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Jul 15, 2024
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The Present State of Mankind


THE prophecies uttered by the Rasul Allah 1400 years back regarding the era we live in today has come true to the last letter. For quite sometime now, there is not one inch of land or water that is not subservient to the will of the Dajjal, i.e. the mighty Judeo Christian Civilization (See Hadis XIII and IV in the chapter of "Identity of the Dajjal). True to it's being completely successful is dethroning the Maker from His lawful position as the sovereign and usurped the status for itself. Among the differing 'isms' or ways of life that are the Dajjal's creations, namely monarchy, fascism/dictatorship, socialism and communism- capitalist democracy has emerged as the dominant one and it is to this that the Dajjal wants allegiance of the people of this world. And allegiance it has obtained even from the people of the faith known as Islam, whose foundation lies on the sovereignty of the one Elah, one True God. The fact that there is no Islam without Tawheed, Allah's Sovereignty, has been broadly overlooked and in its place now stands the will of the people- capitalist democracy in all 'Muslim' regions. Not only are the people educated in the Dajjal's system of education the only adherents of this doctrine, it is also the numerous alems, olema, mashayekhs, students taught the Islam of the Dajjal's choice in the hundreds of thousands madrassahs set up by the Dajjal (If the reader be curious to know more on this matter, is requested to read my book "E Islam Islam-e Noy (This Islam is not Islam at all))- that have completely accepted the sovereignty of man and yet claim to remain Muslims and Mo'mens.


There is only one tiny portion among this huge mass known as Muslim that denies the sovereignty of the Dajjal. Yet sadly even their concept of Islam is erroneous. The comprehensive concept or Aqidah of what Islam actually is about, why man was created as the 'Khalifa' or vice-gerent of the Maker (The Qur'an- Sura Baqara-Verse-30), to what end His Soul was breathed into man (The Qur'an: Sura Hejr, 29, Sura Sajdah-9, Sura S'aad -72), then the Eblis (Satan, Lucifer) given the permission to enter Adam's mind and body (The Qur'an- Sura Baqara-Verse-36), to send Adam to this earth (The Qur'an- Sura Bani Esrail-Verse-64) and then to be guided back to Hedayah by the long line of 'Nabi' and 'Rasul' (Messengers) (The Qur'an- Sura Baqara-Verse-38), in short the objective of Islam is completely misunderstood or at times underestimated by all. Yet these are people who love Allah and His Messenger with all their hearts for which they are loath to accept the Dajjal's dominance, sovereignty of man - their desire is to see the Word of Allah established in this world, to see the True Faith of Allah implemented in the lives of the people. Unfortunately the True meaning of Islam is lost to them and they are unaware of the methods to implement it. They strive in a misguided manner using wrongful means to establish the distorted, incomplete picture of Islam they studied in madrassahs set up by the Christian colonists. They are helpless, powerless against the worldwide network set up by the Dajjal. Against the Dajjal's countless bombers, tanks, warships, the Dajjal's powerful technology, they are completely defenseless, with their backs against the wall, they retaliate in desperation by attacking tourist locations here and there, hurling bombs at cafés, buses etc. This small group is so dedicated to the cause of Allah, Rasul and Islam that they do not hesitate to strap up with dynamite and blow themselves up if it can cause even a little harm to the enemy. Unfortunately, they fail to realize that this is not the correct way to repel the mighty giant, the Dajjal or even to establish the True Islam on the face of this world. A giant of the Dajjal's proportion at whose feet the entire mankind along with all the so-called 'Muslims' lay prostrate has very little to lose and a lot to gain from these misguided efforts: in fact it reaps the harvests of such efforts even now. It labels such individuals as 'terrorists' and has successfully turned the entire mankind against them. They are not understanding by doing these things they are hardly hurting the giant Dajjal on whose feet the whole mankind including the populace who claim to be Muslim lay prostrate and which with its technology and military might control the whole earth. In fact this misguided small group of people who are fighting against the Dajjal is helping it. Furthermore, the print and electronic media is controlled by the Dajjal, as a result through a continued and incessant propaganda it has been successful in convincing the mankind that they are deplorable terrorists, killing innocent human beings- to the extent that the proclaimer of believers in sovereignty of Allah have succumbed to this malice spread by the Dajjal. There is another reason why the mankind including this populace which claims to be believer in the sovereignty of Allah with its learned, educated and Alems accepts the Dajjal's definition of that  small  group  as  terrorists,  fundamentalists (See Hadis XIII and IV in the chapter of "Identity of the Dajjal), extremists, militants etc. And that is might is right. What the mighty Dajjal says is right, otherwise…

