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Jul 15, 2024
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Dajjal, the Anti-Christ has appeared!!


The final and the greatest Messenger of Allah Mohammad (SM) foretold the arrival of a huge one-eyed giant astride a mighty horse or a mount on earth during the later time (Akheri Zamana). He has called this character the 'Dajjal' and Isa (as) (Jesus) has called it the Anti-Christ. It will declare itself to be the lord (Rub) of mankind.195 It will be in possession of two things similar to heaven and hell. What it will claim to be its heaven will actually be hell and what it will refer to as hell, will turn out to be heaven.196 It will be in possession of huge quantities of 'rezk', meaning sustenance from which it will distribute among those who accept it as their Rub. They will dwell in prosperity, while those who oppose it will not be provided any sustenance from it. Furthermore, they will be imposed with sanctions and embargos. In this manner the Dajjal will enforce misery on Muslims.197 The Messenger described the Dajjal as the gravest danger and the most alarming event to ever face mankind from the Creation of Adam to the Judgment Day.198 To further stress on its importance, the Messenger of Allah himself sought refuge with Allah from the malaise (Fetnah) of the Dajjal.199


With the Infinite Grace of the Almighty, Muhammad Bayazeed Khan Panni, the Emam (Leader) of Hezbut Tawheed has been able to identify the Dajjal. He has proved that the Materialistic Western Judeo-Christian Civilization is the Dajjal, the one-eyed giant prophecised by the Messenger of Allah. Its birth took place 478 years ago and having passed its infancy and childhood it is now an adult. This 'giant', has turned out as the dominant force in the world today, the entire world including its 'Muslim' population laying prostrate at its feet!
The literal meaning of the word "Dajjal" is that of an attractive impostor, beautiful outside but dark and ugly inside, a cheat, a deceiver and a liar. This description of the Dajjal fully fits the description of the present technologically advanced western civilization that dazzles the beholder with fantastic achievements on the one hand while on the other hand the world under its influence is rife with injustices, persecutions, wars, turmoil, hunger, bloodshed, crimes, tears and sins of every kind. This 'civilization' has been responsible for the deaths of 14 million human lives in the last century alone in course of the two world wars and another 20 million people in different wars and skirmishes ever since. Most recently this civilization has taken the lives of 1 million people in Iraq and Afghanistan only. The number of people disabled from these would be at least double of the dead; countless more have been displaced and rendered homeless. It does not end there- injustices and cruelty on personal and collective levels, murders, thefts, rapes, kidnappings go on unabated and it is for these that the western civilization is the dazzling,  attractive  impostor,  the  Dajjal.  The Judeo-Christian Civilization has openly declared several times that its objective is to establish democracy i.e. the sovereignty of man all over the world instead of the sovereignty of Allah. And sadly the whole mankind has accepted its sovereignty including the populace which beliefs itself to be Muslims.
That "all man-made isms and cracies are the finest and best of all systems of life"- this kufr (disbelief) is now accepted as the truth in almost every corner of this world as a result of the non-stop barrage of propaganda in the print and electronic media, in discussions, speeches, and system of education. The populace known as Muslims has also taken the systems of life provided by the Dajjal as the solution of all problems of their life and as the only source of peace, happiness and security. Thus they have accepted the Dajjal as their Rub, the sustainer. But have anyone found the expected peace? Not indeed. For not recognizing the Dajjal, the populace known as Muslims has fallen in the hell of the Dajjal and are passing their lives through endless unhappiness, injustice, insecurity and turmoil.
Critical analysis of the Hadis of the Last Messenger leaves no doubt that the giant, named Dajjal is no visible or physical animal. It was described allegorically in great detail as a huge giant as the mostly illiterate people of Arabia at the time of the Messenger would not have understood had he described the Dajjal as a civilization. So he had to describe the power and might of a civilization as a giant. However, for the sake of argument, let us say that the Dajjal will indeed appear as a huge one-eyed physical giant astride a gigantic mount, the distance between its mount's ears would be seventy cubits, i.e. thousands of feet; if indeed such an animal was to appear would not one and every person on this planet accept this very creature as the one prophesized by the last Messenger of Allah? And on seeing it, Muslims and non-Muslims alike would recognize it as the Dajjal described by the Messenger of Islam. But the Messenger of Allah has said, the word 'Kafer' will be written between the eyes of the Dajjal, yet only Mo'mens, believers (literate and illiterate both) will see and read it; those who are not Mo'mens (both literate and illiterate), will not be able to read or understand it.
Furthermore, the Messenger of Allah has said, "The Dajjal will appear from within the Jewish nation and seventy thousand of his people, his Ummah will be its followers."200 If the Dajjal were indeed a gigantic animal, how is it that it would appear from the Jewish people, a human nation? And how come Muslims are to leave the following of Allah and obey the Dajjal instead of Him? If an animal of gigantic proportions with one foot of its mount in the east and the other in the west appears among people of this earth, some recognize it, some won't, some will become its followers, others won't, some people will read the etching on its forehead, others won't - how feasible is that? For the sake of argument, let us suppose that a gigantic animal should indeed appear in the horizon and claim that
the entire mankind accepts it as their Rub (sustainer and master). Is it acceptable that let alone the whole world, the one superpower that is dominant throughout the world today, the self-proclaimed protector of liberty and freedom, the United States of America would meekly submit to its claim? Would not the United States surely    try to destroy it using its nuclear bombs? However, there is no document of the Messenger of Allah prophesying any such conflict between the Dajjal and the inhabitants of this world, on the contrary it is recorded that the Dajjal will occupy the world in such a manner that even a piece of land or water will not remain outside its control.
This proves that all these description of a giant are not those of a physical, tangible animal: they are allegorical references to a mighty force and power; at the same time, it is also proved beyond any doubt that this mighty giant we speak of, is the present day Judeo-Christian materialistic technological civilization- manifest in all its strength and power before our very eyes.



