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Jul 15, 2024
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Creation of Man


Long long before time, Allah created this universe, a universe so vast that we have not been able to see the end of it with the most powerful telescopes, though some modern and latest ones like the Hubble are enabling us to see objects billions of light years away. He made laws and rules for His creations and made uncountable numbers of Malayek (Angels) to run and conduct the affairs related to it. Neither the creations nor the angels have free-will to do anything except what He has fixed for them to do. The angels do not have the power to deviate an atom's worth from the job He had ordained for them. Sun cannot rise or set a split second earlier or later than what He has set for it, nor can any of the trillions upon trillions of suns (stars) or planets floating around them change their course by a hair-breath. In short His rule is absolute. Not one of an atom molecule or a proton or a neutron could do what it likes, because neither these nor any of the Angels He created has Free-will, only He himself has it.


After billions or trillions upon trillions of years, He wished to create something new. Not just another creation bound by His laws but something with Free-will and power to do anything it likes or not to do anything it dislikes, e.g. the Man. Why He wanted to do this I am unable to answer. We can only surmise some possible reasons from what He has said in the Quran. But that He has His own reasons is apparent from His statement that He did not created this universe as a pastime.1 And then we get a glimpse of His purpose from His statement that- He has created death and life to see who do good work (and bad).2 However, whether we understand or not the reality is that He had created Man.


Before creating Man He wanted to know the opinions of His Malayeks (Angels) about the new creation and informed of His intention to create His Khalifa (Vicegerent) on earth. They humbly opined that His new creation would cause Fasad (Turmoil, unrest) and Safakuddima (bloodshed).3 Here, a question arises: Allah had not yet created Man, He only informed the angels of His intention. Then how did the Angels know beforehand what this new creation would do after it was created? The answer lies in the word He used about His new creation. He said He would create His Khalifa (Vicegerent), He did not use the word Man or Adam. From His use of that word, the Angels immediately understood that this new creation would not be like any other creation, or even like them who meticulously obeyed His orders abiding by His laws and rules, as they don't have Free-will. Since this new creation will be His khalifa, Vicegerent it must possess something of His powers and qualities including the Free-will, ability to do what it likes and wants, even to disobey His Creator. The inevitable consequence of disobeying His laws, Codes and rules is turmoil, conflicts and bloodshed unlike the rest of the creation, perfectly harmonious, peaceful disciplined. Had not Allah use the word Khalifa (Vicegerent) the Angels would not have opined against this new creation. However Allah told the Angels that He knew what the Angels did not and overriding this objection created Adam (a.s.).4


There was a difference in creating all other things and Adam. Allah created the whole universe and everything in it by ordering, "Be" and it was created.5 That was and is the process of creation by Him. In this case, however, He created Adam with His own hands.6 Why this honor when He had created even the Angels besides everything by just saying "Be", why did He create Adam with His own hands? The reason is obvious. He was creating His Khalifa (Vicegerent) into whom He would presently blow from His soul. Even being created by the hands of the Creator, the Lord of heaven and earth Adam a.s was one of the trillions of other creations. Only when He blew from His soul into him, Adam became not only unique but the Ashraful-Makhlukat (the most honored in the entire creation).7 When Allah blew from His soul, Adam was endowed with all the Sifat (qualities, attributes) of the Creator, which none other of the vast creation had possessed or possesses. We have been informed about 100 names of Allah, each possessing a different Sifat (quality, attribute) like Khaleque (the Creator) Rub (the Sustainer), Qadir (the all Powerful), Rahman (the most beneficent), Rahim (the merciful) etc. When He blew from His soul, every Sifat (quality, attribute, property) of Allah was also infused, transferred into Adam along with the power of Free-will, ability to do or not to do a thing, which none other in the creation has. Yet Adam did not become Allah (God), he was given a drop from the endless ocean.


