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Jul 15, 2024
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Crossroads in Time


We, the people think of ourselves as Mo’mens, Muslims and Ummat–e–Muhammadi, what is our history? Where have we come from, what are our origins, why were we created as a nation? These are questions that do not cross the minds of 120 million people that make up this nation. One would come up with no less 10 million different answers from this crowd of 120 million people. Yet, when this nation was brought into being 1400 years ago through the tireless effort, unparalleled sacrifice, unwavering perseverance, unflinching integrity and armed combat by the Messenger of Allah, if the same questions were asked to any number of people of this group, one would receive only one answer, there would have been no differences of opinions or in answers. The history of this nation is such that within 25 years of its inception, they were able to in armed battles and conflicts defeat the two then superpowers of the world and bring the whole of West Asia under the rule of Allah, establish His way of life. One was the Christian Roman Empire and the other fire worshipping Persian Empire. In terms of numerical strength, wealth, weapons and every conceivable way, these armies were far superior to this newborn one, yet little could they do when it came crashing down on them from all sides. After these armies were completely routed, the Christian Romans left Asia for good and while the Persians accepted this new faith, new way of life and was incorporated into this growing nation making up what we know as Iran today. During the next 60 to 70 years, this nation was able to bring half of the known world under the banner of Allah’s rule, His law. The history of this nation up to that point is of victory only, of one gain after another over armies many many times larger, stronger and far more experienced than them, an unbroken record of victories in every battle they fought.


What was the objective of those battles and the victories? Was it to expand their kingdom? Or to force people of other religions to accept theirs? The reason was none of the above. The objective, aim was the very reason for which under Allah’s instruction His Messenger created this nation: that is to establish the Deen, His rules and regulations on the face of this earth through armed combat. Once Allah’s Deen is established all kinds of unrest, turmoil, injustice would be eradicated and a situation of peace, justice and security would be ensured – for which reason this Deen is named Islam, literal meaning for peace. From the First Rasul Adam (AS) to the Final Messenger of Allah Muhammad (SM) the name of this way of life, this faith has remained the same. However, this peace is in exact opposition to the meaning for which it is used today both by religious and non–religious (political) leaders alike.


It is common fact, that let alone Allah’s rule no law, rule can be established without first acquiring state power, just as it is apparent that no one will give up this power without a fight. Therefore it was necessary for the Ummat–e–Muhammadi to engage in combat to acquire it; but they did not force a single person of any other faith to accept Islam. On the other hand, in one and all places the Deen of Allah was implemented, the victors themselves took take of the security of the churches, temples, synagogues and pagodas to ensure that people of all the other faiths could practice their religions without any hindrance. The level of religious freedom and security this nation provided for people of other faiths is one that remains unparalleled, unique in the history of mankind. There has been no other nation that could achieve this. With the introduction of Allah’s law on half of the world, all sorts of injustice, misrule and insecurity e.g. Fasad and Safakudimma were abolished and instead was established peace, security, justice in every level of life, both personal and collective, social, economic, political security in one word: peace.


Unfortunately for this nation, a great tragedy followed. This nation that the Messenger of Allah took so much take an effort to rear, personally trained to become some of the fiercest warriors this world has ever known, lost sight of their goal and objective. They forgot why they had been created, to what end, what their objective was. They became oblivious to the fact, that forsaking the very reason of their creation, of their training was tantamount to breaking their covenant with Allah and His Messenger. Yet this was what they did. Their objective and aim, e.g. Aqida became distorted and forsaking the Jehad, all out struggle to establish Allah’s Deen on the earth, they took to enjoying the privileged lives of kings and monarchs. They failed to realize the disastrous consequence to their actions, neglected to see that if the particular purpose for which a thing is made is not served by it, then that thing loses all value. The purpose of a watch is to tell the time, however if it does not work or even show the incorrect time, that watch will not be of any use, even if it is studded with diamonds and pearls. Similarly, if a car does not work or due to error in Aqida, concept it is left rotting in the garage, it does not serve the purpose of its creation, it is worthless even if it is the most expensive car in the world. A car’s primary use is to take people from one place to another, if it does not serve this end, it is useless. The erstwhile Ummat–e–Muhammadi got so comfortable in the pampered lives as Kings and Monarchs, that they absolutely over looked the fact that Allah had included Jehad in the definition of a Mo’men. In sura Hujrat–15; Allah declares, “Only they are true Mo’mens, who believe in Allah and His Messenger and afterward doubt not, but strive in the cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives. Such are the sincere.” Furthermore in Sura Tawba–111, Allah reaffirms, “Allah has purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs the garden of paradise; they fight in His Cause and slay and are slain. A promise binding on Him in truth through the Torah, the Gospel and the Quran: And who is more faithful to his covenant than Allah? Then rejoice in the bargain which you have concluded: That is the achievement supreme.”  