This small group standing against the Dajjal must understand that the process they have adopted to resist the mighty Dajjal is not right. The first thing they must understand is that they have to correct their Aqidah about the real Islam, its purpose and goal and its correct process of attaining the goal. They must realize that the real Islam [the Hedayah (the sovereignty of Allah), the Din ul Huq (the true edifice of Islam), and Jehad (the struggle to establish it)] that doesn't exist today. The Islam known and practiced today all over the world has been perverted through the centuries by various elements and now what is known as Islam is devoid of its very soul and life and is a dead body, as against the original Islam brought to this earth by the last Messenger of Allah that was vigorously alive, vibrant with Tawheed (the sovereignty of Allah) as its soul and Jehad as its blood circulation. There cannot be any Islam without Tawheed (the sovereignty of Allah). Islam is based on this Tawheed. This Tawheed itself is totally absent in the collective life of the populace which claims to be Mo'men, Muslim and Ummat-e-Mohammadi. And yet among this people there is love for Allah, for the Messenger and Din ul Islam albeit the Islam they love is not the real Islam, in fact it is something which is exactly the opposite of the real Islam. The small part of this populace who are resisting and fighting the Dajjal are trying to establish which is no more the real thing. It is totally perverted and actually opposite to the real Islam. They are not succeeding in spite of utmost endeavor and ultimate sacrifice as there is no help from Allah; and there will be no help till this people go back to the real Islam and adapt the process of the Messenger given to him by Allah. The only process that will bring help from Allah is the process taught by Himself. This is the same process that the Messenger followed, executed strictly and left as his legasy to his ummah to adapt.

No other process or procedure will ever succeed in spite of fighting, bombing and even suicide bombing as apparent around the world today. Nowhere are these dedicated groups whom the Dajjal terms as terrorists making any headway against this claimer of being the Rub (sustainer) of mankind.

This people must realize the two main reasons for not getting Nasrum Menallah (help from Allah) and hence success are, 1) The changing the meaning of the word Elah in the Kalema, 2) Struggling to establish a perverted an opposite kind of Islam based on wrong meaning of the Kalema (See the chapter "The Actual Ebadat" to know the real meaning of the word 'Ma'bud').

It is very important that we realize the concept of sovereignty to correctly understand the idea of the Dajjal. As man is a social being, it is imperative that he must have a code of life, a way of life whereby to lead a peaceful existence. This code of life of or way of life is called 'Din'. This Din, way of life must contain all aspects of man's life, the social system, penal code, monetary system all and sundry that are needed to function a society. This Din or way of life of necessity must have a sovereignty. In Din ul Islam, Din ul Huq the sovereignty is of Allah as against the sovereignty of man in all the 'cracies and isms'. There cannot be a Din or a way of life or a code of system without a sovereignty. For example, when making laws and punishment the question of legality or illegality of a murder comes into question somebody has to decide whether murder is legal of illegal; if illegal what should be the punishment for it. If there is no sovereignty, debate on legality or illegality of act of murder can continue for eternity. Even if we suppose that it is decided unanimously that act of murder is illegal then question remains what should be the punishment for the act Again this debate will continue eternally if there is no sovereignty to finally decide what should be the punishment to prevent it's occurring in the society. Some people will be of the opinion that capital punishment alone can eradicate the crime of murder; another group will decide that capital punishment is cruel, inhumane therefore cannot be the norm, the law, as it is happening today in many countries. Yet another group will come up with the idea that capital punishment should be meted out only in the case of multiple murders; Then again, what will define multiple murders? Will it be two, four, ten or a hundred homicides? In this way the debate will continue on any given subject eternally if there is not an authority who will finally decide on it.

Similarly, if national leaders want to find out which of the true monetary system, a interest-based or a loss and profit-based one is best for proper and just distribution of national wealth among people. Every will have his own opinion and the debate will continue, as with any other issue, for eternity. So there must be an authority who will finally take the decision. This authority is the sovereignty.


In Islam this sovereignty lies with Allah alone, He is the Sovereign. In manmade Dins, systems and codes of life the sovereignty lies with other authorities. In monarchy with the king, he decides if murder is legal or illegal and what should be the punishment for act of murder. His decision becomes law and penal code. In democracy this sovereignty lies with the majority of the people. Any issue supported by more than fifty percent of the people or by their representative becomes the law. If fifty one percent of the people or their representatives decide that murder is not illegal, then murder will be legal. Or fifty one percent of the people decide that murder is illegal but decide that the penalty for it should be Tk. 10, then that will be the law. In fascism this sovereignty lies with the dictator, in communism and socialism with a particular class of people.
This final authority or sovereignty can be only of two kinds. One is that of He who has created, Allah, or that of the created, i.e. Man. Those who believe in the sovereignty of Allah, the Creator (La Elaha Ella Allah i.e. There is none to be obeyed other than Allah.) are Mo'mens (believers) and those who believe in any other sovereignty are Kafers (disbelievers, rejecters) even if they believe in Allah's existence, say prayers, pay Zakah, perform Hajj and fast in the month of Ramadan.

