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Jul 15, 2024
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Actual Ebadat 


IN THE last chapter, I have tried to detail the consequences arising from the changing of the meaning of the 'Kalema' 'La Elaha Ella Allah' to 'La Ma'bud Ella Allah'. In the collective national lives of mankind, all the directives, orders and prohibition ascribed by Allah himself have been rejected and set aside while the Dajjal has been accepted as the Elah with its prescribed doctrine implemented in all major issues. On the other hand, in their personal lives these people offer Salah (prayer), Saom, (fasting, self restrain), perform Hajj give in charity and consider themselves to be they are performing worshiping very well and living in complacency that the doors of Jannah (paradise) are open for them. Now let us see what Allah understands by Ebadat and what Ebadat does He actually expect from us?

The correct meaning of Ebadat is- the performance of the very job any particular object has been created for. The sun has been created to generate light and heat and that is what it is doing from the time of its creation, this is how it is performing its Ebadat. Similarly Allah has created the earth to facilitate the growth of plants, trees, crops, flowers etc and it is diligently carrying out its Ebadat since its creation. Similarly water, fire, electricity, light etc. all creations are carrying out their respective responsibilities without a seconds break, hence they all conform to their own forms of Ebadat.

The same rule applies to all man made objects; every object carries out the specific duty it is created to accomplish. The motor car, for example is built as a means for transport people from place to place, to do it is its Ebadat. Electricity has been produced to run various electrical appliances like radio, television, computer etc. And the various appliances are performing Ebadat by perfectly doing what it is manufactured for. The only difference between the things created by Allah and those manufactured by human being is that human being needs raw materials to manufacture things and Allah doesn't need anything. When He wants to create something He just says, "Be, and there it is (The Qur'an- Sura Yaa-sin-82)."

Now let us try to find out what Allah created man for. Once we know it we will understand what our true Ebadat is.

This entire universe including the 'Malayeks' or Angels were created long before Adam was. When He announced before them His will to place His 'Khalifa' on the earth (The Qur'an- Sura Baqara: 30), they objected in union; however paying no heed to them, Allah went ahead and created Adam anyway (We, Mankind are the offspring of Adam (As). (The Qur'an- Sura Baqara- 213, Sura Yunus-19, Sura Nesa-1)) which makes Adam and us, his descendants, all 'Khalifas' of the Maker, therefore it is important to understand the meaning of 'Khalifa' and 'Khelafat' clearly. The literal meaning of the word Khalifa is 'vicegerent'; holder of delegated authority ambassadors, regional governor of a sovereign (Different dictionaries). If someone wants to have his works done by somebody else and appoints him  as  his  representative,  agent  with  necessary authorities then that appointed person becomes his Khalifa. If a spiritual guide and teacher (peer) for some reasons wants to delegate his powers to some chosen disciples to guide and teach his disciples (Murids) on his behalf he appoints them as his Khalifas, his representatives. The condition is that person will disperse the 'peer' or 'shayekhs' teachings in exactly the same manner as the 'peer' himself does, without adding or subtracting any from the original teachings. Therefore, a Khalifa is someone appointed by the peer to act on his behalf among his disciples. If however, this same Khalifa were to deviate from the peer's teaching according to his own liking, adding or subtracting at his fancy, but verbally declares his peer's authority, would then the peer still tolerate him as his Khalifa?