If a drop of ocean water is examined physically, chemically and with microscope it will be found to be exactly the same thing, containing everything that the ocean water contains. Yet, it is not the ocean itself. It is infinitesimally small but the same thing. In spite of being the same thing it will not be able to raise a hurricane or tornado and sink ships like the ocean can. Another similitude is the lighting a candle from the fire of the sun. The fire in the candle is exactly the same fire with power to burn, radiate light and heat. Yet, it will not be able to radiate light and heat to distant planets, like the sun does.


Then He taught this new creation the name of all things.8 By this we understand that He taught Adam properties of all things i.e. what is done with what i.e. science, through which He had created the universe. This teaching of names indicates that mankind, the children of Adam will acquire much of knowledge of science later. Then He ordered all the Malayeks (Angels) to prostrate themselves before Adam a.s.9 If we want to understand the matter of this prostration by the Angels we shall have to understand what the Angels are, and what is the meaning of the prostration. Angels are the natural forces He has created to run His universe in discipline and in order. The fire, the air, the water the electricity, the sun, the earth, the light and trillions of these things are Angels. Natural forces or Angels have no Free-will of their own. They do exactly what Allah has fixed for them to do; they cannot deviate an atom's measure from the work He has ordained for each of them. By ordering Angels to prostrate themselves before Adam He ordained that they would render service to Adam, i.e. to mankind.10 So the Angels, natural forces continue serving mankind in thousands of ways, millions of ways.


When mankind forgot the monotheism taught by one and every Messenger of Allah, they were awed by the forces of nature and started calling them gods and goddesses and gave them different names and started worshipping them. So they actually call the Angels as gods and goddesses, worship them without knowing. This opinion of mine will probably be objected by the orthodox and the Ulema; but two reasons should settle the question. First, the similarity in the number of the Angels and gods and goddesses. According to the Hindu religion the number of gods and goddesses is 330 million. Christianity also believes the number of the Angels to be in the millions. The thirteenth century Christian priest Alburtis Masques has put the number of Angels as three hundred forty-eight million twenty thousand and four (the last four obviously being the four main Angels of both Christianity and Islam), about eighty million more than what the Hindus believe. The Shinto Buddhists believe the number of Angels to be eight million. In Islam we find that when the last Messenger of Allah to mankind went to Miraj (Ascension) he saw huge number of Angels entering the Baitul Maamur mosque in the heaven to perform Salah (prayer) through one door and going out by the other after salah. When asked by him about the total number of Angels, Jibrail (Gabriel) answered those who once performed salah there will never get a second chance.11 That means the number is innumerable, uncountable. Secondly, about their job responsibility. Allah says - "Angels are to serve mankind And He has made subservient to you from Himself, all that in the heavens and on earth."12 The natural forces are doing exactly the same thing. The fire, the air, the earth, the sun, the water, every natural force is serving mankind, indeed without their service we would be dead within minutes. As each of the Malayeks was given charge of a particular kind, it knew only about that and nothing more. Fire knows how to burn, give light and radiate heat, it cannot wet a thing; water can wet a thing but cannot burn. That is why when after teaching Adam names of all things, Allah asked the Angels to name the things they could not and said Subhanallah (the absolutely perfect One) we have no knowledge except what you taught us.13


However, when Allah ordered the Malayeks to prostrate themselves before Adam, all did except the Eblis.14 Here another question arises. If Malayeks did not have any Free-will how did the Eblis disobey Allah's order? Apparent answer is that, while Malayeks are made of light the Eblis is made of fire and originally he was a Jinn who by his extraordinary Ibadat (obedience and dutifulness) rose to the rank of a Malayek, the only one not made of light. But the real answer is that it was necessary to put an opposition force in Adam to test him to see what he does with the Free-will he is endowed with, as the Vice-gerent of Allah on earth. If he was sent to earth with only the soul of Allah blown into him it would be like scoring as many goals as you wished when there was no opponent team to play against. So the Eblis disobeyed Him in accordance with a big plan made by Allah Himself. Allah gives the Eblis's pride, vanity as the reason of his disobedience yet had Allah willed otherwise who is Eblis to disobey Him?15


Then Allah ordered Adam and his wife Hawa (Eve in the Old Testament He created for Adam's company in the meantime) to live in the Garden of Eden forbidding only one act.16 Allah cursed the Eblis for disobeying His order to prostrate before Adam. Eblis told Him that he would prove that the new creation i.e. Adam, Man would, also disobey Him if he i.e. Eblis is given the power to enter into Adam's body, mind and thought.