Allah has defined the Mo’mens at several other places in the Quran and in them along with the belief in Allah and His Messenger, Jehad occurs prominently in all. When the wayward people of the nation forsook Jehad as their principle, they failed to realize that they no longer remained ‘Mo’mens’ in His eyes .To justify their unfortunate actions, they invented new Hadis relating to fighting/curbing one’s own self was the highest Jehad, Jehade Akbar. The collector of this particular Hadis Emam Baihaqi himself opened that the ‘sanad’ or ‘narration’ of this one is flawed and therefore it is a ‘dawif’ or weak Hadis. Hafez Ibne Hajjar and other Muhaddis are of the opinion that this is no Hadis at all, instead an Arab proverb only. More importantly, the Quran is the touchstone, the standard to judge whether any Hadis is correct or incorrect. Allah has clearly related what the Jehad–e –Akbar or highest Jehad. In Sura Furqan– 52, He declares, “Therefore, listen not to the unbelievers, but strive against them with the utmost strenuousness (Jehadun kabeera) with the Quran”. Therefore, to fight against unbelievers, Kafers is the Jehad–e–Akbar, not fighting oneself.


They did not rest with just abandoning Jehad only; they came up with different definition for the Messenger of Allah’s ‘sunnah’s, his ways. Allah has mentioned at least three different times in the Quran that “He has sent the Messenger with guidance (Hedayah) from Him and Deen–ul–Huq, way of truth so that he may prevail it over all ways of life” (Sura Tawbah 33, Sura Fatah 28, Sura Saff-9). Based on the edict, the Messenger of Allah declared that– “I have been ordained to continue fighting against mankind till they accept Allah as their Elah and Muhammad (SM) as his Rasul”–[Hadis, Abdallah bin Umar (RH), Bukhari]. History bears testimony that for as long as he lived in this world, the Messenger of Allah and his companions followed this command and fulfilled this duty to their best capability fighting in the cause of Allah as one body, one soul. In the matter of just 9 years, he undertook 107 major and minor battles! After the Messenger of Allah departed from this world, the duty and responsibility of fulfilling his unfinished task came to rest on his Ummah’s shoulders, since during his lifetime only the peninsula of Arab had been brought under the banner of Islam, of Allah’s law, the rest of the world was still ruled by man–made laws. The Messenger of Allah’s Ummah, his people were so conscious, so mindful of their duty towards their heavenly Leader, that right after his departure, they set out, weapons in hand to complete the job he had entrusted upon them – leaving behind their families, homes and businesses, in short, every worldly bindings. This was what he had termed as his Sunnah, the striving, all out struggle to establish Deen–ul–Huq on earth. Those who forsook his Sunnah, he was not of them, nor were they of him – he had said– “Mun taraqa sunnati falaisa minni”. Not only this, he had further said, “Mun gharaba un sunnati falaisa minni”– (bukhari, Muslim) –meaning he who even looks away from my Sunnah is not of me. With the abandoning of Jehad, the personal habits of the Messenger of Allah , his likes and dislikes, topics which were completely his personal affairs, were substituted for his actual Sunnah. These personal topics had no relation at all with the main objectives of his life, the duty and responsibility Allah had sent him with. It is a great irony that to this Jehad forsakers, the Sunnah of the greatest revolutionary this world has ever known became not the revolution, but his habit of using a twig to clean his teeth, his liking for something sweet after meals and his habit of tasting a pinch before he started to eat, that he preferred to lie down on his right side and numerous other petty issues. There must be no other nation on the face on this earth that has downgraded their leader in such a humiliating manner. Another terrible consequence of having forsaken Jehad took place among this nation, apart from the fact that they effectively no longer remained either Mo’mens or Ummat–e–Mohammadi. Allah had warned long before in the Quran against turning away from Jehad. In Sura Tawba, verse–38 and 39, – Allah declared, “O you who believe! What is the matter with you, that when you are asked to go forth in the cause of Allah, you cling heavily to the earth? Do you prefer the life of this world to the Here after? But little is the comfort of this as compared with the hereafter.”