Now, the mankind including the populace of 1500 million who calls themselves Muslims has rejected the sovereignty of the Creator, and has become sovereign themselves as ordered and coerced by the Dajjal. These two forms of sovereignty, one of the Creator and the other of the created are naturally contradictory to each other and confrontational. There cannot be any compromise between these two. It should have been natural that the claimants of believer in the sovereignty of Allah stand unitedly forgetting all there differences and resist the obedience to the sovereignty of man as demanded by the Dajjal. Sadly, far from doing so this populace has accepted the demand of the Dajjal and gladly rushed forth to establish one or the other faces of the sovereignty of man in the forms of monarchy, democracy, dictatorship or fascism. The reason of such act of utter naivety is the want of right Aqidah (conception about the existence and goal of Islam), which has resulted in changing the meaning of the word Elah (He who is to be obeyed) into Ma'bud (He who is to be worshiped), from dynamic Elah into inert Ma'bud.

The Dajjal, the Judeo-Christian or the Western Civilization has openly declared several times that its objective is to establish democracy i.e. the sovereignty of man all over the world. The process to do so has started a long time back and is multifaceted and diverse; it uses all means at its disposal, the print and electronic media, the education system and when needed its mighty military force.

The Dajjal correctly assumes that the only force to be reckoned with is Islam, the very foundation of which lies in the sovereignty, 'Uluhiyah' of Allah. All other nations around the world would offer no objection to the Dajjal's ideas because they were already in the practice of one or the other forms of the Dajjal's various systems. Through consistent and incessant propaganda through the media over which the Dajjal as complete control all over the world and by coercing when needed the Dajjal has been able to obtain the submission of almost the whole populace called Muslim.


The only exception is the small portion of Islamic ideologists who although do not have the right Aqidah of Islam and believing in the wrong meaning of the Kalema confronting the Dajjal without knowing it to be what it is. They are doing so because of their love for Allah, His Messenger [without knowing his true mission and the right process (Tariqah) of attaining it] and Islam which is perverted and having completely opposite orientation. They are not victorious against the Dajjal because they are not getting any help from Allah as what they are trying to establish is not the Din He has sent through His Messenger nor the process (Tariqah) He taught His Messenger and the Messenger left for his Ummah, nation to adapt.

The Dajjal has at its command armies the size the world has never seen before as well as it possesses most of the wealth of the world. The small group which is confronting the Dajjal, on the other hand has almost nothing, whatever wealth or natural resources their countries own are in control of their governments which are subservient to the Dajjal, have long since accepted the sovereignty of man as their Elah. In desperation born of utter hopelessness and helplessness, they turn to random acts of defiance such as setting off bombs here and there and attacking tourist spots. Since these actions did hardly any damage to the Dajjal's super might, they have started strapping bombs to their bodies and explode them in places where they wrongly think that it will hurt the Dajjal. The destruction of the Twin Tower at the cost of so many precious lives has resulted in new Twin Tours much bigger and higher than the original ones. In fact these acts have given the Dajjal the scope to tell the world that these fighters against him are terrorists who kill men, women, children and old and infirm innocent people wantonly. So they should be hunted down, caught, put in jail, tortured and killed. The world at large accepted the Dajjal's appeal and is up against these confronters of the Dajjal. The reason of the Dajjal's success is the old English proverb: 'Might is Right'.

The truth in this proverb is evident from the fact that the mankind agrees with the Dajjal's appeal though there died only 2,750 persons in the twin towers. All were able bodied working men and women. There were 1,22,000 men, women, children and infants, old, infirm, patients in hospitals, disables in Hiroshima and Nagasaki which were atom bombed into oblivion by the Dajjal. Nobody questions the Dajjal about this, nor about the one and a half million men, women, children, old, infirm, disables, hospital-patients in Iraq and Afghanistan. The total causality caused by the Dajjal in Iraq and Afghanistan is hundreds of time more than the causalities caused by the anti-Dajjal elements. Yet the mankind has taken the side of the Dajjal and is looking at it eagerly for a favor or two. All because the mighty is always right and the Dajjal is really mighty as described by the Messenger of Allah 1400 years ago.

The reality is that the fulfillment of the prediction of the last Messenger of Allah is the present day the mighty Judeo Christian Civilization is the one eyed giant, Dajjal, whose vehicle is the scientific technology. This vehicle is equipped with innumerable destructive weapons, bombers, fighter bombers, gun-ship helicopters, battle tanks, long range cannons, missiles, worships, submarines etc. Besides these the Dajjal has thousands of nuclear weapons and various kinds of chemical weapons.