There is a particular reason for our claim that that the Judeo-Christian civilization is the Dajjal - is now beyond any reproach. The reason is the Messenger of Allah has said, "Those who resist the cursed Dajjal their honor and prestige will be similar to the shaheeds (martyrs) of the battle of Badr and Ohud."201 This Hadith is turned into reality before our eyes. The Dajjal has been identified by the Emam of Hezbut Tawheed and his followers are actively engaged in unmasking the true identity of the Dajjal in front of the people of this world, thus resisting the Dajjal. There is no other group, no other entity that has correctly identified this fearsome giant, nor is anybody trying to resist it. Therefore, according to the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah, every member of Hezbut Tawheed today has earned the status of being a living, breathing martyr. However, the claim of shahadat for so many people is not an empty one, either it is all documented and the proof is being provided by the Almighty Himself. The proof is: according to the medical science within 2 hours of a person's death, the body starts to become rigid. Within the next 12 hours it becomes as hard as a piece of wood and turns ice cold. The body stays that way for 24 hours after which it slowly starts getting softer to decompose. This is the biggest proof of death and referred to as 'Rigor-mortis'. Bodies of all dead creatures- man and animal go through this same process.
Yet, for sometime now, we have been observing with great amazement that this universal law of death is being altered in the case of Hezbut Tawheed members. In the case of any member's passing away, the body neither turns rigid nor does the temperature turn sub-normal. Their bodies retain their lifetime flexibility and normal temperature. In one case the condition has remained the same even 27 hours after apparent death. It is not even that they died in battle to establish Allah's truth- they died from common illnesses and some of them from injuries received in accidents. Also, these incidents are not one or two in number, many and all properly documented and correlated with witnesses' names and signatures - which can be provided. The fact of a dead body not turning rigid is in direct contrast to all laws of medical science - and an unprecedented occurrence. The question is - what can the explanation for these extra ordinary, natural law defying incidents be?
The only explanation is that the Almighty Allah has accepted the Dajjal resisting members of Hezbut Tawheed as shaheeds, martyrs even while they are alive. The Almighty has affirmed - "And call not those who are slain in the way of Allah, "dead". They are living; they receive provision (Rezk) from their lord."202 Therefore, the shaheeds, martyrs are living beings in the eyes of Allah. On the other hand, the Messenger of Allah has referred to those who resist the Dajjal as living shaheeds. Thus, in keeping with the word of Allah and His Rasul, those who are resisting the Dajjal of the Akheri Zamanah, i.e. the members of Hezbut Tawheed are not dying, they are shaheeds, martyrs. And the fact of the matter is, members of Hezbut Tawheed who are actively involved in the resistance of the cursed Dajjal are earning the rewards of two shaheeds even in their lifetime. For this reason, their bodies do not go through the natural process of rigidity (Rigor Mortise) and icy coldness of death they remain soft and flexible. Although apparently death overcomes them, in truth they remain immortal; they merely go behind the screen and disappear from our sight, when they are laid in their grave.
Therefore, it is proved beyond doubt that what the Hezbut Tawheed is resisting, e.g. the Judeo-Christian civilization is the Dajjal. Also, it is proven that Hezbut Tawheed is the group about which the Messenger of Allah prophesized so many centuries ago. This greatest glad tiding has been brought to you today. The chance to receive the unimaginable honors and prestige associated with the resistance of the Dajjal is before us to grab of. Therefore let us all partake in this unique opportunity to win the honor of two magnificent shahadats.
To know more about the Dajjal read the book "Dajjal? The Judeo-Christian 'Civilization'!" and see the documentary film made on the basis of this book.
The Proposition of the Ultimate Truth on behalf of The Leader of the Time.


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