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Jul 15, 2024
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A Unique Opportunity


Hadis- "Those who resist and confront the cursed Dajjal, their honor, prestige and reward will be the same as the Shaheed (martyrs) of Badr and Ohud."-Abu Horayra (RA), Bokhari, Muslim.


The entire episode of the Dajjal is extremely important, especially so because no other event in the history of mankind can compare to the magnitude of this one event, this has been certified by the Messenger of Allah himself. This particular Hadis bears special message, good tidings for us, the people of the present day, also it contains some extraordinary points to be noted. The highest reward among the Mo'mens of this Din has been retained for martyrs (Shaheeds), for no sooner does their souls leave the body than paradise is granted to them. The highest position of prestige is also reserved for them as it is not allowed to refer to them as dead people, though they do not walk on this earth anymore. Besides these, there are some other specialties bestowed on them that Allah has not even granted His Messengers, not to speak of general Mo'mens, either, e.g. there is no need to bathe or enshroud them in the traditional 'kafon' for burial, they have been exempted from the janaja or pre-burial prayer and also from the interrogation by the Malayeks in the grave. These rewards, recognition and honor belong only to the league of Shaheeds, those who embrace death to establish His Din, His way of life on this earth.


About the people who will confront and resist the Dajjal it is to be noted that-
1)They will be awarded the rewards of the Shaheeds (martyrs) besides the specialties mentioned above without being Shaheed.
2)They will be awarded the honor and reward of not one but two Shaheeds. Nowhere else there is any provision of reward of two Shaheeds for one person (There is a Hadis narrated from Umme Haram (ra) where it is stated that those who give up their lives in naval warfare will receive the rewards of two Shaheeds. This Hadis, however is not taken as a sahih one, but Hasan, its source is Sunane abu daud. Even if this Hadis is true, the two Shahadat (Martyrdom) are not of Shahat of Badr or Ohud.).
3)Those who will resist and confront the Dajjal will receive the rewards of not only two general Shaheeds, but one of the battle of Badr and one of the battle of Ohud.
4)The Shaheeds of the battles of Badr and Ohud are recognized as those of the highest honor among all others, because Tawheed, Din-ul-huq could not have been established on this earth had the Messenger of Allah lost either of these two battles. The Messenger of Allah said to those who returned from the battleground of Badr- 'Do what you please, for paradise is granted to you (Hadis, from Abu Horairah (ra)-Bokhari).' This was to those who returned victorious alive; those who were martyred must surely have received so much higher positions. And those to resist the Dajjal will receive the rewards and honor of not the warrior alive, but the Shaheeds of the first battle of Islam! Not only of the Badr, but the reward and honor of Badr and Ohud combined.


One might wonder why Allah would choose to favor these people (who resist Dajjal) with such unimaginable reward. The answer is quite simple, actually it is a matter of prestige for Allah, the challenge the Eblis threw at Him, of winning or loosing in this challenge. Around the world today, the Dajjal has overthrown Allah's sovereignty, His authority and replaced it with the Eblis' doctrine, human sovereignty. The Dajjal has effectively rejected the Maker as Rub- Lord, of His own creation and gotten away with this too. Excepting a tiny portion among this huge mass of people there is none today to speak up for Allah's sovereignty- and the Dajjal is sparring no end to label this group as terrorist and wipe them off the face of this earth. For this reason, the reward they are to receive from their Lord is so great.

5)In the Afterlife, Shaheeds from all times will be the envy of all people, and those who resist the Dajjal will surely be the envy of the Shaheeds themselves! Envy of even of the Shaheeds of the Badr and the Ohud. For every Shaheed will enjoy the rewards of the particular Shahdat he/she achieved. The Shaheed of the Badr will get the reward and honor of the Shahdat at the Badr and the Shaheed of the Ohud will get the reward and honor of the Shahdat at the Ohud. The Shaheed of Badr will not get the reward of the Shahdat at Ohud or vice-versa. Only those who resist and repel the Dajjal will be awarded the honor, prestige and reward for the Shahdats at the Badr and the Ohud combined.


In all of Islam, there is no good deed, no other action for which the rewards are so unimaginable, stupendous. It also by far surpasses the reward and honor of the Shaheeds. This opportunity par excellence, has eluded all the Messengers and their Ummahs because the Dajjal did not appeared in their times. The Dajjal has made its appearance now, at this present time and with its destruction at the hand of Isa (as) it will never surface again, some 371 years have passed since its birth and now it had reached the height of maturity; so it is safe to say that Isa (as) is not long in coming either. Once the destruction of the Dajjal is complete, the opportunity to achieve these rewards will forever be lost to mankind.

In the millions of years of human existence it is us, the people of the present day, for whom this small window in time is open. We are the people who witness the Dajjal, so they who rise amongst us to the occasion, to resist and confront the Dajjal, only they will be the fortunate ones to reap this golden harvest.
Like I have stated earlier, the honor, prestige and reward for those who stand against the Dajjal is unparalleled in the history of Islam; it is much, much higher than those for other Shaheeds and even the Messengers. What could be the reasons in the elaborate scheme of things that warrant rewards of such magnitude?