This civilization, the mighty Dajjal has told the mankind and is telling that, "Accept us as your lord and conduct your collective life the way we tell you, forsake the sovereignty of your Creator, and accept us as your sovereign in your collective life (Rab), in matters of economy, society, education, politics, law, penal code, and administration of your governments. Your systems of life based on the sovereignty of your Creator are old fashioned, obsolete and cannot cope with the present complexities of the modern world, nor can solve its problems. We do not care whom do you take as sovereign in your private life. Muslims! You grow your beard as long as you like, clip your moustaches, pull up your trousers above your ankles, run to the mosque, keep on saying prayers and meditate as much as you like. We do not have the slightest objection. Christians! You put on long robes, have cross on the neck, go to church, here long sermons by your priests and meditate, we have no objection. Buddhists! You shave your heads, put on saffron robes, go to Pagodas, squat before statues of Buddha and chant "Buddhang sharanang gossami; shanghang sharanang gossami" as long as you want. We don't have any objection. Hindus! You paint your forehead with sandal and vermillion, rap yourself with Namabalis, go to temple of your choice out of hundreds of kinds of it, sit down cross-legged before idol of your choice ring bells and chant Mantras and Shlokas (verses) as long as you want; we do not have the slightest objection. Jews! You put on ling robes, put on skull-caps, hang Star of David on the chest, go to Synagogues, meditate there and recite Torah rocking to and fro before the Wailing Wall as long as you want, we do not have any objection. Far from having any objection, in fact we will rather prefer that you keep yourself busy with these because the more you do so, the less you will have time to see who is ruling over you and with what.

You be warned! You never question our sovereignty, that matter has been settled. we have coerced the mankind into rejecting the Creator as a sovereign and accepting us to be its lord (Rub) and sovereign (Elah) in its collective life. If any individual or a group of people defies us as the sovereign we simply inform the individual or the group's government and advice them to take action against him or them. As our advice is as good as our order, the related government takes the necessary action, arrest, torture and if necessary hang them to keep us pleased. And instead of an individual or a group of people if a state disregards or shilly-shally to obey our order (advice) at first we put some sanctions on it in its business and commerce with other countries. If this does not deter the state from disobeying us, we put embargo on it stopping all its trades, commerce, business and communication etc. with other countries of the world. Since the United Nations is completely under our control, other countries of the world cooperate with the United Nations and make the sanctions or the embargoes effective.

If even this does not break down the state's will to disobey us and doesn't accept our sovereignty we attack the country militarily, conquer it and after eliminating our opposing elements we put a government subservient to us to run the country. In this we take along the United Nations with us. In the process hundreds of thousands of people, men, women, children, infants, old and infirm people are killed and maimed, homes, hospitals, schools, places of worship are destroyed by our bombs, bullets, rockets and missiles. Yet we have to do it because to replace the sovereignty of the Creator with our sovereignty is our declared mission, our crusade. Already we have won the crusade as there is not a single nation state on the earth which has not replaced the sovereignty of the Creator with our sovereignty in there collective life. The sovereignty of the Creator is non existent now. Yet there are a few nations and some groups of people in different places trying to resist our lordship (Rububiah) though they have accepted our sovereignty (Uluhiah). In case of two of such states we first imposed sanctions in their trades, commerce and communications with other countries. When these failed to break them we placed embargo on them. When both these measures failed to submit to us we militarily attacked them, defeated them, as none on the earth can stand before out military might put governments of our choice. Any other country will meet the same fate who will resist or confront us."

