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Jul 15, 2024
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Present state of this populace


I do not think that, there is any need to describe in detail the present state of the populace, which believe itself to be Muslims. In the history of mankind there has hardly been any other nation, probably with the exception of the Jews, which has been subject to the defeat, humiliation, insult, disdain contempt by all other nations of the world, like the present day Muslims. The injustice that is being meted out to this populace by all other nations of the world since past several centuries can only be compared, again, with that of the Jews who were subject to similar injustice for many centuries. Because of being a small nation the scale of the injustice and humiliation was also smaller than that of the Muslims. Because of their small number the Jews were subject to insult, humiliation, and contempt only by the Christians and was limited inside Europe; and being much larger and spread all over the world, the Muslims are being subjected to the same treatment and injustice by not only the adherent of the four world religions but even by small, tiny stone, tree ghost-worshipping jungle tribes. Of the five present day world religions, four of them- the Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists are friendly among themselves, they do not fight among themselves, if sometimes any dispute occurs or even if some minor conflicts or clashes do occur, they soon compromise and settle their affairs amicably. But in the matter of Muslims, they are all united against this populace. It is like a room where there are five persons; four of them are friendly; they are beating, torturing insulting, humiliating the fifth person. They are kicking, slapping him, spiting on him, tearing his hair and humiliating him in every possible way. On the face of the earth, each of the four nations is doing this in their own areas. The Jews being very small, they are doing this in Palestine. Hindus being limited in India they are doing this in Kashmir besides all over India.


Buddhist doing this in South Asia and China and Christians being spread all over the world like Muslims, doing it everywhere, wherever they can. In the past, the Christians committed genocide, forcibly converted Muslims to Christianity and annihilated the entire Muslim population of Spain. Recently, they tried to annihilate the Muslim populace in Eastern Europe and in the process-committed genocide, raped two hundred thousand Muslim women, prevented the impregnated of them to abort the forced pregnancy by keeping them confined for 7-8 months in Bosnia Herzegovina, a diabolical act unparalleled in human history. Outside Europe, Muslims are being killed in Fillipines, Sudan, repressed in East Timor, Nigeria and other African countries. Muslims' just causes are being suppressed, justice denied, in Buddhist China, Thailand, Myanmar. They have been subjected to genocide, in Laos, Cambodia. For centuries, Jews were subject to Pogroms only by Christians in every country of Europe, now the populace that foolishly believes themselves to be Muslims are being subject to similar pogroms not only by the Christians, but also by all other nations and unlike the Jews, all over the world.

Why so? What is the history of this populace, which claims  itself  to  be  Mumin,  Muslim  and Ummat-e-Mohammadi, the nation of Mohammad (As Salat was-salam)? That history is that the idolator Arabs, almost illiterate, lived in the heartland of Arabia. Almost isolated from the rest of the world, probably the poorest people on earth having no natural resources, they were contemptuously ignored by the then two super powers Romans and Persians who occupied the fertile northern and Southern parts of the Arabian Peninsula. The northern part consisting of Syria was occupied by the Christian Romans and Iraq and Yemen in the south was occupied and ruled by the fire-worshipping Persians. They did not consider the barren heartland of Arabia worth occupying and left the people there alone. So, this poor illiterate pagan people had one boon, political freedom, freedom to have their own legal, economic, social systems. These systems were formulated, applied and controlled by tribal chiefs. Though they varied in different tribes, generally, these were based on the monotheistic religion established by the Messenger of Allah Ibrahim a.s. (Abraham of the old Testament). Among the Arab the clan of Qurayesh claimed their descendancy from Ismail (Ishmael of the Old Testament), the eldest son of Ibrahim, the rebuilder of the Qaba, the House of Allah, and  also  his  religion,  which  they  called Millat-e-Ibrahim, religion of Ibrahim, through by several thousand years the monotheist religion of Ibrahim a.s. was perverted to idol worshipping. These Arabs believed themselves to be true followers of Ibrahim a.s., believed their religion to be that of Ibrahim, notwithstanding their idol worshipping, and called themselves Hanifs - true followers of Ibrahim. Though, there were some Atheists, some Jews and even some Christians, most Arabs believed themselves to be the Millat-e-Ibrahim (the Nation of Ibrahim). And this clan, the Qurayesh was the leader of the Arabia because they were in charge of the Qaba, the House of Allah.

