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Jul 15, 2024
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WHILE it becomes clear from reading this book that the Judeo-Christian materialistic civilization is indeed the Dajjal with technological superiority as its vehicle, mount, it is not to say that science and technology are negative factors to be abandoned or rejected. Needless to say, whether a thing is a negative or positive factor depends on the use it is put to. The same weapon that can be made to fight evil and injustice in the name of Allah can also be used to strike fear into the hearts of innocent people and carry out mindless violence; therefore it is not the weapon or the instrument but rather how it is used that determines whether it is good or evil.

Although the Dajjal makes use of science and technology in benevolent fields such as medicine, agriculture and environment, the lion's share of the same is employed to further its war machines. The amount of money spent on philanthropic fields of medicine, agriculture and environment is negligible in comparison to the same spent on military advancement, the principal objective of which is to bring the world under its dominion. Similarly, the inventions of radio and television while being great sources of knowledge and information are in no small way responsible for imparting guidance on hi-tech crimes, violence and the vulgar portrayal of sexuality.

This entire universe has been created by Allah on the basis of science. In the Creator's own Words, He 'taught Adam the names of things' (The Qur'an- Sura Baqara, 31) which is to say Adam was taught the uses and functions along with the names of all things he saw about him. To put in a nutshell, Adam was taught the science of things. In retrospect, to teach Adam was to teach mankind, since he was the first father. It was left on his descendants to explore, investigate and research to find out more about Allah's creation and to put to use the information they gathered, into technical advancement. The Qur'an is replete with inferences for people to reflect, learn and seek information about all things created by Allah. The fact that scientific observation and research has been preferred over 'nafl' or optional prayers or worship proves the level of importance and stress laid on these matters.

Those among the Muslims, who adhered to the Almighty's directives, reached unprecedented heights in their chosen fields and laid down the foundation for the advance technology we see today. Extraordinarily gifted and talented Muslim scientists left their marks in every field of scientific research they engaged in. From medicine to philosophy, chemistry to engineering, there was hardly any field in scientific research and analysis left untouched by them. It was only when they lost sight of their goal, forgot the concept of their faith that they were derailed from the right track and took up the handing down of 'fatwas' or religious decrees instead of continuing with their previous occupation of scientific research and observation. As a result, Muslims the world over fell backwards into the depths of illiteracy and ignorance while their unfinished work was taken up by European Christians and Jews culminating in the colossal empire of science and technology that the Dajjal has at its disposal today and calls its own. The legacies of Ibn Haisham in Physics, Ibn Sina, Al-Nafis and Al-Razi in medicine, Al-Khawarizmi in Mathematics, Al-Afghani, Al-Kindi in general science, Omar Khaiyyam and Ibn Khaldoon in evolution have remained the basis and foundation for all further research in these fields; all of the Dajjal's technological advancements have been made possible due to their priceless contribution. We would be very wrong to assume that science and scientific gadgets are to be rejected since the Dajjal misuses them. Like everything else in life, it is not the object, rather its use, that determines whether it is to be accepted or rejected; in this case, it is the wrongful use of science and technology by the Dajjal that is to be shunned.

Since science and knowledge were a gift to Adam, i.e., mankind from Allah, it is not the sole property of any nation, people or culture. It is a collective asset or wealth of the entire humankind, for all to benefit from its application. Likewise, the progress and research in this aspect has been an on-going process from the earliest times. The legacies left behind by scientists and researchers of the past form the foundation for the same of the present to work on and in the future, further research and observations will be enhanced and added to by their inheritors. In this way, the whole of mankind stands to gain from the collective wisdom and be benefited and enriched, without any person, nation or culture having more claim than others. Algebra and Trigonometry did not become the properties of Al-Khawarizmi and Al-Battani since they discovered these branches of Mathematics. Similarly, the Jewish people do not have the ownership of the Theory of Relativity, since one among them, Albert Einstein discovered it. All scientific discoveries, inventions and advancements are the collective asset of mankind and should be used accordingly, for the betterment of humanity as a single entity.