“Unless you go forth, He will punish you with a grievous penalty, and put others in your place. But Him you would not harm in the least. For Allah has power over all things.” Even this dire warning did not go through their ears and the minds of those whose comprehensive concept about the objective aim of the Deen had become distorted.” They altogether stopped spreading out in Jehad, and busied themselves with the safer Jehad against their ‘nafs’ ‘selves’ in the comfort of their homes. In keeping with this warning, within a few hundred years, the Muslim army lost greater and greater battles to unified Christian forces, whereby authority and power were effectively snatched from the Muslims and acquired by Christians.


In Sura Nur, verse 55 as well as in few other places, Allah has promised authority and power in the world to Mo’mens. It is history that for as long as this nation continued Jehad collectively Allah kept His end of the bargain and within a remarkable short span of time, half of the world was brought under their dominion. The other half of the world too would not have been long in coming had not they backtracked on their promise and duty towards Allah and the Messenger of Allah. There is another point that is high lit in this verse – it is regarding us, those who claim to be Mo’mens, Muslims Ummat–e–Muhammadi. If we are indeed who we claim to be, why is authority and power of the land not in our hands? Is it because the Almighty is unable to keep His promise? (Naoozu billah min zalek !). The only other answer is despite all our Namaz, Roja, Hajj, Zakat and thousands of other Ebadahs or acts of worship, no matter how pious we are, we are definitely not Mo’mens, not Muslims and the question of being Ummat–e–Mohammadi does not ever arise. What is the situation of this people in the world that is promised to them as Mo’mens? The situation is most pitiful and humiliating – theirs is worst possible condition in the world today. All other nations, people, whenever and wherever they get the chance insult and humiliate them. Muslims are killed, indiscriminately, their houses and dwelling burnt, their wealth captured. Inhumane torture and violation of their chastity is the lot of the Muslim women. These violence have been carried out by Christian forces in Spain few centuries before –where Muslims were uprooted altogether; no sign of them remaining today as well as in the North Africa, Philippines and recently in Bosnia Herzegovina. The level of violence perpetrated by Christian forces in Bosnia has no parallel in history. They systemically raped two hundred thousand Muslim women and imprisoned them for up to eight months to ensure they could not abort their unwanted offspring of the Christian violators. Among the several thousand Mosques in Bosnia, only a handful remained in Sarajevo, all others were destroyed. Hindus in Kashmir and all over India are carrying out similar acts. Buddhists do the same in Myanmar, Arakan, Thailand, Vietnam, Kampuchea and China. Even the smallest nation the Jews are engaged in carrying out exactly the same in West Asia, Palestine. In India along more in 10,000 Mosques have either been converted into temples, used as offices or destroyed. This was the statistics back in 1985. The Jews despite being the smallest in number have relentlessly been carrying out persecution of Muslims since 1947 till date. As if even this was not insulting, humiliating enough, in Assam – a stone and tree worshipping sect have turned their wrath on Muslims there, killing and plundering them hacking them to death, burning down their houses. How much more punishment, what more grievous penalty? The next step would be complete annihilation like that from Spain where no sign that Muslims ruled there for over 900 years remain.