Another example may be sited here. Suppose an Emperor of a vast kingdom appoints a chosen person as governor of a specific region, in which case, the governor as the Emperor's viceroy would carry out his executive order to rule that area. This governor is the Khalifa i.e. representative of the sovereign emperor. He would be supplied with all necessary guidelines in law and order, economy, penal code etc. to ensure that things run exactly as they would under the Emperor himself. In short, the governor would have no independent authority to alter any of the Emperor's directives. If however, the governor chooses to disregard the Emperor's orders in lieu of which he imposes his own ideas and regulations, yet avowing to the Emperor's authority and sovereignty as lip-service; would then the Emperor still retain his appointment? Or acknowledge him as his viceroy? Logically thinking he would be recalled to the capital, stripped of his post and punished. While in power, the governor might still proclaim the authority of the Emperor, bow five times daily in reverence before him but for the very reason that he changed the entire system of the Emperor's rule, he would be removed from office and punished for violating and undermining the Emperor's sovereignty. Therefore, to relegate one's own responsibility on someone else is to bestow 'Khelafat' or vice-regency on him and that appointed person is the Khalifa. The chosen Khalifa of Allah on this earth is Adam (as) and consequently we, his descendants. In the Qur'an, Allah affirms that Adam (as) was placed as the vicegerent on the earth only (The Qur'an- Sura Baqara: 30). Then as the Khalifa of Allah on this earth what are the duties of mankind? What are the responsibilities?

Simply put, the responsibility of Bani Adam is to do what the Creator would have done Himself had He not placed His vicegerent on the earth. What Allah would have done on this earth had He not put His representative or Khalifa here? The answer is that He would have ruled and administrated this world as He rules and administrates His vast creation, the universe. For the earth, however, He chose to delegate this responsibility to man. So to rule and administrate the affairs of this world on His behalf is the duty and responsibility of the Khalifa i.e. mankind.

Now, how man will do it? To this end, Allah supplied a complete set of directions, inclusive of all aspects of regulation that He Himself would have used if He were to govern this earth Himself. He supplied these guidelines and instructed mankind to regulate their lives with it; as this would be the Ebadat they were created to perform (See Ayat 56 in Sura Dhariyat where Allah is saying "I have not created the Jinn (invisible beings) and Men to any end other than that they may worship (Ebadat) Me.").

This entire universe of the Maker is regulated by a strict code of discipline; each creation carries out the specific job it has been ordained without a moments interruption or hesitation. Among all of Allah's creations there is not one object that possesses even an atomic weight of self-will or will-power. But with the creation of Adam for the first time Allah created something that could break this discipline for this new creation was in possession of something so extra ordinary that not one from His entire universe full of creation were gifted with. Allah blew from His soul into Man (The Qur'an- Sura Hejr-29, Sura Sajda- 9, Sura Saad-72). and this latest creation rose far higher in rank than any of the others, became the "Ashraf-ul- Makhlukat- the most honored in the whole creation"; for along His soul came one and all of His sifats or attributes including that of free will which no other creation had any idea about. Allah's sifats or attributes are endless but what was transferred to man with the breath was everything in very small amounts; a small drop from the ocean, incomparable or entirely insignificant in comparison to the mighty ocean itself, but still a drop from the same source of the same chemical composition. The reason why He blew into Adam from His soul which contains every attribute of His, though in infinitesimal quantity is that it is necessary that to function properly a representative, agent, a Khalifa must have some power and authority of the employer. He regards the breathing from His soul into Adam as His trust (Amanat) to Man (The Qur'an- Sura Ahzab: 72).