He was granted his wish and Allah told him that He would send Guidance to Adam i.e. mankind. If they follow that Guidance he would not be able to misguide them into disobeying Him.17 The Guidance is Tawheed, Serat ul Mustaqueem that He promised to mankind through His nabis and Rasuls.

After Adam and Hawa (Eve) were placed in the Garden of Eden with instruction not to do a certain thing and Eblis was bestowed with the power he wanted from Allah he got into the body, mind and soul of Adam and Hawa and persuaded him and Hawa (Eve) to disobey the only prohibition Allah put on them. So Allah expelled them from the Garden and sent all of them to earth with instruction to Adam and Hawa to reproduce and not to obey anybody, any power or authority except Him and with assurance of sending this Guidance (Hedayah, Siratal Mustaqim) to their progenies from time to time through His Messengers.


There is no Islam without Tawheed. To enter in the fold of Islam, to be a Mu'min (believer) one has to believe, pronounce and act on Kalema (the Word). Without doing that no one can become a Mu'min, and not being a Mu'min necessarily means being a Mushrik (Polytheist) or a Kafer (unbeliever). And that Kalema is La-Ilaha Illa Allah (There is none to be obeyed other than Allah). This Kalema (the Word) has never been changed from the first Messenger Adam (a.s) to the last Messenger of Allah Mohammad (SM). After Adam (a.s) Allah sent many many Messengers with His promised Guidance in different ages and different places of the earth,18 whenever the Eblis has been able to ambush and snatch away a people from the Guidance, the Siratal Mustaqim, the plain, straight path, as was his challenge to Allah, He has sent a Messenger with the same Tawheed to bring the people back to His Guidance. Those Messengers' names have been added to the Kalema (The Word), like La Ilaha Illah Allah, Musa Kalimullah, (There is no Ilah except Allah, and Musa [Moses] who talked to Allah, is His Messenger); La Ilaha Illah Allah, Isa Ruhullah, (There is no Ilah except Allah, and Isa [Jesus] the spirit of Allah is His Messenger), La Ilaha Illah Allah, Ibrahim Khalilullah (There is no Ilah except Allah, and Ibrahim (Abraham the friend of Allah is His Messenger) an so on.
Allah has one hundred and one names, His very own name is Allah and the rest one hundred indicates His attributes, His qualities. Unlike his attributes the name Allah being unique, there is no plural or feminine of it. When He blew into Adam a.s i.e. mankind from His soul all His attributes got into Adam a.s. and hence into mankind along with the spirit, soul. Out of the hundred names He has selected only one name in the Kalema Tayyeba (the Word) and that is Ilah, which means He who is to be obeyed. Adam (a.s) to Mohammad (SM) the Kalema has never been La Khaleque illa Allah, (There is no Creator except Allah) or La Rub illa Allah (There is no Lord, sustainer except Allah) or La Rahman illa Allah (There is no Beneficent except Allah), La Gafur illa Allah (There is no oft-forgiving except Allah) and so forth, not even La Ma'bud illa Allah (There is none to be worshipped except Allah) even once. It has always been Ilah, one of the attributes of Allah, like the other ninety-nine. Yet none can become a Mu'min by pronouncing and believing that there is none to be worshipped except Allah, (La Ma'bud illa Allah), or by no Creator except Allah (Khaleq), nor by no Lord except Allah (Rub) and so on, by any other name of Allah except the one He has fixed that is the Ilah. The reason is Allah wins in the challenge of Eblis only if mankind accepts Him as the only Ilah, not by accepting Him in any other name. Ilah means- He who is to be obeyed, as Ma'bud means He who is to be worshipped. He does not win in the Eblis's challenge if mankind accepts Him in any of the ninety-nine names except the Ilah. Accepting Him, believing Him in any other name i.e. attribute will not bound mankind to the obedience to His Guidance and hence there will not be Peace (Islam) among them and Allah will be defeated and Eblis will win. For example one can accept and believe Him as Creator, and Lord, as Ma'bud (He who is to be worshipped), as Merciful, as Beneficent as Forgiving, as all Powerful so on, i.e. all His names and attributes yet not as He who is to be obeyed, the Ilah, and hence not bound to lead his life according to His Guidance. To elaborate it further, a son believes his father to be his father, loves him, respects him, does all is that to be done for his father, prostrates himself five times a day to him but refuses to lead his life as the father orders and advises, he himself decides what he would do or not do, obeying a thing or two if he likes. In that case in spite of the sons accepting his father as father and taking all the case he is a disobedient (Mushreq, Fasek, Kafer) son.