Nothing can be said about what the Dajjal is demanding and doing to achieve its goal of totally eliminating Allah's sovereignty (Uluhiah) and lordship (Rububiah). The reality today is that in the conflict of the sovereignty of Allah and Man, the sovereignty of Man has emerged as the victor, thanks today military and economic might of the Dajjal, the Judeo-Christian Technological Materialistic Civilization. The reason is quite simple; the populace who acclaims the sovereignty of Allah and hence is supposed to be confronting the Dajjal's demand of lordship and Man's sovereignty has already submitted to the Dajjal and has replaced Allah's sovereignty with that of Man. The reason is changing the meaning of the word Elah, he who is to be obeyed into Ma'bud, he who is to be worshiped. This has resulted in building numerous beautiful mosques, many of them gorgeous with golden domes for worshiping and on the other hand side with the Dajjal in its crusade to oust Allah's sovereignty and enthrone Man's sovereignty. Messenger of Allah knew that in Akheri Jamana (the Last Hour) the populace which claims to be his Ummah will do this and has prophesized it (See the 12th Hadis of the chapter "IDENTITY OF THE DAJJAL" and Hadis (I) &(II) mentioned at the end of the same chapter). The Messenger's prophesies have come true so much so that the guardians of the very centre of Allah's sovereignty, Makkah and His Messenger's tomb, Madina have become subservient to the Dajjal and have accepted Dajjal's lordship and fighting crusade on the Dajjal's side. Otherwise they know their throne will be at stake. The same holds true for all the emirates and sheikhdoms along the western Asia. All these are quite comfortably ensconced within the Dajjal's systems of Man's sovereignty. Outside of these sheikhdoms, kingdoms and emirates the rest of the populace called Muslim follow their ruling class who firmly believes in the sovereignty of Man i.e. are on the side of the Dajjal.
Taken all these things and facts into consideration the reality of the present world it seems that Allah has been defeated in the challenge thrown to Him by the Eblis, Satan, that he will make most of the mankind disobedient to Him i.e. defy His sovereignty. It also seems that Allah's sovereignty is lost forever and there is no hope. But no. There are certain indications that this will not be the future.

Firstly, the Qur'an declares the Last Messenger of Allah as Rahmat-ullel-Alameen, literally the blessing for all the people from Allah (Al Qur'an-Sura Ambia, Ayat-107). He is the blessing for all those who accept the way of life brought by him, implement it in their lives and benefit from it. By this declaration Allah is informing us that people who will guide their lives by the way of life sent through him will live in security, justice, prosperity, happiness and peace literally Islam. That is how the Messenger of Allah is Allah's blessing for all the people. Since Allah is saying that he is blessing for all the people, a time must come when all the people of the world will accept the way of life (Din) sent through him. Otherwise the title of blessing for all the mankind, Rahmat-ullel-Alameen, becomes unfulfilled and meaningless, which is impossible. To happen that the Dajjal must perish.

Secondly, the Messenger of Allah predicted- "For as long as Allah wills, Nabuat (meaning himself) will be present among you; then it will be lifted. Then will prevail 'Khelafat' in the footsteps of Nabuat that will last so long as Allah wills. After it will come Mulkan (monarchy) which again will last for as long as Allah wills. It will be followed by Jabariyat (rule of force) (Might is right). After that Khelafat in the pattern of Nabuat will return (Dalayemul nabuyat- Baihaqi, mushad,-ahmed bin hambali, meshkat). The chronology of this narration is truly amazing! It is beyond any doubt that the first two phases narrated in this Hadis took place in exactly that manner. The third phase of it too, is history. During the Umayyad period, the hitherto Khelafat was turned into monarchy for all practical purposes, although the title of Khelafat was retained for political as well as deceptory purposes. Monarchy was the prevalent system of government the world over during that time and the Islamic Empire joined their ranks albeit under a different name. This situation continued for the next several hundred years. With the birth of the Dajjal 472 years ago the myriad monarchies gradually began to lose ground to various isms and cracies all around the world and one by one the monarchies were turned into isms and cracies. The era of Jabariyat, rule of 'might is right' predicted by the Messenger started with the birth of the Dajjal in 1537 which is continuing now.

The good news is that this too will come to an end soon and then Enshallah the Khelafat in pattern of Nabuyat i.e. the tru Islam will take place. And this will soon come with the destruction of the Dajjal at the hands of Isa (as).

Thirdly, in yet another Hadis, the Messenger of Allah states - 'Glad tidings! Glad tidings! The compare of my Ummah is with the rain where it is difficult to ascertain whether the beginning is better or the end of it. How can the Ummah with me at the beginning, Mahdi in the middle and Isa at the end be destroyed? But as for those in between, they are not mine, nor am I theirs (Hadis- Tirmizee from Anas (Ra) and Rajin from Jafar (Ra)).'

It is apparent from this Hadis that during the Akheri Jamanah or the Last Hour in the Bible, the people of the Ummah will become like the Ummah at the time of the Messenger of Allah. Although belonging to two very different phases in time, their similarities in character will be such that even the founder of their Ummah, the Messenger of Allah himself will have difficulty in deciding which one is better. Shukar Alhamdolellah. Another clear truth that emerges from this Hadis, one that we, Hezbut Tawheed have been reiterating over and over again trying relentlessly to persuade people to realize and face very stiff resistance from all, especially the Olema class of this distorted version of Islam, suffer humiliation and persecution for speaking aloud this one truth is that, from about 60-70 years after the Rasul Allah's departure to the coming of the Mahdi (as) is the hopefully not so distant future this so called Muslim population are Muslims in name only, they do not belong to the Rasul Allah and he does not belong to them. If they are not his people and he does not consider himself to be theirs, then where does that leave this population? One what grounds can one then possibly claim to remain Mo'men, Muslim or Ummat-e-Mohammadi? None. It is not because they no longer believe in the existence and unity of Allah but because they have subjugated to the doctrine of the Dajjal, to the sovereignty of man and adhere to it wholeheartedly.