As punishment for rejecting the Messenger Isa (AS), Allah had cursed the Jewish nation, as result of which they were driven out of their homeland of thousands of years by Christian Romans and scattered all over Europe. However, the curse of Allah followed them wherever they went they were eyed with hatred and distrust everywhere. Time and again, their localities were scooped upon by armed gangs of Christian who killed the man, carried away the women and children and burned their houses. This same thing happened over and over again all over Europe so many times that a new word was coined to denote this–‘ pogrom ’ – meaning organized killing and plunder of a community of people. The fate of the Jewish people after Allah cursed them is exactly matched by the situation of the Muslims today. The only difference is the pogroms on the Jews were limited only within Europe and that on Muslims is spread all over the world. A nation of 1 crore the Jews, is being able to very easily carry out pogrom on a population of 100 crore Muslims. Bearing all the signs of Allah’s curse, His Lanat on their bodies, the present day Muslims remain engrossed in their Namaz, Roza and thousands of other Ebadahs. One only lives in a fool’s paradise to think all this will take one to Jannah or if all Ebadah is acceptable to Him.


This nation has strayed far the direction, right guidance, meaning Hedayah that Allah and His Rasul propelled them towards – as such they no longer remain Mo’mens, Muslims or Ummat–e–Muhammadi. This nation has earned the curse and wrath of Allah, their present situation being far worse than the Jews of old. A comparison between first 100 years of the nation the Messenger of Allah had created and the present day people will be useful in demonstrating this.


True Islam of the Messenger of Allah and his people

Present day distorted Islam and its people

(i) Numbered only 5 Lakh (approx)

(i) Totaling about 120 corer

(ii) Had no natural resources

(ii) In control of a major share of the world’s natural resources .Owners of about 60% of the total oil and gas without which the Judeo–Christian civilization is paralyzed. Has other natural resources as well.

(iii) Only about 40 persons among the 5 Lakh were educated.

(iii) No dearth of highly educated and qualified people. The number of mosque must be around hundreds of thousands. Alems, Ulama, doctor, engineers, Peers, Fakirs, Muhaddis etc all too many to count.

(iv) This nation possessed only a handful of handwritten copies of the constitution provided by Allah, the Quran.

(iv) There are crore and crore copies of the Quran available. The only other book it can be compared with in number is the Bible.

(v) There was no translation of the Quran available.

(v) The Quran has been translated into all major as well as many regional languages.

(vi) Many among the conquerors of half of the world never saw the Quran in the form of a book. They only had it by heart and acted according to that.

(vi) There are millions of finely printed copies of the Quran everywhere. Lakh and Lakh have it memorized by heart.

(vii) There were no written explanations, e.g. Tafsir of the Quran.

(vii) Presently there are hundreds of Tafsirs and Mufassirs available.

(viii) The nation was as united as a sheet of iron.

(viii) The present day Muslims are divided into more than 55 nation states as well as hundreds of Mazhabs and Ferkas, Tarikas and thousands of political parties.

(ix)This nation was almost completely detached from the civilized world of that time, used to be terrified of the Romans and Persians till the advent of Islam; after which within only 10 yrs, Islam turned them into such fierce warriors that the Romans and Persians were blown away by them like twigs in a storm time and time again. Soon they were petrified at the names of the very Arabs they used to look down on not so many years ago.

(ix) The present day Islam has created a nation that despite being 120 crore in number is the most hated and looked down on by all, yet remain oblivious to the hatred and incapable of understanding it. They are totally unfit to oppose any and even if they do, they are doomed to failure.

(x) Under the dynamic leadership of the Messenger of Allah were created warrior generals the likes of Khaled bin Al–Waleed, known as the sword of Allah, the lion of Allah Ali (RA) bin Abu Taleb and Darrar (RA) famous as the naked warrior –all this in 10 years of time.

(x) The present day Islam has not been able to produce even one like any of those mentioned, in more than 1000 years.