Among those people Allah sent His last Messenger Mohammad (SM) as with every other Messenger, he called his people to forsake idol worshipping and believe in the sovereignty of Allah and accept him as His Messenger. And as with every other Messenger his people disbelieved him, refuted and resisted him, persecuted and tortured him and those who understood and accepted him as Messenger of Allah forsook idol worshipping and accepted Allah as their only Elah (He who is to be obeyed) and Mohammad as His last Messenger to mankind. None can frustrate Allah the Al-powerful hence in spite of all the persecution, rejection and resistance Allah gave His Messenger and his handful of followers victory over much powerful forces of disbelievers, and idol worshipping was fully eradicated and governance by law of Allah was established all over Arabian peninsula. It all happened in twenty-three years.

After the Messenger's passing away, his followers, the nation (Ummah) he built, left their homeland and spread out throughout the world to establish the supremacy of the last edition of the true Deen (Way of life) over the prevailing idol and fire worshipping and perverted Christianity and Judaism. In the process the then two world powers, the Christian Roman and fire worshipping Persian empires resisted them militarily. Astoundingly, these two then super powers with all their economic, political and military might and highly trained armies were routed, astoundingly again, not one at a time but simultaneously, by the illiterate, starving, much smaller rag-tag followers of Mohammad (SM) in battle after battle till finally the Romans were driven away from Syria and North Africa and Persians from Iraq and Yemen. Soon after whole Persian people accepted and converted to Islam, en-masse, and established law of Allah in their collective life. The Ummat-e-Mohammadi did not stop after the two world powers were routed but kept their struggle on and within sixty to seventy years spread and established the rule by Law of Allah from the shore of Atlantic in the west to Chinese border in the east and Caspian Sea in the north to the shore of Indian Ocean in the south; an area of almost half of the then known world. From then till several centuries the Ummat-e-Mohammadi was militarily, politically, economically, the most powerful nation on earth who advanced rapidly in every sphere of education and technology and the rest of the world stood in awe before the new civilization and its political, economic and especially its military might.

This in very very brief is the first chapter of the history of the populace that is known today as Muslims. After remaining as the world's most educated, politically, economically and militarily the most powerful civilization for some time, it started degenerating, its enemies started losing their awe and fear of it and finally started attacking it militarily. Soon, Christians reoccupied Spain; either forcibly converted Muslims to Christianity or eliminated them completely. They drove out Muslims from Eastern Europe forcibly. By the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century, with the exception of Hejaj in Arabia which contains the House of Allah the K'aaba in Makkah and the tomb of His Messenger in Madina, whole of the Muslim world was militarily occupied by different Nation states of Europe. Probably, Allah Himself saved these two places for the honor and prestige of Himself and His Messenger, as by then this once mighty nation had become so weak that they could not defend even the sacred places had the Europeans decided to occupy these. The mighty rulers of half of the world were reduced to slaves ruled by European Christians.