Almost similar circumstances were prevalent in the Arabia of 1400 years ago, when the Messenger of Allah made his appearance. The Arabs of old had as much faith in the existence of Allah and His Oneness as we do today; maintained that He is the Creator, the Sustainer and the Controller of all (Qur'an-Sura Yunus 19). They held Ebrahim (as) in very high place as a Messenger from Allah, believed themselves belonging to be Ebrahim's (as) nation, accepted the Kaaba reconstructed by Ebrahim (as) as the House of Allah, offered their prayers facing the Kaaba as taught by him; observed the rituals centering Kaaba of the yearly pilgrimage of Hajj and the lesser Hajj, the Umrah; sacrificed animals at the kaaba; observed the month of Ramadan as the month of fasting and were practiced circumcision of their sons as taught by Ebrahim (as).

They invoked the blessings of Allah before starting anything new as we do today, used to write the name of Allah before writing deeds and other important documents like marriages etc. They used to write Besmeka Allahumma (with your name Allah) almost similar to our writing Besmellaher Rahmaner Rahim (With the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful." If so where is the difference between the people among whom the Messenger came to establish Tawheed and this so called Muslim population of today? If the question arises that they worshipped idol and the present populace called Muslim doesn't, the answer is that the Moshreqs of Arab did not believe those idols to be Allah, the Creator or even the Sustainer of the world. Allah himself testified to this fact in the ayats quoted earlier. In these ayats Allah supplied answers to the question He instructs the Rasul Allah to ask the Arabs. What then was the significance of these idols to them? They believed those to be near and dear ones of the Almighty and worshipped them for two definite reasons. Firstly as they purported these idols to be close and near to Allah, they believed He would grant their wishes if they would intercede on their behalf for example-relief from illness, less in business; dalliance form danger, misfortune etc. and the likes. Regarding this, Allah states, "They worship beside Allah which neither hurteth them nor profiteth them, and they say: These are our intercessors with Allah" (Qur'an-Sura Jumar-3).

Secondly, as the Arabs took the ideals to be close and near to Allah, they imagined worshipping these would bring them closer to Allah himself, help them in gaining the 'Qurbiyah' -'proximity' of Allah. In this regard also Allah states "And those who choose protecting friends besides him say: we worship them only that they may be us near unto Allah (Qur'an, Sura Zukhruf- 9, Sura Ankabout- 61- 63, Sura Lukman-25).

Therefore, it can be safely said that the Arabs worshipped the idols for two purposes, one was temporal and the other was spiritual. At no point did the Arabs hold their idols in the similar positions of esteem or importance as Allah.

The question which now arises is that what differences can be perceived between  the so called 'Muslim' population of today that follow the convenient rituals of their faith, consider themselves to be Mo'men, Muslim, Ummat-e-Mohammadi, expect to be placed in paradise after death, and the then Arabs to whom Allah sent His Messenger to bring back to Hedayah, the right path? Let's try to make this subject clearer. There is no doubt that the religion of Islam is rests on five pillars (1) Kalema (2) Salah (3) Zakah (4) Hajj (5) Saom. Those who believe in these issues and observe them in their lives are called Mo'men, Muslim and Ummat-e-Mohammadi.

Now let us gauge the differences of the Muslims now and those Arabs of 1400 years back.

(1)KALEMA- the so called Muslim population of today believe that Allah is one, the Ma'bud, the Creator, the Sustainer, the Cherisher, All-knowing, All-powerful, Compassionate, Merciful- to name some of His Attributes. The Arabs of that time used to believe the same things.

(2)SALAH- The Moshreqs of Arabia used to say their daily prayers facing the Kaaba only in a different way as taught by Ebrahim (as), just as the Muslims of today do; history affirms this. After searching far and wide for their lost son, the family of Zayd (RA), freed-man and later adopted son of Rasul Allah, reached Makkah and learnt that he was in the care of one named Mohammad who was claiming to be a Messenger of Allah. Upon enquiring where they would find this man, they were told to go to the Kaaba and look for the man, saying his prayer separately from all others. That would be Muhammad (s.a.s). This proves that the Moshreqs of Makkah used to offer congressional prayers, though it was different from the Salah of today. They practiced Salah taught by Ebrahim (as). The process of Salah taught by the Messenger of Allah came later.

