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Jul 15, 2024
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Islam as a person


The Messenger of Allah at different times has tried to make his followers, his Ummah, understand Islam in its true perspective. For that he has used similitude, analogues and examples. For instance he has used a house, or a structure, a building to make us understand the relation of Salah (prayer) with Jehad. He has said Islam is a house, Salah is its pillars and Jehad is its highest peak or roof.137 In it he has clearly stated the relation and importance of these and their priority. A house, a dwelling place, is absolutely worthless without its roof, even if it is equipped with very expensive furniture, utensils and other necessary things. Its pillars are meaningless even if those are made of diamond, if no roof is made as none can live in it, which is the real purpose of a house, a building.

I want to make an analogy of Islam with a human, a person. If we take a human being as Islam, its brain is Aqidah or Aqaeds, its heart is Tawheed, its blood circulation is Jehad, and its skeleton is Salah. These four are the most important, most vital organs for human being as with Islam. If its brain goes wrong, he becomes insane; his actions will be of a mad man, he loses all value as a human being even if the body is healthy and strong. This is why all the Alems, early and present, are unanimous in their opinion that if a person’s Aqidah/Aqaed is wrong, all his amal (action) are useless and even his Iman (belief, Faith) is futile. Even if the person is physically very strong and healthy he is worthless as a human being if his brain does not work properly. His heart is Tawheed which is “There is none to be obeyed other than Allah”, and not the prevailing- “There is none to be worshipped other than Allah”, the Kalema which is the soul of Islam, without which there is no Islam, the foundation of the Deen. Jehad is the circulation of blood, which is pumped by the heart. These three are the most important organs of the human body. Other organs the lungs, the kidneys, stomach, liver etc. though important are of lesser priority, if they become diseased, they can be treated and cured, but stoppage of the heart or the circulation of the blood would cause instant death. That is why Allah says- “If you abandon Jehad He shall punish you severely and replace you with other nations” i.e. since your blood circulation has stopped you are dead and useless and so I do not need you anymore. But without the skeleton the previous three organs will however, be of no avail. Imagine a person who has a sane brain with correct perception of his existence and purpose of life, healthy heart, pumping blood into the arteries and veins but without the skeleton it will be nothing but a heap of muscles, arteries, veins lying on the floor, unable to stand up or do anything, unable to fulfill his mission of struggle and fight for prevailing the Deen-ul-Huq (true way of life) over all other ways. In that state of a mass of flesh and blood even the heart will not be able to pump the blood into the arteries and veins because these will be in twisted condition resulting in eventual death and decay of the muscles and other parts. Hence the strong skeleton i.e. Salah is essential (Fard) for Islam. All other organs of the human body, though they belong to the body are gradually lesser in importance and priority. The limbs after the lungs, kidneys, liver etc. then eyes, ears, nose and finally the skin, hair, beard, the moustache, the eye-brows, eye-lashes, nail etc. If you shave off either the hair or beard, nothing will happen to the body, if you cut off its ears, nose, it will look bad but the body will not die, it will not die even if you cut off its limbs. But if its brain loses its sanity, the human being is totally worthless and if its heart ceases to pump, or the blood circulation is stopped it dies immediately.

It is the blood circulation, which keeps the entire body alive. It keeps all the organs of the body including the brain healthy and it travels even to the hair and nails and keeps them alive and growing. Once that flow is stopped whole body dies and eventually starts to decay and rot.

The blood circulation of this “Islam” which is being practiced to-day has ceased thirteen centuries back when under the Khilafat, which was by then Monarchy, no more real Khilafat of Islam, it abandoned Jehad to have the Deen prevail over all other Deens existent there. By that deed it ceased to be the dynamic and vibrant  Islam  which  was  sent  through  the  last Messenger of Allah. Allah had no need of the dead body anymore and so withdrew His loving, helping hand from this Ummah, and turned it into hand of Azabun Alim (severe punishment) as promised in Ayat 39 of Surah Tauba in His Qur’an. It is noteworthy that the most of the Ummah did not realize that they have already ceased to be real and full Mo’men by the definition of Mo’men in the Qur’an138 and kept on believing that it was the same Mo’men as in the time of the Messenger and kept on practicing the Islam they thought was perfect. But their inability to realize the truth did not save them from the decaying of the corpse and the promised Azabun Alima by Allah. These two proceeded together since forsaking Jehad, in way of military defeat after defeat by the rising enemies, thereby loosing country after country to them, humiliation by them till finally the fulfillments of Allah’s promise of replacing them by the European Christian nations and making this Ummah their slaves. Astonishingly, even today, thirteen centuries since Allah has abandoned this Ummah and has been not only punishing it in every possible way but is also cursing it, its people complacently praying, fasting, paying Zakat, performing Hajj, besides doing various other-pious works, works of sawab (piety, merit). They are confident that doors of Jannah (Paradise) wait open for them. To their horror they will find that the “Doors of Jannah lies under the shadow of the swords” (Hadis, Bokhary, Muslim, Meshkat from Hazrat Abu Musa al Ash’yary r.a) a thing they have forsaken long and now are no longer acquainted with it and hence will not be able to enter through them. Their prayers, spending, pilgrimage, fasting and all other works of sawab (piety, merit) will not help them as these are done by people of all other religions also.

The huge body of the present Islam lies across the surface of the earth from Morocco to Philippines, dead and stinking. Its attendants are busy washing the dead body putting on excellent clothes on it, perfuming it, combing its hair and beard and putting antimony on the eye-lids, and polish on its nails. Being blind, deaf and without power of smell they do not know what they are attending to and serving is long dead and stinking. Its brain does not think properly (Aqidah has gone wrong), its heart now is not the Kalema, Tawheed i.e. “There is none to be obeyed other than Allah” but is changed to “There is none to be worshipped”, which is not the Kalema. So it has stopped pumping the blood resulting the death and decay. And its skeleton is deformed, it is unable to stand and soft like wax. This huge body of Islam will become alive, will stand up again with all its old strength and glory, only when its heart starts beating with the Kalema of “La Ilaha Illa Allah, there is none to be obeyed other than Allah” and pumping blood throughout its body, by re-starting the Jehad, forsaken by Munafiqs (Hypocrites) thirteen hundred years ago. Nothing else will work. The Azab (punishment) and the La’nah (Curse) of Allah will continue as now, or maybe even in worse ways, even if this populace of 1.6 billions, every one of them, becomes Tahajjudi (praying at dead of night every night), fasts all the year round, perform Hajj every year, abstain from every kind of sin; and worse punishment will be waiting for them in the Hereafter.



137 Hadith: Tirmizee from Abu Hurayrah (ra)
138 Surah Hujarat Ayat 15