This again in very brief is the second chapter of the history of the populace, no longer a nation, which is known as Muslims. The third chapter is where we live in. I have already put down some words about the present state of this populace known as Muslims. But in reality this populace is far from being either Mumin or Muslim let alone Ummat-e-Mohammadi. From that angle this population is broadly divided into two parts. The 'Muslim' world, which was occupied by the Christian European nations, consists one part and the other part, which was not physically occupied by them; the Central Arabia, which is now called Saudi Arabia. The difference between these two divisions is that the European Christians, after forcibly occupying the Muslim world enforced their own laws, penal code, Judicial and economic system etc. with some necessary modifications for the enslaved people, after removing Shariah by which the Muslim people till then were being governed though the Shariah was already considerably perverted by different Muslim Monarchs, kings and Sultans. As the European nations did not physically occupy the central Arabia, the shariah or at least the basic laws and penal code were left untouched and still remains so. That is how the Saudi Arabia is governed by shariah generally and the rest of the Muslim world is governed by the laws, penal code, economic, political and education system taught and left by the occupying Christian European nations, not by the laws, penal code nor the economic system given by Allah in the Quran.
The nation known as and called Mu'mim and Muslim in the first chapter, from its beginning to about one hundred years and the present populace known as Muslims are definitely not the same. The difference is so obvious, blatant that only the blind can fail to see it. Yet, for actually being blind the populace which calls itself Muslims believe the Deen (Way, system of life, nowadays wrongly called religion) it follows and practices is same as the one taught by the last Messenger of Allah. The people of this population do not realize that starting from the first man Adam (a.s.) all Ways of life have come from Allah through different Messengers and all have been perverted by Eblis. There is only one Deen-ul-Islam, a way of life based on the foundation of the sovereignty of Allah has been perverted and deviated again and again and Messengers have been sent again and again to reestablish the Tawheed, the sovereignty of Allah. The previous editions were sent through Adam, Nuh (Noah) Ibrahim (Abraham), Musa (Moses) Isa (Jesus) and thousands of other Messengers. The Sanatan Dharma today known as Hinduism was established on the basis of Tawheed. There is no religion named Hindu. The word Hindu does not occur even once in any of the scriptures as the word itself not being a Sanskrit one the language of all the Hindu scriptures. It is probably a word of Central Asian origin meaning region of Indus valley and eastwards. One of the four Vedas starts with 'Ekamabat ditiam', (There is only one, no second) there is no mention of idol worshipping in any of the Vedas, only unity, oneness of the Creator; idol worship has been condemned in the Geeta, the main two scriptures of the Hindu religion. Today, the main objectives of worship of the Hindus are dozens of idols, yet they claim to be true followers of Vedas and Bhagobat Geeta. Jesus (A.S.) was sent with the same Tawheed. Today, Christians have become polytheists by believing in Father, son and Holy Spirit, a Trinity and yet proclaim their faith in God and Bible. Similarly, this Muslim population has long become de-facto polytheists by forsaking Tawheed and adopting a collective way of life taught by Western Civilization and yet proclaims to be monotheists.

Question is what transformed the probably poorest people on earth, illiterate, superstitious, having no wealth in their barren desert country, worshipping 360 different kinds of idols, eternally feuding and fighting among themselves into a solidly united motivated nation which left their homes, business, lands families in short everything worldly and swept away all obstacles, including two mighty world powers before them and established the rule of the Creator on almost half of the world within 60-70 years?

The answer is simple - Islam, the last edition of Islam41 sent by Allah through His last Messenger Mohammad s.a.s. on whom He revealed His Message to mankind, the Quran. By the Quran and its explanations by its Messenger the almost wholly unlettered (among the followers of the Messenger who numbered almost half a million including women and children at his death, there were hardly forty persons, according to historians, who could read and write) Arabs knew and understood the purpose of this creation, the purpose of the creation of Man, the Vicegerent of the Creator Himself- the responsibilities of the Vicegerent, the reward and punishment of success and failure of fulfilling the responsibilities. They realized that, as Allah's Vicegerent on earth their first and foremost responsibility was to acknowledge the sovereignty of Allah on mankind and establish a Way of life (Deen), a system of conducting the affairs of their lives based on that sovereignty (Tawheed). All other responsibilities are less important and only follow and complement that. They also realized that fulfilling this responsibility demand sacrifice of their lives and worldly possessions, the reason for which Allah has bought the lives and worldly wealth of the Mu'min.42 They also realized that their leader, the Messenger of Allah was entrusted with the responsibility to proclaim the sovereignty (Tawheed) and establish the Way of life (Deen) over the whole world on that foundation and since that was not possible for him alone and in a life span, after his death, the fulfilling of that responsibility rested on them. This deeply felt realization of responsibility made them do what they did and what is now history.

Now, there is no escape from the fact that, the Islam practiced by the Messenger of Allah and the present day Islam are not only different from each other, but are in fact fully opposite to one another in their perception of life, its goal and the process of achieving that goal. History is witness that Islam was dynamic, extrovert even explosive. Its first explosion covered the Arabian Peninsula and the second explosion after the death of their leader covered half of the world. Today's Islam is static, introvert and implosive, lifeless.