Therefore, to say and believe that La Elaha Illa-Allah is to say and believe and act accordingly that there is none, no authority, no power except Allah. To sum up; Tawheed means that where there is a say from Allah or His Messenger in any subject, be it personal, familial, national, law, rules, regulations, penal, economic, social, education, in short about anything, any subject or matter, not to accept anybody any authority other than Allah and His Messenger.19 That is the Tawheed on which foundation Islam stands, anything short of it, accepting any authority in even very small matter is Sherk (Polytheism) and Kufr (disbelief, denial). Allah will not accept any Tawheed short of it. And Allah may forgive any sin if He likes but has promised that He will never forgive Sherk and Kufr.20

When Allah cursed, yet granted the Eblis his wish and endowed him with powers to enter into the body and soul of Adam and Hawa and induce and persuade them and expelled him from His presence, Eblis threw a challenge to Allah. He said, "Because You have sent me astray, surely I will sit in wait against them (human beings) on Your Straight Path. (the Guidance, the Hedayah), Then I will come to them from before them and behind them, from their right and from their left, and You will not find most of them as thankful ones (i.e. they will not be dutiful to You)."
In reply Allah said- "Get out from this (Paradise) disgraced and expelled. Whoever of them (mankind) will follow you, then surely I will fill Hell with you all."21 Here it is important to note that Allah did not contradict the Eblis when he challenged that he would ambush and snatch away most of mankind from the Siratal Mustaqim the Hedayah (Guidance). He only said He would fill the Jahannam (Hell) with the Eblis and those he will be able to snatch away, misguide. This indicates that majority of mankind will be misguided by the Eblis and hence will be in Jahannam (Hell) (and you will see that I have snatched away.22 It also should be noted that the Eblis did not challenge that he would instigate, persuade mankind to commit sins, or no refrain from performing religious actions, from saying prayer worshipping, fasting etc. but only to remove them from the Guidance i.e. Siratal Mustaqim, the Tawheed, i.e. from obeying Him.


Adam a.s, Hawa (Eve) and the Eblis were thrown out of Paradise and sent to earth with order to reproduce23 and inhabit the earth, and the Eblis residing in the body of Adam, Hawa (Eve) and their children with power to influence their thought and action. So every Bani-Adam, human being, be he a king or a slave, illiterate or most learned, penniless or multimillionaire, stupid or clever, ugly or beautiful atheist or firm believer retains in him the soul of his Creator which contains all the qualities and attributes of His and the seducing, persuading and enticing power of the Eblis. The struggle between these two will continue in every human being till his or her death.


