from this takes off the rope of Islam from his neck, if not he repents (Tawba) and returns, he/they whoever calls towards anything from the Age of ignorance (Aiyam–e–Jahiliyat) he/they will be the fuel of fire, even if they say prayers, fast and consider themselves to be Muslims. The Age of ignorance here is referred to the pre–Islamic era, when people though Hanifs had deep faith in Allah but governed their public and natoinal lives on the edicts of the the clergy, laws and regulations imposed on them by the Quriysh elders, e.g. Ghairullah methods. Just the same is the situation today, we wholeheartedly believe in Allah, but in our national collective lives, we do not abide by the rules and regulations, limits set by Allah. In that sector, we obey the Jews and Christians, Ghairullah laws, penalty and punishment, education and economy etc. In deed the Age of Ignorance of long and the present scenario is the same. At this time if a group of people distances themselves following the Messenger of Allah and his followers moves away from this Sherk, Kufr and unites under a leader they would be performing Hejrah to unite under the banner of the real all encompassing Tawheed. However, if anyone from among that group calls toward, asks others to return to or accept any part from the Age of Ignorance, then that person would definitely be a fuel of the fire. For ex: usury was widespread during the Age of Ignorance. Once Islam was established, it was not only banned, prohibited, Allah and His Messenger declared war on those who still wanted to continue it Quran – Sura Baqara: 279. Yet that same usury is now the foundation of economy for all ‘Muslim’ states. Anyone belonging to the group that unites under the 5 point agenda must surely abhor it just as Allah and His Messenger do: if on the other hand, anyone from among them is of the opinion that since there is no alternative to usury it all–right to engage in it partially or on a short term basis, then that person even if the adheres to the 5 point agenda, believes himself to be a Mo’men, says his prayers and fasts, (in fact performs all sort of Ebadah), he too is the fuel of fire. Also, there are numerous other subjects within the Ghairullah system to which the same rules hold true.


On close examination it becomes quite apparent that the 5 point agenda sent by Allah is completely a military strategy. It becomes more so when compared to the agenda of any army. The principles of all armies are the same unity, discipline, obedience and warfare. In Allah’s programme only one more topic is added that of Hejrah. However, on further thought all armies too, perform this Hejrah or migration to some degree. As soon as they join the army, the soldiers move away from the general public into army barracks within a cantonment or a military base where their lifestyle bears no resemblance to the life of the general people. The word democracy does not exist in the garrison life, just as there is no room for it in this 5 point agenda of Allah’s. What are dominant are strong unity, discipline, obedience, hejrat from everything Ghairullah and finally combat these characteristics are drilled into army personnel day and night, just as they are suppose to be salient features of the Ummat-e-Mohammadi. In my book ‘E Islam Islam-e Noi’ I have mentioned that “It is more suitable appropriate to refer to the Ummah that the Messenger of Allah created on His instruction as an army, rather than a nation” – the simple reason being how better to address a people that fought 107 battles in a matter of 9 years? Every member of this Ummah, starting from its Founder leader to everyone else were undefeatable warriors and everyone, including the Founder had battle scars on his self. Could this nation be anything other than an army? The agenda Allah provided His Messenger only reinforces this belief.


On one hand, Allah sent down a 5 point Deen, way of life for mankind to live in peace and justice, comprising of Tawheed, Salah, Zakah, Hajj and Sawm and on the other, He revealed another 5 point programme as means to establish this Deen on mankind. This comprises of unity, discipline, obedience, Hijrah and Jehad. If this Deen way of life is not made effective, not established, on mankind it is useless, similarly, the 5 point agenda for its establishment is just as important, of equal value as the 5 point Deen itself. One is complimentary, supplementary to the other. Let us try to make it simple using a chart: –


Hedayah and Deen–ul–Huq


Implementation of Hedayah and Deen–ul–Huq

It is He who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth –

To proclaim it over all religion. Quran – Fatah: 28; Tawba: 33; Sauf: 9

Only they are true believers who believe in Allah and His Messenger and afterward doubt not –

And strive in the cause of Allah with the wealth and selves. Quran – Hujurat: 15

  1. Belief in Allah and His Rasul (Tawheed)
  2. Salah
  3. Zakah
  4. Hajj
  5. Saom
  1. Unity
  2. Listen (to the leader)
  3. Obey (the order)
  4. Hejrat
  5. Jehad fi–sabilil Allah