The principal reason is that the Dajjal wants to displace Allah from the position of sovereignty (Ulluhiyah) and occupy His place. Today the Creator holds no position of authority over the collective lives of the peoples of the world; for this reason those who strive to the limits of endurance and perseverance with their lives and their wealth, they are to receive rewards higher than any other among the entire mankind.

The Dajjal's call to mankind is to reject the Din, way of life from Allah and opt for its doctrine in the collective lives e.g. in economy, politics, penal code, education, administration in shorts every aspect of collective life.

The one area the Dajjal does not object to is the personal and private acts of worship, people can pray all they want in mosques, pagodas, churches, temples, and synagogues, remember their Allah, Eshwar, God, Eli, Buddha, and all their gods and goddess to their hearts' content as long as it does not interfere with any state or administrative activities. The collective social lives of humans must be devoid of all one and all of the Creators directives, no rules and regulations of the Maker may have any bearing on the political, administrative sides of the society, it can have no influence on the law, penal code, education, economy, or any other facet. Instead, one and all directive of the Dajjal must reign supreme what the Dajjal sees fit must be obeyed this is the claim of the giant.

As per the Dajjal's demand, all of mankind (See Hadis XIII and XIV in the chapter 'Identity of the Dajjal'), inclusive of some 150 million plus Muslim population (See Hadis XII in the chapter 'Identity of the Dajjal') today has accepted its doctrine to govern their collective lives with; as a result there is no place on earth that the sovereignty of Allah is effective. Monarchy, socialism, democracy, communism, fascism, are all different forms of the Dajjal's system. After severe conflicts and clashes among these isms and cracies, democracy has emerged as the forerunner. The Judeo-Christian Civilization i.e. the Dajjal has adopted the democracy as their way of life and it is going to all lengths to impose it on the rest of the world. Had Hitler's fascism come out as the victor in Second World War, fascism would have been the order of the day in the world and democracy and communism would have been relegated to the inferior position just as fascism and communism are today. Following the fall of fascism with Hitler's defeat, democracy and communism remained at loggerheads for many, long years, from 1947 to 1991. When communism too, met its demise in 1991, capitalist democracy came out as the sole contender with the whole world at its feet. During the entire duration of the Cold War from after Second World War till the fall of communism, the only deterrent that prevented an all out war was the nuclear bombs; for both side knew only too well that were they to use it first, their own destruction too was inevitable. With communism and fascism out of the way, capitalist democracy is the sovereign in most countries of the world and His power aims to replace the Maker's sovereignty with that of itself in places where they are still holding out against it.

As a result of the non-stop barrage of propaganda in the print and electronic media, in discussions, speeches, and system of education, this kufr (disbelief) is now accepted as the truth in almost every corner of this world.

Wherever a country or people refuse to accept this falsehood, the Dajjal counters with the cessation of business activities with them, imposes economic sanctions in an effort to inflict financial tribulation on them. If this works, well and good, otherwise they are treated with even tougher embargoes to compel them into accepting the Dajjal's way (See Hadis VIII in the chapter 'Identity of the Dajjal'). In cases where even sanctions and embargoes do not bring the desired effect and the people do not accept man's sovereignty the Dajjal's forces do not hesitate to conduct military expeditious into their territory and force them into subjugation. Such expeditions cause the deaths of hundreds of thousand of civilian men, women and innocent children, the old and the infirm, cause city after city to be destroyed, razed to the ground, hundreds of villages to be burnt down and leave millions disabled from cluster bombs. Yet these are not considered inhumane or unjust, all atrocities, killing, destruction and demolition in the name of warfare are very neatly labeled as collateral damage, as something quite casual that happens in wartime, not to be taken very seriously.

After everything is said and done, it is not surprising that Allah reserves the highest reward and honor for those who will come forward and uphold the banner of the sovereignty of Allah ready to sacrifice their lives and their wealth without hesitation against the giant, the Dajjal which so mighty that it holds the earth on the palm of his hand. The reward and the honor Allah reserves for these valiant men and virtuous women, He has not kept for any body including Hs Messengers because none of His Messengers had or will have opportunity to face the Dajjal.

We know from the Messenger of Allah that this unprecedented giant with all its power and might will be totally destroyed by Jesus (Isa as.), a Messenger of Allah on his second coming to this earth and the sovereignty of the Creator will reign supreme all over the world (Haids: Muslim from Abdullah ibn Omar (Ra), Muslim and Tirmizee from Nawas ibn Sa'man (Ra), Ahmed and Meshkat from Mekdad (Ra) etc.). Those who are born at this age of the Dajjal's reign will not avail this opportunity of getting the highest reward and honor from Allah by standing up and resisting and confronting the giant are really unfortunate.

MAY ALLAH accept this book of mine in which I have revealed the real identity of the Dajjal foretold by the Messenger of Allah 1400 years back, as a feeble resistance and confrontation against the Dajjal, the Judeo Christian Civilization which has usurped His sovereignty.