Now we see that Allah is first and foremost the only Elah, the only one to be obeyed and the only Ma'bud, only one to be worshipped that is to serve. First comes the acceptance of Him as the Elah, only sovereignty, and then come to serve Him (Ebadat) by governing this world on His behalf by His rules, regulations, laws, and orders. When this is carried out properly, man is doing the job he was created for, performing the actual Ebadat (service) expected from him. The result of changing the meaning of the word 'Elah' (He, who is to be obeyed) in the Kalema into 'Ma'bud' (He, who is to be worshiped, served), is that the huge population called Muslims but de facto Kafer (disbeliever, rejecter), Moshreq (polytheist), fasek (disobedient), jalem (wrong doer), Monafeq (hypocrite) and hence cursed by Allah, Malayeks (angels) and people is not believer in Elah or Ma'bud as it has accepted the Dajjal as its Elah and Ma'bud in his collective life. Let us observe what is in its concept is Ebadat that they are so busy with. As man was appointed the Khalifa for Allah, it is taken that they were to govern this earth according to the rules, regulations and directives provided by the Maker himself. This is the real Ebadat (service). Now to this populace Ebadat is to recite Kalema with wrong meaning of the word Elah, to say prayers, to pay Zakah, to perform Hajj and to fast in the month of Ramadan and doing these they are thinking that they are performing proper Ebadat and are very good Muslims. Since to serve Allah is to work as His Khalifa by doing things on His behalf. However, as Allah's Khalifa, His vice gerent, if Khelafat is their Ebadat - then the question now arises is does Allah say prayer (namaz), pay Zakah (poor-due), perform Hajj, observe Saom (roza), or get up in middle of the night to say Tahajjud prayers? Is He in the practice of these or any other good deed that this population thinks of as Ebadat? Needless to say, He doesn't. All these good deeds do not fall within the category of real Ebadat, i.e. Khelafat. What then are these if not Ebadat? These are the practices He has ordered as mandatory so that the entire Ummah reaches a uniform level of discipline. Allah in His infinite wisdom has outfitted His Din, His way of life with all possible solution and ramifications involving all facets of life, otherwise this Din would not be complete and perfect. Allah affirms,- 'I have perfected your religion for you and completed My favors upon you (The Qur’an- Sura Mayeda: 3).' Therefore there are solutions for all facets of human life in His Din (The Qur'an- Sura Forqan: 32). Take for instance Salah (namaz), which is congregational by nature and solitary circumstantially, designed to install a combination of unity, discipline, obedience, alertness, and readiness to struggle and fight to uphold the truth in case of aggression from outside. Similarly, the issue of wealth and resources management is a very important factor in human existence, a sound, reliable system is imperative to ensure that there is no gross monetary inequality or injustice within the society. Income tax- Zakah, a system based entirely of fast, distribution of combined wealth.


The primary goals of Hajj are the assessment of situations around the world, to find out what specific problems are in any given region and to ascertain the proper measures to be taken to take care of those. The other major objective of Hajj is to serve as rehearsal for the Day of Judgment when all souls will be called upon to answer for their time on earth.

Last but not least is the practice of Saom-keeping in mind that man is a collective unit of body and soul, a process for the purification and enhancement of the soul is devised by means of the month of fasting. The meaning of the word Saom is self-restraint. It should be noted that four out of the five pillars of the Din, the system of life are concerned with collective life; only one, the Saom (self-restraint) is purely personal.

What is being practiced today in the name of Ebadat by the Gomrah- diverted populations is not the actual Ebadat of Khelafat; it is the measures by which the Din is supposed to be established and remain effective in society. The actual Ebadat is to govern this world in His place in accordance with the Din, system of life as revealed by Allah. This population is not only crores of miles away from this actual Ebadat; they are headed in exactly the opposite direction. In accepting the Dajjal's system of human sovereignty, they are faseq- disobedient to Allah and in implementing the Dajjal's way of life rejecting that sent by Allah, they turned into worshippers of the Dajjal instead of Allah. Little does this huge population of praying, alms-giving, hajji and fasting people realize that firstly, they committed the greatest mistake by interchanging Ma'bud for Elah in the Kalema-e-Tawheed, but with the implementation of the Dajjal's word in their collective life, they have strayed far from the Ma'bud of their concept also, 'as such the Almighty Allah (is) no longer remains either the Elah or the Ma'bud for this people (To know more about this, please read my book "This Islam is not Islam at all.").

I am not sure if I have been able to make understand the Ebadat for which He has created the mankind. The meaning of the Ebadat He has stated in the Qur'an by saying "I have not created the Jinn (invisible beings) and men to any end other than that they may worship (Ebadat) Me" (The Qur'an- Sura Dhariyat-56) is to accept Him as the only being to be obeyed and then to act as His representative on earth and administrate and govern by His laws, rules and regulations. The precondition of performing real Ebadat is establishment of the Din-ul-Huq (the true way of life) based on the sovereignty of Allah. This is non-existent in the present world, so there is no real Ebadat anywhere in the world, even the Hezbut Tawheed which believes in the sovereignty of Allah has not being able to start the real Ebadat for which the mankind has been created.