As long as the nation, Ummat-e-Mohammadi was striving to fulfill its responsibilities towards Allah, He was kind to it, helped it in all way resulting in an incredible achievement unparalleled in mankind's history. There are many occasions in history where a population has migrated from one place to another. The reasons have been change of climate, desertification of their land, invasions by other nations, epidemic diseases etc. but there is no instance in human history when almost all able bodied men and women of a nation had left everything and gone out in the world not to occupy others' land, not to plunder, not to kill, not even to convert other people to their faith, but to accomplish an ideal, to establish a way of life, a system (Deen) founded on the sovereignty of the Creator (Tawheed).
The difference between the Islam practiced by the last Messenger of Allah and his followers, his Ummah for almost hundred years, and the Islam practiced today does not end there. The Islam of the Messenger and his Ummah was founded on the sovereignty of Allah (Tawheed). In present day Islam, that sovereignty has been replaced by the sovereignty of people (Democracy), of Kings (Monarchy) of certain classes of people (Socialism, Communism) of individuals (Fascism, Dictatorship) etc. in different Muslim countries. True Islam is based on the sovereignty of Allah (Tawheed) without which there is no Islam. As this sovereignty has been replaced by other sovereignties in the present Islam, the populace today known as Muslims are, notwithstanding its prayers, zakat, pilgrimage, and all other religious activities, are de-facto Mushriq (polytheists) and Kafer (unbelievers). So, the kindness, grace, help of Allah, which He showered on His Messenger's followers, has turned into Ghadab (Wrath) and Lanah (Curse).

The difference between the stunning victories and the other achievements of the small, poor, unlettered Ummah of the Messenger of Allah and the defeat, humiliation, and worthlessness of the huge and otherwise rich populace known as Muslim today has convinced many thinking people that these two peoples and their Deen are not the same. But unfortunately, they have not been able to understand the true reason for this difference and the consequent downfall. To find out the reason, we must correctly ascertain what made that unlettered, extremely poor small people constantly feuding and fighting among themselves transform into a steel solid, disciplined nation valiant, utterly fearless fighters but just, merciful and kind to all who did not stand in their way.

The answer again is - Islam; the true Islam. It was Islam, its teachings that did the miracle. Some western historians have written that, the cause of the transformation of the people was the unparalleled leadership, wisdom, tremendous personality and other qualities of the Messenger. But no, achievements like conquering vast areas of earth are there in human history, like those of Changis Khan, Taimur (Tamarlene), Alexander, Hannibal etc, but those were results of leadership and other qualities of individuals and that is why those crumbled and disappeared after their  leadership  was  gone.  In  the  case  of Ummat-e-Mohammadi, it was exactly the opposite. It burst into huge explosion that engulfed half of the world after the leadership was gone. So, it was not the leadership only, it was what the leader left with his followers; and that was true Islam. For reasons I shall put forward later that true Islam, first slowly then rapidly became perverted and degenerated and today it has reached a point, where the Islam which Allah revealed to His Messenger, Mohammad (S.A.) and established by him, and the present day Islam practiced by our 1600 million people are not only not the same but are two different Islams. These two look to be the same from outside, but inside these are moving in opposite directions.

To elucidate this fact, I want to place a comparison between the Ummah created by Mohammad (S.A.) the last Messenger of Allah and the present populace which believes themselves to be the same Ummah (Nation) and that they are practicing the same Islam.