(xi) The Islam of the Rasul Allah’s ideology transformed the quiet and revered natured Abu Ubaida (RA) into one of the most feared and fierce warrior generals of his time under whose command the whole of North Syria was brought under Islamic rule. Abu Ubaida’s (RA) prowess in single combat also brought terror into the hearts of Persian and Roman fighters.

(xi) Exactly the opposite bears truth today; the present day Islam transforms a brave, yet negligent towards the religion type of youth into a cowardly, harmless creature within a short time. Therefore, the actual Islam turned wolves into lions and the present Islam turns lions into wolves.

(xii) The Islam Rasul Allah taught brought out the reclusive and Alem sufi Wayes Karni (RA) from his cave and prompted him to pick up arms to embrace martyrdom.

(xii) The present day Islam snatches weapons from the fighter’s hand to instead head him towards the mosque or a Khanka with a prayer bead in his hands.

(xiii) The Islam Rasul Allah taught embedded the longing to establish Allah’s Deen on earth with such a passion, that all of Ummat–e–Muhammadi spread out from their homeland and almost 80% of them were buried in battlefields far away from Arabia .

(xiii) The present Islam builds a nation of cowards and weak hearted people who flee into rats’ holes at the slightest threat of danger. In this regard, there is one incident one cannot help mentioning, a news clip from the daily New Nation dated 10th sep 1988. A land mine planted by the Kashmiri Mujahedeen had injured some Indian soldiers who retaliated by indiscriminately firing shots. Not far from there, a group of Musallis had gathered for a congregational prayer in a nearly mosque. On hearing the sound of gunfire, they ran for their lives and in their harried state of flight, nine of them fell into a well and died. It makes one wonder how terrified of death one must be to die such a shameful death! No doubt the same cowardly act would have happened anywhere else in the same circumstances.

(xiv) The principal characteristic of the nation the Messenger of Allah created was that of a fighter, which is why hardly anyone from among this group from the Leader himself to the most ordinary soldier, had battle scars on his body.

(xiv) The Islam that is prevalent today creates a nation the principle characteristic of which is cowardice. They will run the other way at the first or slightest hint of danger, no matter big or small. The more religious minded a person is, the bigger a coward they will be. A battles car would be the far off thing, one would not final even a needles prick on them.

(xv) The women among the nation of warriors that the Messenger of Allah nurtured were never far behind the men either. Mothers dressed up their sons up in their battle best, themselves put the helmets on them, hung swords on their sides and prayed to the Almighty to accept the Shahadat of their sons.

(xv) The Islam in present day, in an exceptional case if any son even asks his mother for permission to join Jehad, she is bound to let out a loud wail and faint.

(xvi) The lady companions of the Messenger of Allah fought alongside him with bows and arrows and swords. After he left this world they retained their place in the battlefield fighting and defeated learned capable Christian soldiers with arms and tent poles.

(xvi) In the present day Islam, the females of religious households are treated Like China dolls, totally incapable of fending for themselves and if left alone on a broad thorough fare would not probably be able to find their way back home, stay standing there and sobbing away.


The version of Islam Messenger of Allah presented mankind and the present day religion we see, know and follow as Islam are two not only different but exactly opposite or diverted ways. The 16 points I have shown to demonstrate the differences between these two can be turned into a much longer list, but let us end it here. The truth of the matter is the true nature of the Islam Allah had revealed is an extrovert, explosive and the present day distorted version of Islam is one that is introvert, therefore implosive. In our ignorance, we try with our utmost sincerity to follow this distorted version of Islam. What is the reason for this grave mistake, this ignorance? There are a few different reasons among which principally is the wrongful Aqida, concept and the loss of its importance. However there is another chapter devoted in this booklet to Aqida altogether, so let us not get into that. Suffice it to say that the wrongful Aqida led this nation to abandoning the Jehad, all out struggle to establish Islam on earth. This Jehad was the means of gaining victory for Allah over the Shaitan, therefore when it was forsaken, Allah disowned guardianship of this nation as promised in Sura Tawba: 39. The authority and right to rule was effectively taken from the Muslims and handed over to Christian forces. The Muslims made slaves of the Christian nations in almost every part of the world. A matter to realize at this point is when Allah allowed Muslims to be militarily defeated and subjugated by Christian invaders, then naturally they no longer remained true Mo’mens, Muslims or Ummat–e–Muhammdi for the simple reason that Allah had declared several times in the Quran that He would not allow them to be ever defeated, that is his Sunnah, His practice, never changing. (Fatah : 22–23–Quran). Furthermore, the Messenger of Allah too, has reaffirmed that Allah has made a promise to him to never allow his nation, his Ummah be defeated in battle. [Hadis –Sawban and Khabbab (RA) –Muslim, Tirmizi, Nasayi]. The sequence of defeat at the hands of Christian forces is proof that Allah does not regard this population as a nation of Mo’mens, Muslims or Ummat–e–Muhammadi.