(3)ZAKAH- The spirit of charity, of alms-giving was very much prevalent among the Arab Moshreqs from one's own earning. The story of the benevolent Hatem Tai is remembered even today. With the coming of Islam, Allah regulated the eclectic, irregular charity to a fixed 2.5% to be spent on various needful areas.

(4)HAJJ- There is no Doubt that Moshreq Arabia practiced the yearly pilgrimage of Hajj with much devotion and fervor throughout history. The sites, month, date and rituals were almost identical to the present Hajj.

(5)SAOM- The month of Ramadan was observed as the month of fasting for Moshreq Arabia as well. What then are the differences between the Moshreq Arabs and the so called Muslims of today? If a Messenger from Allah was needed to bring them to the right path, what of now?

The answer would be that despite all their 'Ebadat', belief in the Oneness of Allah, in His Existence, belief in Kaaba as the House of Allah, offering Salah, giving in charity to win His pleasure, performing Hajj and Fasting throughout the month of Ramadan- the Arabs were Moshreqs for the single reason that the sovereignty of Allah was absent in their Aqidah (concept) and society. They accepted the sovereignty of the custodian/guardians of the Kaaba, the Qurush.

Their 'Din', their way of life was acceptance of the decision of the Qurayesh as law. As today the sovereignty of the whole mankind belongs to the Dajjal and its Din (the way of life) is manmade cracies and isms.

The Muslim population of our times also believe in the Existence and Oneness of Allah, offer prayers and give in charity and Zakah to please their Maker, perform Hajj and 'Tawaf' of the Kaaba with reverence, fast during the month of Ramadan and circumcise their own in accordance with the teachings of the Din, yet its an exact replica of the Arab scenario, they have forsaken the sovereignty of Allah and accepted the Dajjal's system of human sovereignty at the nationals, collective level. One of the main reasons for this fatal error has been the substitution of Ma'bud for 'Elah' in the Kalema 'La Elaha Ella Allah', for which, despite all their good deeds, all their Ebadat, they remained Moshreq. This was why a Messenger from Allah had to be sent in order to bring them back into the folds of sovereignty of the Maker. The call of the last Messenger of Allah to the Makkans gathered at the foot of the mount Safa was not any other than- say (believe) 'La Elaha Ella Allah'. If the actual meaning of the Kalema was 'One to be worshipped', would not his call have been redundant? Because the Arab Moshreqs were already evolved in His 'Ebadat' in way of saying regular prayers in the Masjadul Haram facing Kaaba, paying charity in way of Allah, performing yearly Hajj and observing fast in the month of Ramadan. Also it was not to please their idols, gods or goddesses that they took much initiative either it was to earn the pleasure of the Maker 'Himself' as 'Ebadat' for Him.


The reasons for their worshipping of idols have also been clarified by Allah Himself in the Qur'an (The Qur'an- Sura Yunus 18, Sura Jumar-3).

Therefore it is clear that from the time of the first Messenger Adam (as) to the final Messenger of Allah there has been only Kalema they all have called their people to, 'and not "La Ma'bud Ella Allah- there is none to be worshiped other than Allah". Adam (as) to the Last Messenger none have come with any other Kalema than the "La Elaha Ella Allah - there is none to be obeyed other than Allah". No other attribute of His has been mentioned in the Qur'an as the key word in the Kalema either except Elah which means He who is to be obeyed.

Of course it is very true that there is no Ma'bud (he who is to be worshiped), but it not the Kalema, the foundation of the Din. It is the Kalema of 'La Elaha Ella Allah' that a non-Muslim needs to utter and to believe and to act accordingly to convert himself into a Muslim. Interestingly, we are to offer Ebadat towards the entity that orders it. If there was no direct order to engage in various forms of Ebadat there were no need for us to carry these out. Therefore, the command comes first, the execution of it later ( Say (O Muhammad): "Verily, I am commanded to worship Allâh (Alone) by obeying Him and then doing Ebadat sincerely for Allâh's sake only and not to show off, and not to set up rivals with Him in worship; (Qur'an, Sure Zumar-11)). Elah (who is to be obeyed) is commanding to worship which is being obeyed, so the Elah comes first and the Ma'bud later. Elah and Ma'bud are entirely two different words and carrying different meanings.


As a result of the wrongful interpretation of the basic tenet, millions of beautiful mosques are being built to offer their devotion, there is no dearth of people performing the Hajj, paying-alms or fasting throughout the month of Ramadan. Beside these compulsory Ebadat, tons of personal acts of piety and devotion are being performed and some directives regarding the personal life are also being adhered from the Qur'an. But apart from the personal lives of the people, at the national, collective level, no law, no rule, no order- direct or indirect are being obeyed or paid any heed to, in short Allah is accepted as the Ma'bud only, not as the Elah when it comes to the national, collective aspect of life, this population adheres to the doctrine of the Dajjal of the Judeo-Christian materialistic civilization and this is exactly what the Dajjal demands of the masses. Therefore, they no longer remain within the realm of the Din, far removed from the foundation. The sovereignty of Allah established after a lifetime of struggle of the Messenger of Allah has again been relegated to oblivion and in its place now reigns the sovereignty of the Dajjal's doctrine, the sovereignty of man. The entire mankind today lay prostrate in 'Sajda' at the feet of the Dajjal.