Human being is social creature. It is unthinkable that mankind will live on earth without a system which contains laws, rules, penal codes, economic politics etc. to control and regulate its action. What would that system will be? There are only three possibilities. Firstly to wholly accept the Guidance promised to Adam (a.s.) i.e. mankind by Allah. Secondly, to totally reject that Divine Guidance and make the system themselves.  Thirdly  to  formulate  a  system  by themselves consisting of some Divine Guidance and some formulated by themselves. The 1st one is Tawheed, Islam, the 2nd is Kufr (rejection) and the 3rd one is Sherk (Polytheism, partial belief). It is of necessity that any of the three systems must contain socio-economic political, judicial and moral polices and principles, besides laws and penal codes. If mankind does not decide to accept the First choice, that it has to formulate a system or systems by themselves. Question is- is man capable of it? Capable of formulating a complete and comprehensive system, which is so faultless and perfect that if mankind abides by it, it will live on earth in perfect peace (Islam in literal sense). Or at least near perfect one? Evidently not, as we, have rejected the Guidance and have made our own system hence living in Kufr, we see that though we are at the pinnacle of civilisation, the world is full of turmoil, every kind of injustices, battles and wars, blood-shed and death. That is exactly what the Malayeks (Angles) which included the Eblis told Allah when He informed them about His intention of creating His vicegerent on earth. "Your vicegerent will cause Fasad and Safaquddima" said the Malayeks. Now, the word Fasad contains the meaning of turmoil, unrest, tyranny, injustice, oppression etc. and the word Safakuddima means shedding of blood, battles, clashes, wars etc. The truth of the Malayeks', statement is too manifest not only to-day but throughout the history of mankind. So it is evident that mankind could not find out a way of life, to formulate a system and a constitution which would enable them to live in peace and security i.e. Islam (literally peace).


No wonder, because mankind has been given very little knowledge.24 Though He taught man names of things, (Science) He taught him very little about the secrets of Creations (Ilm ul gaib). Only He has the knowledge of Ilm ul Gaib, not even His Messengers possessed this.25 That is why mankind with all his knowledge about other things is unable to formulate, compile a system and a constitution and live by it which will lead mankind to a state where there is almost perfect peace and security. Mankind's history is ample proof of it. Only when a part of mankind has accepted the promised Guidance (Hedayah) i.e. obeying none other than Allah sent through a Messenger, it has been able to live in peace (Islam), albeit for a period only, as the Eblis would not sit idle.


The Eblis had doubled, trebled his effort and by appealing to mankind's greed, lust, vanity, pride etc. had been able to distort and perverse the system to such extend that it had lost it utility and effectiveness and finally to persuade them away from the Guidance itself resulting in the Fasad and Safaquddima. So the Merciful Allah had sent another Messenger to guide them back on the Siratal Mustaqim, the straight path i.e. obeying only Allah and none other, and worshipping i.e. serving only Him.


Had mankind been endowed with the knowledge of the secrets of Creation, it might have been able to formulate such laws, codes, permicbles, policies in short a constitution and a Way of life, Deen that would enable it to live in peace and security where Fasad (injustice, oppression, tyranny, turmoil) and Safaquddima (conflict, blood-shed, battle, war, murder) as stated by Malayeks including the Eblis would be practically non-existent. The  fact  is,  mankind  has  not  been endowed with it, and so must accept the promised Guidance or as natural consequence of refusal it must suffer the Fasad and Safaquddima as it is suffering now.

As I have stated earlier, after being thrown out of Paradise Adam a.s, Hawa and their children, now mankind, has only three ways open, to them. 1) To accept the promised Guidance and lead personal, family and collective lives by it. 2) To accept the Guidance partially and formulate the rest by themselves; like, the Guidance in personal life and make laws, regulations, codes for collective lives themselves 3) To totally reject the Guidance from Allah and decide what laws, policies, rules, regulations and codes they will live by on earth. When Allah blew into Adam a.s. i.e. mankind from His soul mankind come to possess all the qualities, attributes of Allah including the Free-will to do or not do a thing to decide, a power none other in the whole creation posses for which mankind has become Ashraful Makhlukat (the most honored in the whole creation).


There has been lot of discussions and research about the "Amanat" Allah had offered to His creation.26 It has been speculated as various things like Islam, Qur'an, Hedayah (Guidance) etc. I think there was no need of any searching about, as it was just a simple question of what it is that mankind has and the rest of the creation does not. The answer is the soul of Allah that He blew into Adam a.s. with all His attributes including the Free-will which is the Amanat, the trust deposited in every human being, and none other.