The Christian forces had indeed made slaves of the erstwhile conquerors but they still retained fears regarding their prowess in warfare and bore in mind that they had been routed repeatedly by Muslim forces in the past. They also correctly realized that the source of their tremendous strength was their Quran and Hadis. It were the Quran, the Hadis and the personal training of the Messenger of Allah that had transformed them into the undefeatable warriors that had not only driven them, the  Christians out of West Asia but pushed them deep into the heart of Europe. To completely neutralize this erstwhile nation of heroes, the Christian forces devised a devious and cunning plot, which was to establish ‘Madrasahs’ in each of the respective lands acquired by them. These Madrashs would teach “Islam” to the Muslims. The British in the Indian subcontinent, Egypt and Malaysia, the French in Algeria and the other places they ruled, Dutch in Indonesia –in short, every European country that colonized Muslim lands put in practice the one same idea – which was to introduce a system of education which would prove to be completely safe and harmless for their Christian rulers.


In this subcontinent Viceroy Warren Hastings introduced the first Aliya Madrasah in Calcutta in the year 1780. To teach Islam in this Madrasah, Orientalist pundits researched to put together an Islam of their liking. This Islam would be similar to the actual Islam in looks and appearance but in character and Aqida, it would be headed in exactly the opposite direction than the Serat–ul–Mustaqeem, the Islam brought by the Messenger of Allah. The orientalist pundits decided on the topics to be taught in this Islam, what areas would be left out what the focus of attention would be: in short the syllabus and the curriculum. In this syllabus, Allah’s all – encompassing Tawheed, His sovereignty was cut down to size to be applicable only in the personal level, because if the British taught these Muslims the proper, correct form of Tawheed, it would have been next to impossible for them to rule over these people. The next thing in priority to Tawheed, Jehad met the same fate: deemed to be to of very little consequence, it was all but dropped from the textbooks at all. Matters related to collective, national issues were brought down on the list and very low–important personal issues given high priority. Namaz, Roza, Hadis related to marriage, divorce, beard and caps, Meswak, pure and impure states, bathing etc trivial were turned into all important matters in Islam and taught according. Also included in this syllabus were issues about which there were unfortunately already much difference of opinions among the Mazhabs and Ferkas prevalent. This was done with the particular intention of keeping these Muslims busy within themselves, debating, arguing and at times fighting regarding the different opinions and the thought of uniting against the British rules would not occur to them. Another section of this enslaved people, the past which was forever engrossed in ‘Tasawaf ’ to gain proximity of Allah did not pose any threat or headache to their rulers, because they remained enclosed within the four walls of their mosque, ‘Khanka’ or ‘Hujra’ and paid no heed as to the state of affairs of the country. They cared little if the country was ruled according to Hindu, Christian or Jewish ways. However, the British did not stop at just establishing the Madrasah system. To further their hold over the minds of their enslaved subjects and ensure that no unforeseen problem cropped up in their system, they themselves retained the post of the Headmaster – with Dr. A. Springer M.A. as the first Headmaster. In this way, from 1780 to 1926, a total of 26 Christian pundits taught ‘Islam’ to this people over a long period of 146 yrs at a stretch. And what was the Islam these people taught? It was most definitely not the Islam that the Messenger of Allah brought, the Islam that produced fierce warriors who had not only defeated Christian forces time and again but driven them out of West Asia altogether far into the European heartland. The Christian pundits assembled an Islam that produced generation of petrified cowards who could think of nothing better than their beards, caps, Meswak, Zikir Askar’ and Fatwas regarding divorce. They would think these were what Islam was all about and continue to fight amongst themselves over these petty issues while leaving their Christian masters free to command and control them. After teaching the Islam of their devise for 146 long years, the 26th Headmaster Mr. Alexander Hamilton Harty relinquished his duties to Shamsul Ulama, Kamaluddin Ahmed M.A.I.I.S in 1927.