That his Ummah would fall to such depths was known to the Messenger of Allah in one Hadis, he states-You will follow your predecessors to the extent that if you see them entering a snake or reptiles cave, you will follow them into it - when asked- "Ya Rasul Allah! Will it be the Jews and Christians who will be followed?" He answered, "Who else?" (Hadis- Abu sayid (Ra) - Bokhari, Muslim & Mushkat) Therefore, it comes as no surprise that he disassociates himself from the Muslim people of the present of the huge lot betweenthe times of himself and the Mahdi (as). But the good news is despite the fact that his Ummah has become de-facto follower of the Dajjal, will not be destroyed and a time will come when things will again become the way they are supposed to be. His Ummah will rise again and Enshallah among them will come forth people similar to the companions of the Messenger of Allah so much so that it will be difficult even for him to decide which is better of the two! Shukur Alhamdolellah.

Fourth reason- once Abu Obaydah (ra) inquired of the Messenger- "O Messenger of Allah! Can there be people better than us, who have accompanied you in such difficult Jehad?" The Messenger of Allah replied- "During the Akheri jamana (the Last Hour) will come people whose honor and prestige will be lot higher than yours". Abu Obaydah stared in amazement and enquired "Why will their honor be so high?" The Messenger of Allah replied, "I am with you, but will not be with them" (Hadis -Abu Obaydah (ra)- Ahmed & Meshkat).

There are same important things to be taken note of in this Hadis. First is the person who enquired these. He was none other than the distinguished companion, Abu Obaydah (ra), the person on whom the Messenger of Allah bestowed his own title of 'Al-Amin', 'Amin-ul- Millat' as he came to be known as later was the same noun; who lost several of his front teeth trying to extricate the metal pieces of the helmet lodged in the Messenger's head at the Battle of Ohud; as the commander of the Islamic army Abu Obaydah (ra) conquered and brought under the banner of Islam the grater post of northern Iraq. The second point to ponder is what this person is asking about. He asked if any person could be better than those who took part in-difficult, strenuous Jehad alongside the Messenger of Allah. The question was not if anyone could be better than those who prayed along with the Messenger, fasted as he did, paid Zakah or even made the pilgrimage with him. The very question reveals what the Messengers and his followers considered as most important Amal (deed) next to the faith itself. Abu Obaydah didn't say, we have participated with you in the prayers, Hajj, in fasting and many other pious deeds. He didn't mention any of them which this is populace busy with, instead he mentioned Jehad which this populace has not only forsaken as unnecessary but actually is against it.

However, from Abu Obaydah's question it becomes quite clear as regards to what the Messenger of Allah gave to Abu Obaydah, no doubt remains that the Ummah of the last Messenger shall rise again, their 'Aqidah' concept of the Din will be restore to correct Aqidah so that they will be able to claim their rightful role. But for this to happen, the prerequisite is that they have to acquire the qualities of the Sahabas (Messenger's companions) and act like them. The only difference between these two groups, the early and the later will be the presence and absence of the Messenger of Allah; this means he was there with the first Mo'mens but will not be present with these of the Akheri Jamana. But in every other quality, in 'Aqidah', Iman, readiness to sacrifice wealth and life to establish Allah's Din on the earth, iron like unity, in discipline, obedience and Hejrat (forsaking everything in way of Allah), in all of these traits, they need to be like the 'sahabis' or companions of the Messenger. All being same the presence and absence of the Messenger of Allah will place the later Mo'mens higher than those of the companions.

From this various Hadis, we are able to ascertain that the present scenario will change; not only distorted but in fact opposite Din that is being practiced in the name of Islam today will be brought back to the original form the Din-ul-Islam, Din-ul-Haq, as revealed to the Last Messenger of Allah. This populace will once again emarge from the 'fisk' (disobedience), 'Sherk' (polytheism), 'kufr' (disbelief), 'julm' (wrong doing), 'monafeki' (hypocrisy) and the curse that it is submerged in, and will become true Mo'men, Muslim and Ummat-e-Mohammadi [the nation of Mohammad (s.a.s)] and restart working on the responsibility left on them by the Messenger of Allah to fulfill his unfinished mission. Ensha-Allah, that day is not far off.