Allah has given the power to mankind the Free-will to choose and decide which of the three options it will choose, and informed it the consequence.


Before proceeding further let us better understand the purpose of the whole thing. Allah creates Adam a.s. and Hawa i.e. mankind, gives mankind His attributes including Free-will by blowing into Adam from His soul. He tells mankind that I shall be sending you Siratal Mustaqim (simple, plain, straight way) i.e. the Guidance through My Messengers from time to time by which you shall live on earth. If you do that, there will be no Fasad (turmoil, oppression, insecurity, injustice) and Safaquddima (bloodshed, battle, and war) among you and you shall be able to live on earth in peace (Islam). So, I have named this system, way of life, Islam peace and security. If you do that I shall be victorious in the challenge thrown to Me by the Eblis. In that case I shall forgive all your sins and cause you to enter Paradise to reside there for eternity, and if you reject My Guidance then you have to make your own system to live by and which can never be so perfect that it will enable you to live in peace and security, that will inevitably result is Fasad (unrest, injustice, turmoil etc.) and Safaquddima (fight, bloodshed) among you as warned by the Angels. That will be defeat for Me by the Eblis. In that case I shall throw you in Hell to burn in fire there for eternity. I am all-powerful and if I wish whole mankind will believe and accept my Guidance in a moment.27 But I shall not do that as I want to see what you do by using the Amanat (trust) along with the Free-will I have given you, to test you.28


This is the crux of meaning of the Creation of the universe and the mankind. Mankind must decide the system it shall live by. Shall it be the Guidance from Allah or it would formulate its own system rejecting the Guidance? The Guidance from the Creator of this stupendous universe whose end is still unseen and unknown inspite of the most powerful telescope produced by the modern science and technology. Apparently mankind has decided to reject the divine Guidance and has formulated its own systems, many kinds of them, resulting in earth being filled with Fasad and Safaquddima, insecurity and death as predicted by the Angels when Allah told them His intention of creating His vicegerent on earth. That was the challenge of the Eblis also and apparently he is in winning position right now in spite of all the prayers pilgrimages, charity, fasting and thousand of pious activities of all the righteous of the world.

Now, the big question is what is this Guidance that following which "There shall no fear come upon them neither they shall grieve"29 and rejecting and disbelieving which will result in "living in Fire (hell) for eternity".30 This is a big question, infact very big question- as this is the factor and not any other factor, nor the prayer, the Zakat or Hajj or the fasting which will decide our place in the hereafter either in Jannah (Paradise) or in Jahannam (Hell) forever. This Guidance is Tawheed, to obey none other than Allah. This Tawheed must not be confused with Wahdaniyah, the Oneness, Unity of Allah, the Monotheism, though both the words come from the same root word Ahad, i.e. One. Wahdaniyah is the belief in the Unity, One ness of Allah and Tawheed is to strictly deny obedience of all and everything other than that One (Allah). For several centuries now it is believed that believing in Oneness of Allah, not to worship any idol makes a person believer (Mu'min). This wrong Aqidah, concept has turned the whole mankind, including those known as Muslims into Mushrik (Polytheists) and Kafer (disbelievers).


This is the Guidance (Hedayah) that Allah promised to send through His Messengers from time to time. If we buy a car or a vehicle we get a manual in which instructions are given to look after the vehicle so that it gives long trouble-free service. In it advices directions are laid down- what kind of fuel, oil and lubricant is to be used, what should be the air pressure in the tyres be etc. We follow every instruction and advice and never question any of its correctness. We don't, because of the simple reason that those who have manufactured the vehicle know better. We don't use that simple logic when its matter of the system, the way how we should live on earth- though it is from the Creator Himself who is Sobhan (Perfect, Faultless who is beyond any mistake) and Qadir (All-powerful). The puny creature defies his Creator, the height of audacity. Says the Lord Himself- "Does man not consider that We created him from a [mere] sperm-drop - then at once he is a clear adversary?"31