SN    The Ummah at the time of the Messenger of Allah and till 100 years.   The present day populace which claims to be the same Ummah.
1.   Total population about half a million.   Total population- around 1600 million.
2.   Lived in barren desert, had no natural resources, no oil, gas, minerals, and even hardly any agriculture.   Owner of huge portion of natural wealth of this earth. Owner of more than 60% of world's oil, and more than 40% gas of the world, without which the Judeo-Christian Technological Civilization would grind to a halt.
Besides oil and gas, possesses considerable portion of other natural wealth of this planet.
3.   Illiterate, historians' opinion is that there were hardly forty persons in the whole Ummah who could read and write.   There are millions of literate persons in the present population, besides hundreds of thousands of scientists, physicians, lawyers, intellectuals, technologists and highly educated Ulema, Fukaha, Mufassir, Muhaddis, Pir, Morshed and millions of their disciples.
4.   There were less than half a dozen handwritten copies of Quran with that Ummah.   Now there are hundreds of millions of copies of excellently, brightly printed Quran all over Muslim world. There are even Quran written with golden letters.
5.   There was no translation of the Quran.   Quran has been translated into every major language of the world, not by one in one language, but by many different translators. Also it has been translated in practically all-regional languages.
6.   There was no written interpretation (Tafseer) of the Quran.   At present there are thousands of commentators (past & present) who have interpreted the Quran according to their own understanding.
7.   That Ummah was united like a solid piece of steel.   The present 'Muslim' population is physically divided into more than 50 Nation-States, into hundreds of political ideologies aping the West and hundreds of Mazhabs and Firqas (Sects) interpreting Islam in different ways and into hundreds of Tariqas spiritually.
8.   That tiny newly born
illiterate Ummah
attacked two Super
Powers of the then
world, not one by one,
but simultaneously and
drove one (Eastern
Roman Byzantine
Empire) out of Syria and
North Africa and the
other (Persian Empire)
accepted Islam en-masse.
  The presently huge 'Muslim' population is militarily defeated, insulted, humiliated,
despised by every other nation and religions of the world.
9.   Romans and Persians
used to consider one
soldier either of them
were equal to ten of the
Arabs in battlefield, and
that was conceded by
the Arabs themselves.
After conversion to
Islam, within a time
span of only ten years
the Muslims routed
several times larger, well
trained, well equipped
Roman and Persian
armies in battle after
  The present day 'Muslim' population being
numerous in number and possessing a
considerable portion of earth's natural wealth is defeated in every conflict with others, is looked down at and despised by all other peoples of the world. During last
several centuries, this claimant of being the
same Ummah has been defeated in every conflict with Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists.
10.   It is history that the rest of the world looked at that Ummah with respect and awe.   Today, all other nations look down at 'Muslims' with contempt and disdain.

These a few comparisons between the Ummah created by the last and the greatest Messenger of Allah and the present populace (no more a Ummah) which claims and believes itself to be the same thing is enough to convince any thinking reasonable person that, these two are not the same. It is not that these two things are merely two totally and completely different things but actually these two are opposite things as I have stated earlier. The similarity is only superficial, visible with physical eyes; inside it is totally opposite to each other. Its like two different trees, very similar to look at but producing two different kinds of fruits, or two very similar looking machines producing totally different things. Or it is like you knew a man many years back, a brave valiant warrior sacrificing everything for a great cause, honest, pious and sincere. You meet him again after a long time and recognize him as the same person, but you don't know that for many reasons he has changed inside into a selfish, dishonest, insincere, thieving coward. His outside look will not tell you about that, you will take him to be the same person you knew long before. Such is the case with the Ummah the Messenger created and its present populace, which claims to be the same thing.


Unquestionably it was the true Islam, the Islam that Allah sent through His last Messenger that transformed the Arabs; transformed the 360 idol worshipping illiterate, extremely poor, incessantly feuding and fighting among themselves for generations, into a solidly united, disciplined Ummah, eager to dedicate themselves for a great cause. Undoubtedly had the Islam as taught by the Messenger been present today, the condition of the population that claims to be practicing the same Islam would not be what it is today. That Islam is lost many centuries ago. Its blood circulation slowed down within one hundred years after the Messenger, the inevitable decaying process set in and continued till several more centuries and its heart stopped after it was defeated and occupied militarily by the Christian Nation States of Europe (as promised by Allah in the Quran).43

Today its huge body lay prostrate from Africa's western shore to the shore of Pacific Ocean, in south-east Asia dead and stinking.



 41The previous editions were sent through Adam, Nuh (Noah), Ibrahim (Abraham) Musa (Moses) Isa (Jesus) and thousands of other Messengers

42Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain: a promise binding on Him in truth, through the Law, the Gospel, and the Qur'an: and who is more faithful to his covenant than Allah? then rejoice in the bargain which ye have concluded: that is the achievement supreme (Sura At-Taubah, Ayat 111).
43O you who have attained to faith! What is wrong with you that when you are called upon, “Go forth to war in the cause of Allah,’ you linger slothfully in the land? Are you content with this life in preference to the life to come? But the enjoyment of life in the world is but a paltry thing when compared with the life to come.
“If you do not go forth to war, He will chastise you with grievous chastisement and place another people in your stead. You can in no way harm Him. Allah has power over all things.” (Sura Tawbah – 38-39).