Throughout the history of this world, different peoples or cultures have pursued the goals of further enhancement in the fields of science and research and enriched these by their contributions. The levels of participation and contribution have depended on the dynamic quality of these cultures or civilizations. The more dynamic the nature of a culture, the more it has had to contribute to the society and the world as a whole. A Hadis of the Messenger of Allah is in order here, where he has bid his 'Ummah', his people to travel to far away China, if necessary, to seek knowledge (Hadis, From Anas (ra), Baihaqi, Meshkat). During his time, China occupied the position of being the most advanced and knowledgeable place in the world and hence his command to his people to go there for higher education.

I hope no one will argue that by 'knowledge', the Messenger of Allah meant 'Dini' knowledge, or learning about the faith, since who could provide better knowledge regarding the faith than the Messenger of Allah himself, and to leave his presence to travel to China in search of the same where Islam was unheard of, does not make too much sense to the thinking mind!


The 'Elam' referred to by the Messenger of Allah is scientific knowledge and this was the knowledge his 'Ummah', his people pursued with the passion of his true disciples to obtain.

Let us see what Allah Himself refers to as 'knowledge'? It is said that once Musa (a.s.) asked seven questions to Allah- among which was-
who among His slaves is a knowledgeable person; to this Allah replied- he who is never satisfied with what he has learnt and adds the learning of other people also to his own knowledge (Hadis-e-qudsi, from Abu Horaira (Ra), Bayhaqi and Ebne Asakir; Hadis no 344 from Allama Mohammad. Madani (R), Islamic Foundation. real thing; for the knowledge of today's so called 'Alem' is restricted to what they know about this Din, this way of life, outside this about the knowledge, the acquired learning of mankind, they have no inclination to learn or be aware of). It is interesting to note that here Allah has divided all knowledge all knowledge into two parts. One is the knowledge bestowed by Himself in the form of different books from the dawn time through the series of Nabis and Rasuls, the final one of which is the Qur'an; and the other is the knowledge men acquire through continuous learning, research, thinking and varied trial and error methods. In replying to Musa (a.s.) Allah specifically mentioned the knowledge acquired by man, 'un-naasu'; therefore, a true seeker of knowledge, an 'Alem' is he who finds no end to knowledge he can aquire, both in terms of learning gifted by Allah, about His Din and also about the knowledge acquired by other people; he who does not think he knows enough, need not learn anything new, and whose thirst of knowledge for learning never ends. By this simple definition above, those who claim to be 'Alem', learned people today fall far short of the The Mo’mens and Muslims of his time, being his followers in the true sense of the word, took up his instruction with a passion and zeal and soon emerged as the forbearers of the torch of scientific enlightenment. Over time, when they forgot the true meaning of 'knowledge' and replaced it with 'fatwa' and 'Dini Elm', they lost their high position in the scientific world, flung themselves backward into ignorance and illiteracy, thereby becoming effectively brain dead: a condition this nation is yet to recover from.

I would like to reiterate at this point the fact that this so-called Muslims of today, busy as they are in performing 'namaz' prayers, 'roza' fasting, and countless 'nafl' or optional prayers, still are the same people who lay prostate at the feet of the Dajjal due to the misconception they possess regarding the true nature of their faith, Din-ul-Islam.

I do not doubt that there will be many who are skeptical of my views and opinions expressed here, some who will downright oppose these, yet, what is the actual meaning of 'Sajda', if it is not submitting to the will of the power one prostates before? The entire creation of the Almighty that performs 'Sajda' before Him, earth, water, wind, mountain and galaxies, do they all literally bow their heads in reverence or is it that they all act according to the Creator's wishes?1 To 'Sajda' is to whole-heartedly accept, obey and perform in complete accordance to the wishes of the power or entity prostrated before. Is not then the entire mankind, the Muslim population included, laying prostrated at the feet of the One Eyed Giant, the Dajjal?

The Dajjal has long since declared itself to be the sole lord of mankind, rendered its doctrines, its 'isms' and 'cracies' as the only ones worthy of following and fit for the world of today, totally disregarding the Way of life, 'Din' given by Allah, caused man to shun His Sovereignty and replaced it with different variations of man-made ways of life.