Considering the success of their Aliya Madrasah venture, the British set up hundreds and hundreds of such Madrasahs all over the subcontinent as well as other countries they had annexed. It has been over 60 years that the British left this country, but their system of Madrasah education prevails to this day. Alems, Ulama, learn tailor made Islam of the British and dispense it among the general masses. What we know as “Islam” today is the “Islam” – that the British have taught us over 146 yrs. Our socio–economic, political lives are lead by the directives of Judeo – Christian western ‘Isms’–and our personal religious lives are governed by the “Islam” taught us by Christian pundits, not by the Islam the Messenger of Allah brought.We are only fooling ourselves if we think we remain Mo’mens, Muslims or Ummat–e–Muhammadi in His eyes, expect His mercy, His forgiveness or that paradise awaits us in the Hereafter.


Allah in His infinite mercy has enabled us, Hezbut Tawheed, to understand the true Islam He had blessed our Messenger with and the one that is the acceptable to Him. We do not know if we understand it to its fullest extent, but whatever little He had endowed us with is enough for us. Now, it is our job to call people to this true Islam, the foundation of which is Tawheed, all encompassing Tawheed with Salah as its pillars and Jehad as its roof – [Hadis; Mauaj (RA), Ahmed, Tirmizi, Meshkat.] We call upon you to listen, pay heed to what we say, what our Iman and Aqida are, what Amal are and then decide for yourself. Hedayah, meaning right guidance is not in our hands, it was not in the hands of His Nabis and Rasuls either, only He retains the will to guide whom He wills. Our only job is to call people, so we do. We urge people to understand that the Islam prevalent today all over is not the Islam of Allah and His Rasul, it is the Islam of Christian manufacture, we have to abandon this Christian Islam and return to true Islam that Allah sent His Rasul with. We are aware that it is not easy to respond to this because the long process in the distortion of the Faith true Aqida concept has disappeared from our sight and the hundreds of years of learning the Islam of the Christian Aqida have penetrated deep into out hearts and minds and taken root there. As a result, it is not an easy job to reinstate the true Aqida (concept) of the Deen–ul–Islam in all its totality. Yet, whether the job is hard or easy one, we have no option but to call people to it, otherwise we will have no answer to His questioning on Judgment Day. Our only answer to Him will be that we called people to Your true Faith, Your true Tawheed to Serat–ul–Mustaqeem just as You prompt us in verse 125 of Sura Nahl – “Incite to the way of your Lord with wisdom a beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are the best and most gracious,” yet in the same verse You continued. “For your Lord knows best who have strayed from His Path and who receive guidance.”


Ya Allah! We implore you to accept Hezbut Tawheed’s efforts and grant it Your aid from Your Infinite Strength. Deliver us from the distorted and opposite directed Christian Islam and guide us, Your slaves to the Deen–ul–Fetra, the Deen–ul–Islam, the Deen–ul–Qaiyema, You had revealed from the first Rasul Adam (AS) to the Last Rasul Muhammad (SM). We beg forgiveness from You, invoke Your Insurmountable mercy, guide us to Hedayah and allow us back into Your Tawheed. We beg You to give us the opportunity to engage in Jehad to establish Your Tawheed and the teachings of Your Last Messenger on the face of this world to defeat Eblis in his challenge and snatch victory for You. Ameen!