The 1st chart is the Tawheed based Deen–ul–Islam and the 2nd chart is the process, the method to implement it. If the 1st one is absent, the 2nd one is of no use and if the 2nd one is only executed, the 1st one will have no importance. One is complementary of the other. Therefore the importance of both is equal and same. Just as one cannot remain a Mo’men if one disregards or rejects even one of the 5 points in the Hedayah, similarly, one cannot remain within the folds of Islam if one rejects or even strays a hand’s span from the 5 point agenda of the 2nd chart. If the binding of Islam is removed from one’s neck it is obvious that the person turns Moshrek or Kafer. Unfortunately, within 60/70 years of the Messenger of Allah’s departure from this world the 5 point agenda of the 2nd chart for the establishment of the Deen has been abandoned and lost. The 1st condition from the 1st chart, e.g. Tawheed too no longer remained in the true form, has now been turned into personal, partial Tawheed. Yet, partial Tawheed is definitely Sherk and Allah has vowed never to forgive Sherk. That partial Tawheed renders all other acts of Ebadah, Namaz, Roza, Hajj and Zakat fruitless. Allah and the Messenger want that this Ummah should stay united, under one centre, one leader (Quran – Sura Sauf: 4). Not one person should remain outside the circle of unity to this end, the Messenger of Allah has said– “He who dies without taking allegiance (Bayat) from his leader (Emam) dies the death of the Aiyam–e–Jahiliyat” [Hadis – Muawiyah (RA), Masnad–e–Ahmed Ibne Hanbal 4th part page 96]


The question that is pertinent now is where can people unite, leaving behind Sherk and Kufr prevalent all over? There are numerous organizations working towards the establishment of Deen–ul–Islam all having differing agendas that are the product of much deliberation and planning on part of their founders and members e.g. man made; therefore none of these organizations anywhere have been successful in achieving the desired goal; if however any of these organization were to abandon this agenda and accept the one sent by Allah, would it be the one to join and get united under? My answer would be no, it would not work. These organizations have already been working for the past many years, yet without any success. Some have been if the field for over 60–70 years but owing to their incorrect Aqida, Allah has not awarded even one of these with His own programme. However, within a year of Hezbut Tawheed’s inception the Almighty Rahmanur Raheem favored this group with the very programme. He sent down to His Messenger and his Ummah that too in the most miraculous manner. This immeasurable bounty so early in Hezbut Tawheed’s life proves that this is His chosen organization. He it is who wants to see all Mo’mens, Muslim and Ummat–e–Mohammadi in this world unite, together under Hezbut Tawheed to engage in Jehad to establish the Deen on earth. Other organizations none of which have been blessed by His programme, made up their own agendas, worked towards their goal but having met no success, some turned stray and espoused the methods of the Jews and Christians of holding meeting and elections while others though initially starting out with Jehad on their agendas, eventually diverted to elections. Some noteworthy names among these are the Ekhwan–ul–Muslimeen of Egypt and Nur Miswari’s group. Moro National Liberation Front in the Philippines, others still have always stayed away from Jehad and followed the Judeo–Christian political ideology from their beginning. Among them are Islamic (FIS) Salvation Front in Algeria and the Jamaet Islami of our subcontinent. Having won the elections and when power was still denied them, the F.I.S adapted yet another wrongful method of terrorism. This method is also not of Allah or His Messenger.


I could not thank Allah enough ever for the fact that I could present Hezbut Tawheed with the very responsibility, the programme that Allah Himself had enjoined on His Messenger and the Messenger in turn bequeathed to his Ummah. Now, it is our turn to bring it back to life after a long gap of over 1300 years. The enormity of this task, the profoundness of this responsibility and the greatness of this ‘Neyamat’, this bounty has to be understood with the mind and realized from the heart by every Mo’men, Muslim and Ummat–e–Muhammadi so that they are prepared to engage in Jehad to establish Deen–ul–Islam on earth, both with their selves, their persons and their wealth. Everyone must remember their duty is to strive, to struggle, success is not their responsibility, because success and failure depend not on man, but on Allah. Whether or not He grants success to any people depends on their level of commitment, the depth of their sincerity on the levels of sacrifice and to the perseverance with which they strive to fulfill their aim. these are the deciding factors on which the Almighty judges to allow any to succeed or to fail. There will be not even an atom’s weight of fault or injustice in His dealing. However, He has also said, “It is incumbent on Us to help Mo’mens” – Quran, Sura Ru’m: 47). And if help ‘Nasr’ from Him arrive, is there any power on earth that can defeat us? Absolutely none. The condition is that we have to make ourselves into Mo’mens whom it is His duty, His responsibility to aid and the only Mo’mens are those who meet His definition supplied in Sura Hujrat: 15.


Ya Allah! You it is who in your Infinite Mercy have favored Hezbut Tawheed with your programme, accept us with your Insurmountable Grace and grant us the strength to follow its every word. Make every Mojahed/Mojaheda of Hezbut Tawheed like the companions of Your Messenger, the people who were not only fearless of death, but craved for shahadat for immortality with all their hearts.