Doctors prescribe medicine for us, we don't question him. We take the medicines even if poison is written on the bottle with bold, red letters though hundreds of thousands people have died due to wrong prescriptions. Thousands of deformed, limbless babies were born due to wrong prescriptions of thalidomide to pregnant mothers some time back, yet we have not stopped taking medicine prescribed by physicians, who are human beings like us only because we think they know better. But when we are asked to accept the Divine Guidance for our own good, for our peace and security, we say we know better and reject it. Says the great Creator- "Does not He know who has created? He knows everything to the finest detail. Whether you speak in secret or aloud, He knows what is in your hearts. Shall He who has created all things not know? He is the Gracious and All-knowing"32 Clinching argument!


So He has said in the Qur'an - "He it is who has sent His Messenger with the Guidance and the true Deen (system of living), way of life, so that he may prevail it over all other systems, ways of life and He himself is witness to it"33 as the challenge is that His creation Adam (a.s.), i.e. mankind will commit Fasad (all kinds of injustices, unrest, turmoil, sorrows etc.) and Safaqud-dima (bloodshed, fights, battles, wars, murders etc.) among themselves on earth. To make mankind commit the Fasad and Safaqud-dima, the Eblis knew he had to do only one thing - to derail Man from the Siratal Mustaqim, the Tawheed. He need not desist/dissuade Man from his worshipping, prayers, fasting, pilgrimage, charity and other pious activities or induce him to commit theft, adultery, murder, robbery and other sins and crimes. All he had to do was snatch Man away from the Siratal Mustaqim, the Guidance i.e. the Tawheed He promised to send through His Messenger time to time. And that is exactly what he said to Allah when he spoke of derailing mankind from Tawheed. He said, "I shall ambush your vicegerent on his Siratal Mustaqim and snatch them away and you shall find most of them ungrateful" meaning the Eblis will be able to snatch most of the mankind.34 Allah also knew that if the Eblis could snatch His vicegerent from His Guidance then he would win the challenge he had thrown to Him, since without His Guidance mankind would plunge into the Fasad and Safaquddima, and He would be defeated in the challenge.



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although He forgives any lesser sin unto whomever He wills. (Quran-Sura Nisa-116). Allah will not forgive those who disbelieve and act unjustly (Qur’an: Sura Nisa-168)
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22You shall find ungrateful) most of them. Qur’an-Al Araf-17)
23Old Testament: Genesis 9:7
24You have been granted very little of knowledge. (Qur’an: Sura Bani Israel-85)
25To Allah alone belongs the unseen of the heavens and earth (Qur’an- An-Nahl-77), Say (O Messenger): I do not tell you that I posses the treasure of Allah or know what is hidden.  (Qur’an: An’am-50)
26Verily, We did offer the Amanah (trust, volition) to the heavens, and the earth, and the mountains; but they refused to bear it because they were afraid of it. Yet Man took it up – for verily, he has always been prone to be most wicked, most foolish. (And so it is) that Allah imposes suffering on the hypocrites, both men and women as well as on the men and women who set partner beside Him. And, that, Allah turns His mercy unto the believing men and women: for Allah is indeed much-forgiving, a dispenser of grace! (Qur’an: Al Ahzab-72-73)
27Had Allah pleased, He would given them guidance, one and all (Qur’an- Al An’am-35, Yunus- 99)
28He has created death and life to see who do good work (and bad) (Qur’an- Mulk-2), “Verily, it is We who have created man out of a drop of sperm intermingled (with ovum), so that We might try him: and therefore We made him a being endowed with hearing and sight. 

We have shown him the right path, whether he be grateful or ungrateful. (Qur’an- Al-Insan-2, 3)]
29Qur’an- Al Baqara- 38
30Qur’an- Al Baqara- 39
31Qur’an- Ya-sin- 76
32Qur’an- Mulk- 14
33Qur’an- Fatah-28
34Qur’an: Al Araf-17